The Visionary Juan O Savin


UPDATED 8-22-22  Full transcript of Juan's talk below, including his great vision of what is ahead of us as the faithful ones.

A recent Las Vegas appearance on the Truth Tour by Juan O Savin has him describing a vision of the New Jerusalem that is for now just beyond our sight. It's ours to claim as we SEE ourselves getting through the eye of the needle of the transition we're in from THEIR old world order to OUR NATION as promised to Abraham and his seed by the Lord God, for OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Exodus 2:24
And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.

Romans 4:13
For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.

Galatians 3:29
And if ye be Christ's (Christs), then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Juan O Savin - Las Vegas - Truth Tour
Official Truth Tour Channel - www.TruthTour . net on Rumble
Published Aug 12 2022
Length 1:05:06 (bullet notes below)

Bullet notes

  • Last October a low point, people saying Trump abandoned us, woe is me. Nino Rodriguez crying, the greatest lanolin hand cream salesman in the history of the world!
  • Think what we've come through, how desperate things have been: Benghazi. Extortion 17. Navy Seal Team 6. Horrors.
  • Right now, horror with Jan 6 patriots.
  • 75% of those incarcerated are veterans, those who fought for our freedoms, served honorably, showed up Jan6 to address whether or not the vote was real.
  • For that, they are locked up.
  • Only a handful went into the building, didn't tear anything up, burn anything down.
  • All done with the Patriot Act
  • Something's wrong with the country, now for quite a while
  • We are the ones to put it back on track
  • Jan6 largest gathering of Americans ever in DC; and it was in the dead of winter.
  • Think about the gatherings in the 60s, held in the summer, was never as big a gathering (pics doctored)
  • People saying we want electors to go back to their States, examine the evidence of fraud, there was time, but the criminals had to race to certify the election
  • Historically, the President's Inauguration has been done in March, Jan 20 is more recent and it's not necessary, so we had time to correct election fraud, the rushing into it was not necessary or cause for a constitutional crisis.
  • Sep 12, 2018 Executive Order by Trump while all the Russia, Russia, Russia noise was happening, he said, OK just to be safe let's authorize Homeland Security, 16 other intel agencies, collectively the largest intelligence gathering machine in the world, larger than Russia and China combined, to focus on our election looking for foreign interference, wherever it may come from: Russia or whoever.
  • Within 45 days of any federal election, the order asks for a report to the president, an interim report advising on any possible interference in the election.
  • A few days before the report was due on Dec 18, everybody was "doing the needle"
  • Dec 15, 3 days before the due date, 42nd day after the election (breaking the 8 number, important in the deepstate's religion), Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence (the 17th agency, again 17 an important number in their Isis cult) in an interview says, "I don't think we'll be able to deliver the report on time because we're having an internal argument between the various agency heads about how much weight to give to the information we've uncovered concerning Chinese interference in the 2020 election."
  • (It's 107 days to the Nov 8 election from the day of this speech)
  • When they attack Trump when you elected him, they're attacking you.
  • So Trump got nothin' on Dec. 18. Then people starting begging him to sign the Insurrection Act. Had he done that, by degrees, by Summer 2021, we would have entered a Civil War, brother against brother.
  • After 5 hours of discussion, most by Patrick Byrne, who has been a tremendous friend, who can be a little wonky at times, but Juan has tremendous respect for him.
  • Sidney Powell showed up the next day but her WH pass had been revoked (she was the one leading the charge for the Insurrection Act.)
  • If he had signed it, the deepstate would have handed us a civil war.
  • The enemy wanted civil war to create a vacuum, tying us up internally while globalists do what they want.
  • Juan talks about "Bloody Hill" on the Jan6
  • The scenario was gamed out on computers.
  • Trump, very wisely bought us time.
  • March 15, 2020, just as pandemic emergency was announced, Trump went to Cheyenne Mountain for an inspection, transitioning security operations to Space Force.
  • Trump locked it down, in "an abundance of caution," because "we may already be at war without even realizing it"
  • It's still closed down tighter than a drum as if we're in a state of war. Guys in there aren't coming out, because we may already be at war (attack of the virus) out of an abundance of caution.
  • 42, breaking of the 8 number. Their religion believes in a spiritual world that has a gateway and we can open it. Symbolize it all the times, for example Hillary speech before the Gate of Baal
