Robyn Gritz on the FBI Playbook for Shutting Up Whistleblowers, Part Two


Part One of this series covers how the FBI makes life hell for whistleblowers inside the Bureau with the goal of either forcing an agent to kill themselves or to at least force them to quit. Part Two is about the gangstalking horrorshow they drop on them once they've left, still aiming to cause a suicide. Robyn Gritz is exposing this at great cost to herself so that a responsible nation can be persuaded to pay attention enough to clean this up!

FBI = Federal Bureau of Inquisition

Whistleblowers face great hardship trying to get out of the impossible situation the FBI puts them in. Applying for new positions at the Bureau is made very difficult by the defaming they get from corrupt superiors who are of course trying to cover their misdeeds. This extends to the whistleblower's experience in the outside world too. One's good name is turned to mud by these bad actors.

While I was still an agent, I tried to get away from the Counterterrorism Division because they were the ones smearing me and keeping me from any promotion or transfer I applied for there, even though I was ranked number one out of all the candidates for two Bureau jobs. Lies told about me by Andrew McCabe prevented me from being chosen in positions for which I was highly qualified.

The nightmare has only begun when the whistleblower is finally forced out of the Bureau. When I left the FBI, a very high profile attorney in New York told me that, until my review case was finished, I should face the facts that I would be prevented from being hired for a good job. This has proven true to this day. I have had to change jobs numerous times.

For example, the Bureau and their "friends" (aka "the network") interfered with my employment in Chicago, the first job I got that paid me more than minimum wage since leaving the FBI. I had sold cosmetics and worked in a call center prior to this job, which I got three years after resigning from the FBI. Abruptly, after four years of working at a major financial institution, I was abruptly terminated from my position.

The company stated I violated a policy but could not cite the specific part of the policy I violated. They remained very vague. The funny / not so funny thing was that I was the one who led the working group who wrote that policy. Approximately two weeks later, the character witness list for McCabe was leaked/released. On the list was an individual employed by my former company who supervised the individuals who said I violated the policy. Coincidence? Nope.

I spoke with a whistleblower from the 1990's who asked me if I was actually surprised. I was. He said they will never stop. Never.

Text message exchange between FBI Deputy Assistant Director Peter Strzok (INBOX) and FBI attorney Lisa Page (OUTBOX)

A friend who went through this vicious and continuing retaliation has not seen his daughter in over eight years. The FBI interfered with his divorce and custody civil case. An agent from the local field office gave false testimony in divorce court that slandered my friend as crazy and dangerous. The Burlington, NJ county court investigated and found that my friend would not be a danger to his child. The compromised judge ignored that evidence and ruled according to the FBI smear.

The Bureau went even further by issuing a Be On The Look Out (BOLO) on my friend, stating falsely that he was armed and dangerous, which is basically a death warrant. A BOLO is ordinarily issued only as an urgent remedy for safety of the public in cases in which a perpetrator or suspect is known to be dangerous and at large.

I was still an agent when I saw this BOLO in draft form. I personally talked on the phone to the attorneys at the FBI's Office of Government Counsel (OGC) and told them that both my friend's Unit Chief and I had just spoken with him, he was safe at home. I told them that the only time I had ever had a BOLO issued was on 9/11/01 for one of the hijackers, Hani Hanjour, and that issuing one on my colleague was a major abuse of power, that it broke several Bureau policies and that it needed to be rescinded immediately. They ignored me.

My experience at the FBI has shown me again and again how much contempt they have for their own employees.

Former FBI Special Agent and Whistleblower Coleen Rowley featured as one of Time Magazine's 2002 Persons of the Year 

Going back to the OPR investigation, they suspend you without pay and say they are "considering termination" or "pending termination decision." They yank your security clearance right away for no valid reason. This was true in my case and in just about every whistleblower case. When an employee gets their security clearance pulled, you prevent them from being in on any investigation. Normally, security clearances are pulled for suspicion of espionage, extreme mental health issues or if an agent is compromised, or can be. Back in the day, clearances were pulled if it was shown an agent was having an affair outside of their marriage; so ironic considering the recent affair we've all learned about between Strzok and Page.

When I was suspended without pay, I had absolutely no income. I had some savings but I was paying off my divorce as well. I had just had a house built with a mortgage, my car bill and other expenses. Even so, I was suspended without pay. I had to apply to have employment outside of the FBI. This process is weaponized against the whistleblower as the Bureau stonewalls their decision on your fate, often concluding with a termination. 

Another agent I know applied for outside employment as a substitute teacher, and was outright denied permission to take that job, even with a wife and five kids to support.

While I was in, I faced internal humiliation at the hands of my FBI colleagues and supervisors, with retaliation ranging from freezing my training requests, smearing my name and work ethic, to basically ignoring me completely. I never imagined the lengths they would go through to destroy my life like they have continued to do. 

2022 marks the tenth year anniversary of my complaint. These ten years have brought many hellish times; from severe financial difficulties, many moves, the psychological abuse and effects, and having to re-start my life several times. I never imagined that standing up for the truth would face such brutal consequences.

The FBI drains you financially; they drain you physically; they drain you emotionally; and if you let them, they will drain you spiritually. The reason I was able to push forward through this hell was because of a strong faith, an awesome church, and an awesome family.


Fundraiser by Robyn Lee Gritz : Robyn Gritz Patriot Whistleblower

Hello, many of you know my story about being discriminated and retaliated against by the FBI after 16+ years of service. The ringleader, Andrew McCabe, is under federal investigation but my case still lumbers on after 8 1/2 years. My other GFM account is paused with no explanation. So I'm starting this one. Will add once I get this going.
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‘I have PTSD from my experience. It’s just brutal. I don’t know how any other way to put it. It’s brutal,' said FBI whistleblower Jane TurnerA portrait of Jane Turner, a former FBI agent and whistleblower, in Minneapolis, Minn., on Friday, Oct. 11, 2019. Jenn Ackerman, For the Deseret News


"Retaliation wasn't on Turner's mind in 1998 when she first reported wrongdoing to her supervisor. "I went down there with the idea that he would right a wrong," she said.

"In her work as the senior resident agent — the first woman in the FBI to hold that position — over a 25,000-square-mile region in North Dakota, Turner had learned of a violent rape on an Indian reservation that another agent had closed as a car accident. She reopened the case, which led to a conviction, and found in her investigation that the same agent had closed a number of child abuse cases, some ending in death, in similar fashion.

"Turner traveled from Minot, North Dakota, to the Minneapolis field office and shared her findings with the special agent in charge. His response was not what she expected. "You have a kid of your own to worry about," she recalls him saying. She took it as coded advice to ignore the situation, but his words troubled her on the return flight."

Matthew Brown - Deseret News - Oct 14 2019

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A regular flow of articles from former FBI Counterterrorism Supervisor Robyn Gritz takes us to the subject of the FBI playbook for squashing Whistleblowers and Equal Employment Opportunity Complainants. It's pure evil. Robyn reminds the reader, "...if they can do this to their own, think what they can do to you."

A corrupt FBI is not good for our public health, we've seen that for decades! We've seen it most recently with January 6, not to mention their outrageously criminal efforts to destroy a duly elected President and some of his staff as well. This matters to us all!

This article by Robyn deals with how the FBI attacks Whistleblowers who are still with the Bureau. The next article will deal with what they do once they've made you leave.

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