Texas Patriot Sued by Biden Campaign Staffers - Video and Transcript


Yesterday, Wednesday, July 14, a friend and contributor to Ruby Ray Media messaged us and wanted us to help her friend get his story out. So, we talked to seventh generation Texan and Navy veteran Eliazar "Cisco" Cisneros. We are featuring here our very first recorded video interview.

Cisco is among a group of patriots being sued by Biden Leftists for protesting the ridiculous Biden-Harris platform in their home State. Some of you might remember the video footage that got around social media showing that the Sleepy Joe con game was not welcome in the Lone Star State.

We start this article with earlier coverage by Gateway Pundit's Alicia Powe, who also interviewed Cisco, then we have our interview on video and a transcript of all 21 minutes, posted below.

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"The lawsuit accuses Eliazar Cisneros, a driver of the "Trump Train" who trailed the Biden bus in a grey pickup truck and MAGA flag, of trying to run the Biden bus off the road.

"Footage of the incident reveals the driver of the white vehicle driving in two lanes while following the Biden tour bus and weaved between vehicles before colliding into Cisnero's truck.

"As a slew of Trump supporters enveloped the Biden bus with Trump flags, a woman recording the foul play warns the driver of the white car caused an accident on the road while pacing with the bus prior to colliding into Cisneros, but continued to recklessly drive."

Full Article Here (watch Cisco's interview by Alicia Powe here)

Alicia Powe - Gateway Pundit


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Ruby Ray Media Interviews Cisco - "What's Happening to America?"

Ruby Ray Media on Rumble
Published July 15, 2021
21:03 viewing length


Franz Glaus 0:00
Hello, everybody. This is Franz with Ruby Ray Media. I've got Cisco here from San Antonio. The reason I came to know about Cisco, who's a patriot at heart and a patriot in deed, was a friend of ours at Ruby Ray Media who's a friend of Cisco's thought I should talk to him and thought his story would be a good story to tell to our members and to our viewers. So here we are. Cisco, welcome to the show.

Eliazar Cisneros 0:28
Hey, thank you for having me, Franz.

Franz Glaus 0:29
Tell us what happened. I read a story about you on Gateway Pundit. You were interviewed by Gateway's Alicia Powe and you revealed some things that happened to you when a bunch of patriots got together to welcome the Biden-Harris team to the State. What happened there?

Eliazar Cisneros 0:53
It was, it was exactly what you said, and somewhat welcoming. It was just really a protest. Wherever they're going, we're protesting them. We're letting them know, "Hey, we're here. We don't stand for your values. We don't stand here in Texas with what y'all stand for." And that's it. That's what we're doing. Unfortunately, leftist media turned this into a terroristic attack; and that we're going after them, that we're running the bus off the road, which is absolute complete lies. It's it's...

Franz Glaus 1:25
So, who was running who off the road, Cisco?

Eliazar Cisneros 1:30
Actually it was the bus driver, and the white campaign vehicle that was right behind them. We have plenty of video to demonstrate and show to the American people what they were doing.

Franz Glaus 1:42
I saw that video. It didn't look to me like Trump supporters flying their flags were doing anything but exercising their first amendment.

Eliazar Cisneros 1:52
That's all we were doing.

Franz Glaus 1:53
Yeah. So what ended up happening with the campaign tour? I mean, wasn't that in the news where they left the State?

Eliazar Cisneros 2:03
Well, I think what they tried to do was actually blame them leaving the State on us, saying that they were intimidated, they were scared, they were in fear for their life. But one of their mottos (bumper stickers) on the back of the bus, Franz, was, "HOPE OVER FEAR," which they didn't demonstrate that. (laughing) They were pretty scared and they left. I think we need to go cut that off their bus!

Franz Glaus 2:29
(laughing with Cisco) Well, I find it very amusing. Um, all right. So as an upshot from that, I understand you've been sued. Can you tell us about that?

Eliazar Cisneros 2:39
Um, we had to look it up. They are suing us under the 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act, which prohibits people from interfering with any type of voting, blocking highways and that's what they're trying to utilize. They actually utilized this against Trump. That's what they tried to impeach him over, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which was, you know, both by the Republicans against Democrats because of what they would do to Republican voters, black, white, brown, didn't matter.

