Standing in the Gap - A Documentary Film on Decades of Stolen Elections in America


A new documentary film is out about US Elections. The film discusses how US elections have been stolen and manipulated for decades and how this can stop.

Legal and IT experts joined together to discuss the 2020 Election and the events that occurred. Attorney David Clement from New Mexico is in the film discussing the legal aspects of the 2020 Election steal and IT and cybersecurity expert Jeff Lenberg discusses the anomalies and defects within the voting machines and systems used in the election.


AndrewMcGarry on Rumble
Published May 25 2022
Length 9:30

Standing in the Gap website: click or tap to buy your copy


Ballots are Critical Evidence and MUST NOT BE DESTROYED!

States 'Decertify' Evidence, Ballots, Slated to be Destroyed Sept 4, 2022.

Little known fact:

Federal law requires all ballots that include a race for federal office to be kept for no less than 22 months. ~ UScode 52 USC 20701

This means, on September 4, 2022, all ballots cast for the 2020 Election can legally be destroyed UNLESS We the People stop it. If those ballots are allowed to be destroyed, decertification will not matter in a court of law when EVIDENCE of FRAUD needs to be submitted. 

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