Trump-Q Proof #9,999


There are so many of these cross references between President Trump's tweets and truths with Q drops, so as to remove all doubt that they are on a common mission. The Plan.

Featured here is a comm showing that the Year of the Boomerang is really 2022.

As if the "Mueller, Mueller, Mueller" in DJT's Truth, in place of the usual "Russia-Russia-Russia," isn't a big enough connection to Q post 3473 (see above), President Trump throws in "(the BIGGEST!)" in all caps in his Truth which also references the same Q drop, in which it is stated...




This suggests that the Year of the Boomerang is really 2022.

Listen to our friend explain the rest...

The Greatest Military Intelligence Sting Operation of All-Time! Here Comes The [BOOM] Judgement Day!
ChristianPatriotNews on Rumble
Published Sep 1 2022
Length 44:19


TRUMP B424! Can a Contingent Election Work?

Steve Bannon hit on an essential element in the "stolen election' debate.

Theories about how the stolen election can be righted are abounding. And if the mechanisms to do such worked ideally, it could happen. But we live in a politically corrupt world, and the ideal situation may not occur as we think it should.

Although we may not have perfection on our side, we have some of the keenest minds in the world working full-time, thinking of ways to get President Trump back into the White House (where he rightfully belongs) before 2024.

Listen to the first 4 minutes of this video as Bannon explains what CAN happen:

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