The 8-8 Raid


Dozens of FBI goons crowded into Mar-a-Lago on Monday seemingly oblivious of how President Trump had completely set them up with what reports said is an empty safe. (We wonder: was it really?)

Calling this a meme-rich environment doesn't do justice to the absurdity of this jack-booted overreach. We know there is panic in DC, the normies are all a-twitter - and there so much false bravado in the commies. As a consequence of this hullabaloo, MAGA keeps exploding!




#NCSWIC - "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming"


Matt Gaetz joins War Room to Reflect on the FBI Raiding Trump's House for Documents
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 9 2022
Length 14:59 (transcript highlights below the video)


Cold Open of War Room Segment: Bannon at CPAC 

* We are in a political and ideological war. We've allowed the "progressive left" to build an "administrative state" over the last 50 or 60 years, now merging with Big Tech, Big Media, Big Pharma to form an authoritarian state in the Chinese Communist model.

* It is our duty to take it apart, brick by brick.

* Yesterday's FBI raid timed on the anniversary of Richard Nixon resigning in 1974, 48 years ago.

Steve Bannon

* Guests for this discussion are Ambassador Ric Grenell, Congressman Matt Gaetz, NY Post Columnist Miranda Devine.

Matt Gaetz

* A story of boxes: they couldn't beat Trump at the ballot box, tried impeachment through the witness box and failed, then they used the mailbox in the 2020 election steal. Now, they've literally come to his house to take his boxes.

* This was not law enforcement activity, it was a political performance!

* It was the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that had been defining the feckless Biden administration but now it's this!

* Even squishy Republicans are uniting with MAGA on this.

Ric Grenell

* President Trump is strong than ever right now, people are seeing this clearly.

* First- and second-generation Americans are like the canaries in the coal mine because they've immigrated from hell-hole countries run by people like the dimm-dumms.

* I am seeing that Americans across the spectrum are seeing the problems with authoritarianism with this Biden administration.

* I'd like to believe that cooler heads there are seeing the problem, like Biden's Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

* Every single person listening to this broadcast has to gear up another gear to fight this, any way you can.


* Perfectly said, we all have to fight, why I have the guests on that I do.

* Grenell was 11 years at State Dept, selected by DJT to be Ambassador to Germany, then was interim Director of National Intelligence.

* How could they even think about doing what they did yesterday?

Ric Grenell

* My experience in dealing with FBI/DOJ, it's the leadership that is corrupt. Chris Wray needs to be hauled in front of Congress. We may have to start impeaching people.

* Leftists arguing this is justified are missing the fact that the FBI has only lied about DJT for years now.


* Gaetz said this goes all the way to the White House, regardless of their feigning ignorance.

Matt Gaetz

*"I agree with Ambassador Grenell on most things, but not this one. I do not believe that the Justice Department would feel the agency to define the entire presidency of Joe Biden in such a severe and striking way without getting permission. You know, I've often joked that Joe Biden is captive to the Venezuela wing of the Democratic Party. But when you crush your people with inflation, and then investigate your political opponents, and raid their homes, you are truly enabling the Venezuela vacation of the United States of America.

I mean, you know, carjackings in city centers, and broad daylight and raids on your political opponents. That's the behavior we're used to seeing in the poorest and most desperate countries in the world. And now we are seeing those things in our United States of America. And you know, Ric Grenell did make a terrific point about how this is going to be viewed around the world.

And one question I would have for Ambassador Grenell is, will we see this, this terrible action by the Biden administration used by other fascist totalitarian regimes to justify political violence and suppression of dissent? How could you not see Xi or Putin or any or Maduro or anyone else saying, Well, gosh, yeah, of course, I'm investigating someone who might run against me. Of course, I'm using law enforcement, for political enforcement, because that's what we see Joe Biden doing in the United States of America.

Grenell made another great point about the fact that there are some good people in these agencies. I know that there are War Room watchers who are in the FBI and DOJ and they hate what they are seeing in their agency. And I'm telling you, Steve, the explosion of whistleblower activity we are seeing right now is unprecedented in the history of Congress, and it is only accelerating."

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen

Captain Deplorable: Trump's response to the FBI raid of his beautiful home
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 9 2022
Length 1:00

il Donaldo Trumpo on Rumble
Published Aug 9 2022
Length 0:54

We can't ignore the stimulating timing of the Commander In Chief posting to his Truth Social account late in the evening yesterday as a follow up on the FBI raid on his home, a very powerful video that hints at a campaign ad, with strong messaging using the theme of Dark to Light.

il Donaldo Trumpo on Rumble
Published Aug 9 2022
Length 3:50


The Whole Name, 'Inflation Reduction Act' Is a Lie!

If it weren't so blatantly corrupt, it would be comical.

A spending bill cloaked as an inflation-fighting plan, created by two DinoCrats (democrat career politicians), was barely passed by the Senate on Sunday, August 7, 2022. A tie-breaker was needed...

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    stefaneglaus · 5 months ago
    I never ever thought crap like this was possible in the US!

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      Franz · 5 months ago
      Pretty wild stuff! We still haven't gotten the gut punch, it's coming!
      • This commment is unpublished.
        fenolj · 5 months ago
        Juan O'Savin says Trump's arrest will be the gut punch. He says we need to stay calm though. Gonna be hard to do.
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