Franz Glaus 3:13
So it sounds like a frivolous lawsuit to me because, watching the videos, all you guys were doing was exercising your appropriate right to protest, your right to speak freely, your right to wave your banners, your flags. So they felt intimidated. You don't control how they feel, do you?

Eliazar Cisneros 3:33
No, absolutely not. I mean a frivolous lawsuit. Let's go with Kyle Rittenhouse. Did Kyle Rittenhouse have a frivolous lawsuit? He was out there... so much evidence showing that he was out there to help people. And he got attacked, absolutely, he got shot at. He defended himself.

Franz Glaus 3:49
Same with Nicholas Sandmann, right? When...

Eliazar Cisneros 3:51
Exactly. He's another one.

Franz Glaus 3:54
So there's a lot of this going on from the Left and your situation just puts another spotlight on how regular Americans who decide to support somebody, it doesn't matter that it's Trump, it could be anybody, couldn't it?

Eliazar Cisneros 4:12
It could be. It could be any conservative. If you support any conservative you're going to get moved on. You know?

Franz Glaus 4:20
So what's a conservative? Somebody that wants to defend the country, wants to put America first so that we have a stable place to live and we can appear in the world as someone to be taken seriously and not be run roughshod over. Isn't that what a conservative is actually?

Eliazar Cisneros 4:40
Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, we love our country.

Franz Glaus 4:43
So what does that mean? What does that make the people who want to run conservatives out of town or out of the country or put us in jail? I mean, let's talk about January 6, aren't there a lot of conservatives who were there freely exercising their rights at the Capitol now in jail as political prisoners?

Eliazar Cisneros 5:01
Absolutely, absolutely, what they're doing, where they're protesting the election and it's an obvious distraction from what really happened. You know, we all know Trump won.

Franz Glaus 5:18

Eliazar Cisneros 5:18
If you can point to another president that has had this much support before, during, and after his presidency, I would love to see it.

Franz Glaus 5:28
Yeah. So we want to make sure there's very clean elections, so we can have a stable government, a government that is answerable to the people, as it was framed by the founders. But that makes us criminals, that makes us terrorists, that makes us what? I mean, what world is this happening in Cisco? What are we living through right now?

Eliazar Cisneros 5:52
I don't know. I think that during the first and the second impeachment trials for Trump, one of the big things that the Democrats - I think almost EVERY Democrat was saying about Trump: "Is this what the framers wanted for our country?" Now, let's put that into perspective, seriously. What's happening to conservatives? What's happening to America? What's happening to China? And how involved the Democratic Party is involved with them. Is this what the framers had envisioned for our country right now?

Franz Glaus 6:26
You know, Tucker Carlson doesn't just talk about things. He has a really well paid staff to research into things before he'll put on his show. He has to know that it's a story. And so last night, he talked about election fraud in Georgia. That's real. We know that's going forward. And we know that Trump only lost by 10,000, or whatever votes in Georgia - 12,000. So it doesn't take a lot of fraud to turn that one around. Same with Arizona, Maricopa. And we know that's coming out. So do you think that Americans are going to come together to want to make sure that 2020 was done fairly, and that the outcome of that becomes a fair outcome instead of what we have now?

Eliazar Cisneros 7:25
Franz, I think you would stand with me holding hands if we found out that Joe Biden actually won the presidency. If he won, legitimately, and we saw it and the audits come out. Hey, guys, Joe Biden really did win. Okay, let's go. Let's press forward, I guess. I think you and I know, along with 70, 80, 90 other million Americans, and that's just Americans. And you look at Mexico, you look at so many of the people that know that Trump won. It's obvious.

Franz Glaus 7:59
So I look at your story as being connected to all of this because it doesn't just start with this flagwaving you did on the interstate, does it? Tell our viewers some of the other actions you've taken to defend your city, your country, your State? Like for example, in San Antonio, where you live.

Eliazar Cisneros 8:20
Yes, sir.

Franz Glaus 8:20
You've watched Antifa and BLM come in there, haven't you, destroying the town?

Eliazar Cisneros 8:27
Yeah. Oh, yeah. They came in - oh, gosh, I don't even know the date. I would have to find out. I got a phone call saying that Antifa's down here running rampant downtown, San Antonio, ruining businesses, trying to destroy the Alamo, the Cenotaph, so much more stuff. They called me up knowing how I feel about my country...

