Good morning ladies and gents! I hope this finds you well, prayerful, guardedly optimistic. 

My feeds are aflood with much of the same breathless posturing and prognosticating we have experienced for years now, overall I must say, the hype seems to be wearing us all down:

The hype has been approximately 100% wrong, for four straight years, regarding what is going to happen next.
While many of us perhaps had a tendency to spend too much of our precious time worrying and fretting, vs spending the time engaging in creative and productive activities including prayer and Awakening the Sleepers, which is actually fun!

..our President was relentlessly charging ahead with the next wave upon wave of astonishing accomplishments.

As we sit, maybe a bit stunned learning more about the nature of the "Storm" we have all been anticipating, it is useful to reflect that President Trump right at this moment, if he's not catching his short 3-4 hours of sleep, is somewhere calmly, extremely productively, working furiously to win our war. 

He is thoughtful, prayerful, industrious...but above all, he is positive. Guardedly optimistic, like all successful people are.

Like all successful people, he regards "failures," however amazingly rare they are for him, as stepping-stones.

100% he is doing his best to engineer a slow-roll, vs the drama and revenge so many patriots petulantly and suicidally thirst for. "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

As usual, oh surprise, he is not announcing his plans to the enemy in advance.

Patience is a virtue. Patience is a weapon. Patience is a devastatingly effective tactic, against a short-sighted enemy. An enemy he has kept continuously off-balance since the day he announced his intention to enter politics, provoking them nonstop into shooting in the wrong direction.
How surprised are you, that so far, no Emergency Broadcast? Will we continue to dread the Internet shutting down? How long are we going to hold our collective breath for Declass to happen? Not noticing how steadily, methodically Declass is slow-rolling at the rate people can absorb it, at the rate the media flails promoting it by trying to conceal it. At the rate it doesn't crash the economy.

Wouldn't it be great if evil was easy to defeat.


Ruby Ray Media is in its infancy, on the threshold of an entire universe of possibilities, where we will go, what will we become.

What is our vibe? What posture and tone do we want to embody? How will history regard us, how well will our contribution to the Great Awakening stand in earth and heaven. Do we intend to continue raising our standards, operating with class, statesmanship, courage, grace and dignity..

While we definitely don't want to pigeon-hole ourselves as a satire publication, I can't help but notice that Babylon Bee continues to land some of the most effective blows in the fight, vs all the hyperventilation and 100% useless prognostication. Not just useless, it is a weapon against us when we let it distract us.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! 


Evening of January 19, 2021, the President delivered a Farewell Address praising the greatness of the country in many ways and reviewing the many achievements that fulfilled promises made that won Donald J. Trump the presidency in 2016.

He wished the new administration, "LUCK," calling it, "a very important word." We are laughing out loud!! Knowing what is coming next!! LOL

First term ends, let's review the promises made and the promises kept. We will start with the phenomenal list of the president's accomplishments then compare that to the promises he made in his Inaugural Speech of 2017.

Note to reader: do you really think that America is going to throw all this away? We really have to laugh out loud, rolling on the floor, if you do.


Citizen Journalists, multimedia content creators are the reason we are here. Raising up your voice is central to our mission. We are a team, lifting each other by the variety of our talents and skills. The most important element in this is capturing and sharing the unique thoughts, wisdom and artforms that come to us as we ponder the world in our hearts. Seeing now clearly how badly the people who arrogate themselves into positions of power and influence over us, are bungling the job. They have never attempted to serve the people who are the source of their wealth and power, they only seek to exploit us.