  • Hillary is a member of the Winged Coven of New York, also other covens, she's a witch.
  • Various combinations: where you see 2 4's or that kind of symbol.
  • Also a wrecking ball breaking a mirror, breaks the 8.
  • The infinity sign created by the sun's precession of the equinoxes is part of this understanding
  • All sorts of symbology, breaking hour glasses for example. Dates are symbolic
  • For example, Facebook a DARPA program called Lifelog, started 98, funding 99, released 2004 at High Noon, Lifelog ended, Feb 2 2004, high noon, Facebook incorporated
  • Who has the power to take something that cost a half billion dollars to build out, then all the contracts for servers on the internet?
  • It's a weaponized social media operation to control you. Even if you don't sign up, family and friends do and post stuff about you, you're tracked. A global tracking operation.
  • Worth Hundreds and Hundreds of Billions.
  • His name isn't even Zuckerberg, he didn't invent it.
  • Election 2020 = MAGA to the 3rd power (cubed) Over Corn
  • "Corn" is a nickname for "farm products" , those who are trained by CIA and FBI to be spies, agents. (Biggest farm product is "corn")
  • Breaking the 8 day 2-2-2004. Facebook designed to control you.
  • Fast forward to Jan6. Why were patriots there: don't certify until you verify, just send the electors back, to make sure it's not a stolen election.
  • We may already be at war, and not realize it yet.
  • We are at war, not just from outside...
  • When intel agencies wouldn't report to Trump on the election, Congress could have stopped the certification, why would they do it without the benefit of this great intel team? 
  • They raced to certify: "ready - FIRE! - aim"
  • There was evidence it was China messing with our election!
  • Juan tells of his visit to Plymouth Rock, the landing 402 years ago. 42.
  • numbers is the secret language that the power elite use to organize and communicate
  • Pilgrims had a dream, majority clutching their Geneva Bibles, here for religious freedom, freedom to worship God, including with your labor.
  • When you're taxed ... today, we work longer for the gov than for ourselves ... what does it pay for? "transgender studies" ... abortions on military bases, indian reservations, now they're giving puberty blocking shots without parents even know it, they're doing this at abortion facilities.
  • When children are caught in the crossfire of war, it means they have lives of slavery.
  • Example, Daniel of the Bible, was castrated.
  • Today in America, we are destroying our kids' ability to reproduce.
  • The Infinity Sign on the sand, promise from God to Abraham: "your seed will be as the stars in heaven in number." "all the grains of sand on every seashore"
  • When early Americans arrived, they risked their lives for that freedom promised by God, they saw a future through a glass darkly, where they weren't slaves, where they could worship God in the way that they chose.
  • Everyone's a little different in how they see God, how they perceive reality.
  • We interact with God on a personal basis.
  • They're gone now from this world, but 402 years, they looked out across time, in faith, saw something that they believed in, they believed in us, even though we were just a shadow. They still believe in us. God lets them see in this great cloud.
  • Could they have imagined a semi truck, highways everywhere, all the complexity we have today. 
  • Imagine the strength of character to see that future.
  • Imagine us being at the other end of that Infinity sign and now it's our turn
  • Can you see ahead to 2424? (402 years from now) Will there be people on their hovercraft, their space station, their floating cars and skateboards. 
  • They'll be looking back at us and we'll be in the clouds watching them.
  • Compare that to the cult and their Georgia Guidestones stating there should be no more than 500,000,000 on Earth.
  • Carrying capacity of the Earth is really about 200 Billion, you'd still have a lot of room.
  • But that's just this planet, we're not staying here, we're going over there and over there and over there.
  • Did you know that the heavenly city of Jerusalem is 300 miles on the side, it's a great big cube. John measured it. It's up in the sky. It's in space. Those people come and go from it.
  • There's a thousand-year millennial reign of Christ after what we go through right now, somewhere in the future.
  • We are the children of the faithful. You're the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You're the children of the pilgims. They dreamed about you. You're the fulfillment of all of their hopes and dreams and wishes for America. And we're under attack.
  • Are we going survive? Yes, by God's grace, we're going to get through this. 
  • The people that will birth that generation that saved the day right now, present and accounted for, we're the faithful that gives hope for a future ahead of us. 
  • We can dream of who they are, as the pilgrims dreamed of us.
  • We are a great nation, we're not going to roll over and die, we're not going to let them take our inheritance.