Franz Glaus 8:48

Eliazar Cisneros 8:49
...my State, my city and my people. And when I say my people, I mean everybody, including...

Franz Glaus 8:56

Eliazar Cisneros 8:57
...everyone. That's what I mean. I'm not gonna single out my race.

Franz Glaus 9:02

Eliazar Cisneros 9:02
I'm not gonna do that. No, it's everybody. Well, when they called me up, I went downtown. I went downtown there during that and I had some help and we were patrolling downtown with our rifles. I had my shotgun, my friend had his AR, we're just walking downtown, we met other patriots. And we're walking together and we separated. We're meeting up in different spots, making sure these people do not do what they do to other cities.

Franz Glaus 9:30

Eliazar Cisneros 9:31
It's not gonna happen here in Texas.

Franz Glaus 9:32

Eliazar Cisneros 9:33
And of course, what happened? Media spun this and here's this crazy lunatic trying to kill people. No, I'm protecting my city from actual domestic terrorists.

Franz Glaus 9:47
Yes. It sounds like a media report where the reporter is standing in front of a huge department store, supermarket or warehouse in flames and he says, "You know, it's a rather peaceful protest." It sounds just like that.

(Cisco's video and audio freezes for about 5 seconds)

Franz Glaus 10:26
Okay. So you froze for a minute. And just as I was talking about that media report. They called it a peaceful protest while the city's burning and so now the media turns somebody who's defending innocent people and their businesses from the actual domestic terrorists and mobsters and turning it around 180 degrees. How did we get a media that tells lies to its viewers so bald faced? How did we get that?

Eliazar Cisneros 10:58
I have no idea how it happened. I think they're all following an agenda, Franz. You know, if you have a Leftist channel out here that reports the facts what you just said, then what should have been reported? People out here defending their city against actual domestic terrorists, taking charge, helping out the great State of Texas, the great city of San Antonio, that's probably what it would have read. But no, it's not. Now if they were to say that, you know, here's some patriots protecting our city, guess what's gonna happen to them? Guess what's gonna happen to their viewers? Yeah.

Franz Glaus 11:40
Yeah. It's really upside down. Okay. So they've got you as a target. Now you're somebody who's willing to defend the country, defend peace in your city, peace and stability, defend your right to express yourself. What are some other ways you've done that other than those two incidents? Tell us. I mean, you seem to be somebody who's willing to put it on the line, Cisco, and I salute you, man.

Eliazar Cisneros 12:05
And thank you. Thank you. Um, yeah, the BLM came out to our city protesting, wanting to have police accountability, or defund the police. I'm like, What are y'all talking about? You know, I mean, do y'all really want to sit down and have a conversation on really what's happening to black America? No, they don't want to. They just want to attack the police. They want to do what they've been fed and what they've been told to do. They don't want to look at an actual problem. And that's what Kamala Harris said, let's get down to the root of the problem. Well, let's do that. black America. Let's let's get down to the root of the problem. Well, they're out here protesting and trying to attack our police. And they're out in the middle of the road, illegally, no permits. And I ran through them. And I won't say I ran through them. I just pushed through them. I didn't touch a single soul.

Franz Glaus 12:56

Eliazar Cisneros 12:57
They were making their political statements. I made mine: "Get the hell off the road..."

Franz Glaus 13:02

Eliazar Cisneros 13:02
...walk where you belong. If you're permitted, not a problem. I have no problem with you exercising your first amendment right. If you're going to do it illegally on the road. Hey, listen we haven't..."

Franz Glaus 13:14
"You're not going to block my way. I'm going to get through." Yeah, I've seen other people do that, Cisco. I would do the same in your situation. Naturally, the media is going to jump on that and try to demonize you for exercising your right.

Eliazar Cisneros 13:19
They have to push their agenda.

Franz Glaus 13:33
They have to push that agenda. BLM is their straw man and...

Eliazar Cisneros 13:40
Their pawns.

Franz Glaus 13:40
...their pawns. Yeah.

Eliazar Cisneros 13:43
Yeah. Tell me. What happens when you donate to BLM?

