Robyn Gritz on the FBI Playbook for Shutting Up Whistleblowers, Part One

R-Gritz-with-L-Freeh-at-graduation FBI whistleblower Robyn Gritz at her FBI Academy graduation with then-Director Louis Freeh.

A regular flow of articles from former FBI Counterterrorism Supervisor Robyn Gritz takes us to the subject of the FBI playbook for squashing Whistleblowers and Equal Employment Opportunity Complainants. It's pure evil. Robyn reminds the reader, "...if they can do this to their own, think what they can do to you."

A corrupt FBI is not good for our public health, we've seen that for decades! We've seen it most recently with January 6, not to mention their outrageously criminal efforts to destroy a duly elected President and some of his staff as well. This matters to us all!

This article by Robyn deals with how the FBI attacks Whistleblowers who are still with the Bureau. The next article will deal with what they do once they've made you leave.

Department of 'Justice'?  Yeah, right!

The Department of Justice and the FBI do whatever they can to cover up their criminal behavior and corruption. When a good, honest and ethical agent, analyst, or professional staff employee of the FBI reports wrongdoing, illegal or unethical behavior or anything such as waste, fraud, and abuse, they end up becoming enemy number one to the FBI.

The playbook of the FBI and their treatment of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complainants and whistleblowers has been written about in numerous self-published books and spoken about in congressional hearings. You're going to read about what I went through personally supplemented by what professional colleagues have told me.

Inside the FBI, the first thing done to a whistleblower is to lodge a bogus and retaliatory investigation through the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) against the whistleblower. This puts the whistleblower under an extremely stressful internal investigation while, at the same time, they are dealing with the EEO or Whistleblower process. This is the thanks the whistleblower gets for standing up for the truth. They are penalized for telling the truth. Usually, the OPR is made up of bogus charges such as time and attendance fraud or insubordination; anything they can think of to go after the individual. Time and attendance is the main charge they use because the FBI and most agencies can use misleading and policy-breaking antics like they did in my case.

They also immediately start a vicious smear campaign against you. This smear campaign is extremely similar to what narcissists do to their victims. In the smear campaign, they tell people false and extremely deceptive information about you. They make up affairs, wrongdoing, poor performance and anything awful about how "sick of a person" you are. In a statement taken by EEO from one of the individuals I named in my discrimination complaint, that individual said, "She never should have been an agent."

Tim Gunn with Heidi Klum, fashion judges for the television show, Project Runway. He had the guts to write a book on how his childhood was impacted by his FBI father.

Family life is not so healthy when afflicted with the OCD of a brown-nosing FBI careerist.

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Tim Gunn, top fashion designer and fashion judge with Heidi Klum on the television program Project Runway wrote Shaken, Not Stirred about life with a father who was high in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover. The book tells about Tim's father coming home from work looking upset one day. Tim asked his father what was wrong? His father was upset because there was a female agent on his squad that the guys didn't really like; so what they planned to do was make her look like a "crazy drunk slut" like they do to all female agents. I estimate this took place in the 1960s but it still rings true now. I have actually gone through this smear tactic personally.

Tap/click the image to view book summary and reviews

After a whistleblower files a complaint the FBI idles them. They pull them from the position that they competed for or the position that they have been promoted to and they put them in a position way below their pay grade. They give them nothing to do or just menial tasks. This was pure hell for me, being an extremely active Counterterrorism supervisor, GS 15 step four. The worst thing to do to an extremely active agent or analyst is to have them sit and not do anything while there's stuff blowing up all over the world. They have to sit there and do nothing or at best get desk work (administrative assignments.)

Here's where your ears should really perk up. If they can do this to their own, imagine what they can do to you. The FBI retaliates against whistleblowers by using all the powers that they have at their disposal, including other federal agencies, the courts and local law enforcement agencies. They'll deploy physical surveillance and initiate fake criminal and/or counterintelligence cases.

The FBI actually conducted an undercover operation against a male agent I spoke with trying to get him to sell them guns. He didn't fall for it! He stood up in the middle of their operation and said, "Oh my gosh, this is illegal, I'm calling the FBI!" It backfired on them big time!

They have no problem snooping on whistleblowers with electronic monitoring, whether or not they get a bogus and misleading FISA warrant as they did with Trump campaign staffer Carter Page. If you are still employed while going through this, anything you put on your computer, your issued Blackberry or cell phone will be gathered and used against you. (I'm dating myself talking about Blackberries which were widely used before the smartphone.)

When you are placed under an OPR investigation no one wants to even come close to you. You eat in the cafeteria alone, no one says hi when they pass you and you feel ostracized beyond belief. I have had several whistleblowers say the goal of the FBI is to get you to kill yourself. Bullying is vicious and the nastiness leaves you feeling empty. During the OPR interrogation, which lasted 8 hours, accusations of being a "drunk crazy slut" came up. Eight hours. We hardly interview criminal subjects for that long.

You start to think that all the hard work you have done over the years is an illusion. I even had the OPR Supervisory Special Agent, who really needed to condition her hair, tell me that I was delusional when I described my work over 16 years. Luckily, a retired Assistant Director told me I was not delusional but he said that all the hard work meant nothing to them.

This kind of behavior by the Bureau has an obvious severe chilling effect on employees that might want see wrongs righted in their workplace. You can imagine how much corruption grows in this kind of environment which then becomes a public menace as we've observed now for decades.

Robyn Gritz - Ruby Ray Media

Part 2 is next on how the FBI destroys agents forced to leave the Bureau.

OIG Report on Gender Inequality


Robyn Gritz's heart breaks every time a good man or woman takes their own life for doing the right thing as an FBI agent. What's worse, such suicides go undocumented and often denied. This is Third World level corruption!


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