Sheriff Richard Mack calls the 2020 election fraud the greatest crime in American history


Sheriff Mack on the 2020 election fraud: "This goes so deep and it's everything that you've heard from Trump & everybody else about election, (it) is 10x worse than what you've been told."

God's Hand is in this...

You really have to admire the timing of the nation's most successful sheriff, who took on the Clintons and won, coming out with this kind of statesmanship, to swim upstream of the District of Criminals sewage flowing straight through their media whorehouses to the rest of America. We would characterize this as God's Handwriting on the Wall.

Sheriff Mack speaks about the "election cartels" and praises Gregg Phillips & Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote
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Published July 29 2022
Length 2:19 (transcript below)

Sheriff Mack 0:00
It's worse than what Trump said. Folks, let me tell you right now, I have seen the evidence. I have seen what Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht have tried to do.

Joshua Philipp 0:11
Because I know you're working with them and directly, not just what's in the film.

Sheriff Mack 0:14
Directly with them. And they actually were so naive that they took this evidence to the FBI. And they thought the FBI would do the right thing. And they thought that they could trust the FBI.

Boy, were they wrong. The FBI turned on them. And now they're going after them. These people, Gregg and Catherine, have risked their lives to tell the truth. Because the truth of the matter is, folks, if they're telling the truth, this is the greatest crime committed against the American people in the history of our country. This is a coup against the stewardship that we have as the people to choose our own representatives to make this a constitutional republic. And this evil subterfuge and election cartels and this goes so deep.

And it's everything that you've heard from Trump and everybody else about election fraud; it's 10 times worse than what you've been told. 10 times. And I can't get into all of it. But I will tell you this: we need the sheriffs to investigate this so badly, because the federal government won't do it. And what we know about the Feds is that they, the FBI, will just follow orders. They are political hacks. They're not an independent investigating agency of this government. They will do what they're told. They're a bunch of Nuremberg officers. Oh, just following orders. That's all they do, and they're too corrupt.

Your sheriff is independent. He doesn't have to ask anybody's permission to do this investigation. And every one of them should start it right now. And it's up to you folks. Watch the movie, and then take it to your sheriff and have him watch it, and then ask him to conduct an investigation. This is the greatest crime committed and greatest hoax. They are stealing this power from us and our stewardship and our birthright to control our government.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen


Trump in DC: we've become a lawless nation!

"Our country is now a cesspool of crime."

"It has to stop and it has to stop now."

President Trump returned to the District of Criminals, his historic first public visit since the Nov3 election fraud sting operation, in which the whole cabal of satanic globalist pedophiles, represented in our country in the dimm-dumm and rino circles and their media whores - and who thought they should rule us forever in all our nations - were caught red-handed, dead-to-rights, executing the most monstrous election fraud in the history of the world. We know why: they know President Trump means they are done - and they are. #NCSWIC

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    Peggy · 10 months ago
    Love love love Sheriff Mack.
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