Franz Glaus 13:47

Eliazar Cisneros 13:48
You know what happened?

Franz Glaus 13:50
Yeah, it goes and pays for the leaders to buy million dollar properties.

Eliazar Cisneros 13:55
It goes straight to Act Blue, the Democratic Party.

Franz Glaus 13:58
Oh, right. I remember that story. Yep.

Eliazar Cisneros 14:01
Yeah. Oh, yeah. And, that's exactly what's happening.

Franz Glaus 14:04

Eliazar Cisneros 14:05
And then and like you said, yeah, these people who are the Black Lives Matter, white people are involved. Hey, let's go buy a million dollar house. Let's listen. Why did...

Franz Glaus 14:15
She had four of them. They're so obvious. Cisco. It's a joke. It really is. And so I look at the Biden administration. So this lawsuit came from their campaign staffers. And, it's invoking this act against the Ku Klux Klan. And it's just so laughable. How many of you - I mean, I don't want you to say what you can't say and you've been advised to be careful, of course, because of legal proceedings. Um, but it's not just you that's named - or is it?

Eliazar Cisneros 14:57
No, not just me.

Franz Glaus 14:59
And you guys started a GiveSendGo so that you can pay for this?

Eliazar Cisneros 15:07
Yes, yes, we have. I'm not too sure on the others. I think they have. Um, we're all hiring different counsel.

Franz Glaus 15:17

Eliazar Cisneros 15:18
Yeah. And that's not really what I wanted to... I was hoping we could probably all come together. And, you know, let's just have a few lawyers and they all represent it, but it's not gonna be that way.

Franz Glaus 15:29

Eliazar Cisneros 15:30
And, you know, it is what it is.

Franz Glaus 15:31
Yeah. Yeah, if you teamed up, it would make you a more formidable opposition to the enemy.

Eliazar Cisneros 15:40
I agree.

Franz Glaus 15:41
You know, I thought it would be great if your story could get around. That's why we're having this conversation. I'd like to, you know, put it on our website at RubyRayMedia.com and have our readers see it, and be able to share the link with people. Maybe other media people would cover this story as well on their sites. And so like to do that, um, I think, you know, we have to come together as American patriots. We have to put our ourselves on the line as our founders did. They gave us the example; their fame, fortune and sacred honor, their families, everything went on the line to sign that Declaration of Independence.

Eliazar Cisneros 16:26
That's right.

Franz Glaus 16:28
Freedom is only won through eternal vigilance. We've not really carried that vigilance all that well as a society, which is why we have the media we have, why we have the Uniparty that, you know, I really respect Sidney Powell. And she really refers to that often in her work. She has seen just how corrupt both parties have become. And that's to fool us to think that, "Oh okay, now we're going to change things at the next election because we'll vote for the other party." And all it does is give us more. The guy who broke the back of that Uniparty was Donald Trump. He defeated the Republicans first to win that nomination and then he defeated the Democrats. But I think even moreso, his team defeated the globalist scourge that is in this country that has rooted itself in all our institutions, judicial, legislative, executive, and it's on all levels, it goes out into communities. When you go to your school board meetings, you see people who tout the globalist line, Cisco, school board meetings, all across the country.

Eliazar Cisneros 17:43
People are, you know what? It's gaining momentum. They're speaking out, they're getting tired of this stuff, man.

Franz Glaus 17:49
They are. They're getting together, too, they're organizing, so that when they go to the meetings, they're going to bring a unified front with an organized message of what they want to see happen at the school level. So there's people organizing nationally and locally and so that's the purpose for why we're having this conversation, is to encourage people to come to each other's aid and to see... cuz somebody might watch what you're doing and say I want to help him out. I've got something I can do to help him...

Eliazar Cisneros 18:20

Franz Glaus  ...and give you a call and say, "Here I am, so I can help you." That's the reason we do this, Cisco. That's the reason why I had to give you a call. A friend of mine gave me your number. That's why we're talking for some - I didn't know you from Adam until yesterday. And here we are talking. And is there anything you want to say to close this out?

Eliazar Cisneros
I really really hope, you know, somebody sees this. They pass it on. I've already had a lot of people donate to my GiveSendGo account.

Franz Glaus 18:52

Eliazar Cisneros 18:53
We don't we don't do GoFundMe.