  • America is a place in the heart and the soul. Way more that it is a physical place. It's a dream, an ideal, a way of thinking!
  • The programming from Facebook, the controls of all these Federal agencies, trying to capture you and enslave you.
  • By faith. we're going to rip it all down, in very constructive organized way. We're going to rid of the clutter, fix things up, put some fresh paint on things, take our country back, flood the swamp.
  • We'll leave DC as a kind of monument to remind us but we're going to shut that nightmare down.
  • We will be in the cloud one day observing our offspring, out across the nation, the world, the heavens; because we are faithful. 
  • That's why you're here, you're my heroes. 
  • I dreamed when I was a little kid about what this day was going to look like.
  • I had really great guys that taught me when I was little what was going on.
  • They're not here now. I was going down the list the other day of all these wonderful people. They're not here to see this.
  • Only in faith are they able to see this: Gary Allen, Larry Abraham "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" and "Call it Conspiracy" ... there's a hundred names I could tell you, guys that we'll never know the names of that worked behind the scenes.
  • They dreamed of you, of being here with us right now and we get to be the people.
  • Something was presented to the Attorney General's office in the last few days, an ultimatum: "You act on it, you release it, or it will get released anyway" about Chinese interference in the election of 2020. Got em!!!
  • The wheels of Justice grind slowly but they do grind fine. 
  • There's a scripture: "who will be valiant for justice' sake"
  • We're taking back our country, we're not going to fight each other to do it, 
  • President Trump didn't sign the Insurrection Act, so we wouldn't go to Civil War.
  • This time, when the military is deployed, it won't be to start a civil war, it will be to stop it!
  • Most important thing: there's going to be a lot of effort to bait us, lie us into fighting each other.
  • Scripture says, we are all in a great stadium, everything everyone does is observed.
  • This time around you won't have to go looking for trouble, you won't have to go somewhere.
  • You need to work close to home, there's going to be some resource issues, work with your neighbors, family and friends, hold down the home fort. Keep a vigilance. Play your own zone.
  • We're not going to DC, that's they're turf, they can twist and malign what is said.
  • Just hunker down, get ready to get by for a couple weeks, have a few things set aside, this coming to a head, you don't have to be Nostradamus and have some angelic visitation, you just have to know that a wise man sees trouble and gets out of the way.
  • Support what has to happen next. 
  • Can't get to justice in the Justice Department. The administration is a captured operation.
  • There are safeties in place, Cheyenne Mountain is locked up tighter than a drum for a very good reason.
  • There is a plan, enjoy the show, which doesn't mean, don't do anything. The show is what is going to happen at Congress, Jan6 committee, also the presidency, with the replacement then a replacement after that.
  • That's just going to be one huge s*&^ show.
  • Mocked Nancy Pelosi slurring in a drunken state, talking about her ice cream and her refrigerators, has all that ice cream, she wants to enjoy it here because of where she's going to end up.
  • I don't wish on anybody, NDE experiencer says you wouldn't wish it on your worse enemy.
  • We are a prayerful people, we want to be the light and salt for people who need help.
  • We're cheered on by those who are the cloud of witnesses.
  • Let's do them just right.
  • Prayer by Juan: Father God, we pray for those who are here today...


Juan O Savin: the gut-punch will be President Trump's arrest

Following the thread of this kabuki near-death-experience theater that passes for life in 2022, it makes sense that the next shoe to drop in a process designed to wake up a brainwashed public by exposing the depth of corruption behind America's fake, shadow deepstate government, would be to arrest the guy who has done the most in his life to expose those yahoos. Because President Trump is so squeaky clean, they'll have to, not just overreach to do it, they will have to jump a giant Megalodon to do it, which will trigger an 80% plus consent of the people to take them out with our military. We're just saying, it's a thought.

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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 3 months ago
    Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!! We are the salt and light lead by Juan O'Savin and Co!
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      FranzBGlaus · 3 months ago
      I love that vision of the New Jerusalem described by Juan who is one of those guys who gets dreams from God and remembers them and can retell them in great detail.
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