Franz Glaus 18:54

Eliazar Cisneros 18:55
No, we don't do that. So we have GiveSendGo. They're Christian-based and they don't care as long as you're, you know, you're you're doing it for the right cause.

Franz Glaus 19:04
If people want to act on the spot, where do they go to? If they go to GiveSendGo, how do they look you up?

Eliazar Cisneros 19:10
They could just look up my name. Eliazar Cisneros.

Franz Glaus 19:14
Eliazar Cisneros? Okay. Eliazar E L I Z A R?

Eliazar Cisneros 19:19
E L I A Z A R.

Franz Glaus 19:22
Gotcha. Cisneros, C E S N E R O S.

Eliazar Cisneros 19:27
C I S N E R O S.

Franz Glaus 19:30
Oh, gotcha. Thanks for correcting me on both of those.

Eliazar Cisneros 19:32
Not a problem.

Franz Glaus 19:33
Sometimes if you make a mistake, you remember it better. Eliazar Cisneros at GiveSendGo. Alright, folks, we're gonna leave it there. I'm sure we'll probably have more conversations, I'm thinking, as this moves along, so we can update people. Um, we'll run an article with this video in it and share it, share it, share it and stay in touch.

Eliazar Cisneros 19:55
Yeah, please, please share. We're gonna need help. We're gonna be looking at... I don't, my give send go account right now is I had it set at 50,000. It's that low. It's we're going to be in the upwards of a quarter million.

Franz Glaus 20:10

Eliazar Cisneros 20:10
Maybe even higher.

Franz Glaus 20:11
Yeah. Yeah. When you think about how corrupt the judiciary has become, trying to defend yourself as a patriot in front of Obama judges is...

Eliazar Cisneros 20:24
Yeah, it doesn't matter. I don't think - we're not there. We're not where we used to be where we can come in, have a case against us, and the judge is not going to look at political affiliation. It's not there anymore. It's happening. It's happening everywhere. And we're not going to get a fair shake. So it is what it is; hopefully, I don't lose anything.

Franz Glaus 20:49
No, sir. We've got your back and let's just rally the troops, rally the folks.

Eliazar Cisneros 20:54
Franz, thank you so much for your time.

Franz Glaus 20:56
God bless you, man.

Eliazar Cisneros 20:57
Alright. Thank you, brother.

Franz Glaus 20:58
Thank you. I appreciate it. See ya.

Cisco defending San Antonio during America's Summer in Hell in 2020 thanks to the DNCCP strongholds in many American cities - "Antifa meet Patriots. Patriots meet Antifa"
On Jan. 6, Cisco was at the Trump rally in DC to protest the 2020 election fraud. He captured here what is evidently a global movement for liberty.
The results of Leftists' bad driving when they're triggered.

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We anticipate an Act of God to save our children, a sudden act by God's "white hat" agents and angels, that will wake and shake and save a whole world.

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    Peggy · 1 years ago
    This is awesome! Good job Franz!
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    Cisco · 1 years ago
    Great job, Franz
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      Franz · 1 years ago
      Thanks Cisco. You made it easy. You really did.
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    Beverly · 1 years ago
    Well done Cisco! Thank you for your courage and tenacity!!
    And thank you @Franz for a great interview!
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      Franz · 1 years ago
      Cisco is PURE TEJAS. An inspiration to the rest of America and the world fighting for its sovereignty.
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    Gypsy Spirit · 1 years ago
    Really important to go against the Cancel Culture.
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      Franz · 1 years ago
      Oh yeah, we know how desperate they are to cancel this fire for Liberty.
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    Bren · 1 years ago
    Good job Franz, Cisco thank you for fighting back it is inspiring. This is how we fight back the cancel culture that destroyed businesses, rioted. attacked people have gotten by with criminal behavior thanks to Biden and Harris, and the democrat communist party. I saw the video when it was first put out and there was no criminal activity, the left is scared of us exercising our Constitutional rights but are not scared of BLM or Antifa that are violent they are lying and trying to run with this narrative to cover up their lies and their agenda. Keep fighting we are with you.
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      Franz · 1 years ago
      Thanks Bren. You really get it.
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    Excellent Franz!
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      Richard, thanks! Great to have you join our platform!
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