Rise of the New Republican Party by Joshua Philipp of Epoch Times


Following President Trump's historic speech on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, in which he announced his "candidacy for the presidency of the United States" (even as he remains the people's chosen president denied his office by an improperly certified fraudulent election thanks to a deeply corrupt congress,) Joshua Philipp makes some very important observations on the hard-fought transformation of the Republican Party by the America First MAGA populist grassroots movement, powerfully led by President Trump while it is also desperately fought against by the globalist-aligned traitorous DC bunch that has long held our country captive.

New Senator from Ohio, JD Vance, with his son. A New Republican.

We repeat, we're really effecting the death of the political parties in America

The idea of political parties is so ingrained in the American psyche that no one will actually state it as it must be stated, even though we are all watching it play out in front of us. The nation's father George Washington, who warned against the parties over two centuries ago, smiles from his heavenly abode.

Democrats have self immolated in the fires of hell they've sought to suck us all into for 150 years. 

Republicans ruined their party by falling for the RINO shysters, those easily bribed or sweet-talked into the next Eyes Wide Shut party.

We don't need the political parties anyway. People should organize campaigns, choosing a leader from among them in the various offices that make up our limited government at the various levels, raising funds from the grassroots accordingly and not from dark nefarious enemies of the republic around the globe.

Rise of the New Republican Party
as Trump Announces 2024 Run
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Published Nov 16 2022
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Joshua Philipp 0:21
Welcome back everyone. Big day for America. Trump just announced that he's going to run for president in 2024. You might have seen the announcement last night. It was at 9pm, he started. I watched the whole thing. So I'm gonna give a recap on the major points he talked about. Basically what Trump did was laid out why he's running, why he believes it's necessary, and what his campaign messages are going to be. I'll give kind of an overview of that. Although if you're interested, I do recommend watching and we did have the live up on Epic TV. Also, I would argue that we're watching the death of the Republican Party as we knew it, it's very much like that old saying, The King is dead, long live the king; the idea being that the king dies, but there's an immediate successor. The question now is, what will that successor be? And I'm not the only one saying this. You see this at the top levels of the Republican leadership, even see the Democrats saying it. The Republican Party, as we knew it, is no more; it is dead. And it's going to turn to something else. The question will be, what will that be? If Trump can have his way, it looks like it's going to be a reformed party representing the MAGA movement. There are other systems at play, trying to reformat in other ways. I'll be detailing what those are and kind of my idea of where things are heading with this. You also see breakages taking place within the conservative establishment. Murdoch media, being Fox News, New York Post, Wall Street Journal' they're all going anti-Trump. National Review is maintaining its anti-Trump stands. Remember, they lost like 40% of their readers last time around when they did this? They just did it again.

It's gonna be interesting, folks. We're going to be entering a very, very, I'd say maybe positive in terms of free speech, but a time of many conflicts, let's say, where basically, you're going to be witnessing an ideological battle that will decide the future of the United States. I'm going to explain my views on this, and kind of how I see the different players working within the system, and kind of what we can expect to see as this whole drama plays out. It's going to be very interesting to watch, I guess, kind of be a part of, as well. And folks, as this is taking place, something else major is happening right now, which is the censorship establishment is crumbling. The systems, the powers that be that allowed for mass censorship to take place, are beginning to fall. And in their place is a new system that actually is more in line with what the internet used to be prior to, I'd say 2010. And I'm going to explain to you why 2010 really, really matters and in ways that I honestly haven't seen anybody even really talk about since like 2011, or 2012.

How many of you remember the state craft initiative under Hillary Clinton? Does anyone remember that? It was under Barack Obama, 2010 ish, where they changed the way that diplomacy is done. And they began using the internet, including technologies to monitor elections. Does anybody remember this? If you don't remember it, I'm gonna remind you because this is like a forgotten part of history that completely changed the way that governments interact with the Internet.

And you can't understand what's happening now. Unless you understand that I'm going to go into that today. Folks, that said, there's a lot of stuff I want to talk about this too much in one episode. So I'm going to talk about some other stuff by next week as well, including, for example, that they're launching now the digital currency. The Federal Reserve in New York is launching a digital dollar. It is now upon us it is now happening. Klaus Schwab gave a recent speech explaining the the state of the New World Order and the great reset. You're gonna have this ideological battle as I've explained taking place and the players on all fronts are kind of gearing for war, you know, ideologically I'd say. It's going to be interesting. That said, folks again, my documentary The Final War is now available. You can watch it on Epic TV. You might have seen it yesterday. It aired at around 9am or sorry, around 10am, I think, and went till about noon. If you haven't seen it yet, please watch it. Please share it. Help us get the word out again, just like this show. It's all grassroots. So help us get the word out on that.

That said folks, let's jump into the first story for the day. I want to start with some breaking news. The Republicans have now officially taken the House of Representatives. Remember they needed about 218 seats to get a majority in the House. They've lost the Senate, got the House. They've now gotten 219, meaning they've secured the vote by one. They've secured the seats by one additional seat right now. It's a solid take. They have it now. Anything beyond this point, because there are still some that are contested, it's just going to strengthen their majority. This is going to be interesting because technically Republicans can now launch investigative committees. It means they take over the January 6 committee, it means they can do election fraud investigations, it means they can look into Hunter Biden, they can look into Dr. Fauci, they're already gearing up for these different investigations. The big question is going to be who's the Speaker of the House. It does look like Kevin McCarthy might get it. But there's some fighting taking place. for that. We will see folks.

The other important part to mention is that not all Republicans are like MAGA Republicans. There's going to be a lot of infighting within the party. And so even if Republicans do hold the House, it's likely that not all of them are going to vote in lockstep for everything that comes through. Many of them are still going to side with Democrats; it's not going to be like a Democratic majority where pretty much they all vote the same. Many Republicans are like Bush-era Republicans, and they're gonna be voting with those. Some are more libertarian; they're going to be voting both sides. Some are MAGA and they're gonna be voting with the, you know, the kind of the more populist, MAGA movement. And I think this is one of the defining pictures of the party right now, which again, I'm going to go into today.

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Alright folks, that said, let me go into what's happening with Trump's run for president. I watched the entire speech yesterday. I don't know how popular it was, to be honest. I've heard mixed reviews of the speech. Jeb Bush is calling Trump "low energy Bush" because remember, Trump used to call Jeb Bush "low energy Jeb". I was talking to a few people who are generally very pro-Trump. Some of them said that they believed he was lower energy. I personally did not feel that way. I thought it was very solemn. I felt he was maybe not as banging on the gong like he usually is. But, I didn't have that feeling. I think it's up to each individual how they felt with it. But it was interesting. Basically, Trump, in my opinion, is kind of reviving the same spirit he did back in 2016, where he's running not as a politician, but he's running, basically, as an American, trying to bring power back to the American citizen.

He's campaigning on a few key issues, which we'll go over now. One of the big ones is he wants to stop election fraud. He's very much aware of this. And actually, he's one of the few Republicans who's actually still going very strong on this topic. The narrative of, you know, this election conspiracy or election deniers coupled with the narrative that somehow he like started an insurrection on January 6, those two things are what the establishment, both Republicans and Democrats, and most of the Murdoch media empire, are using to try to challenge Trump.

The narrative coming from Mike Pence right now, for example, Mike Pence, former Vice President, as he's trying to make Trump out to be a conspiracy theorist based on these two issues. And Pence is kind of backstabbing Trump, especially on the January 6 issue. They're trying to make it appear that there's no such thing as election fraud. And are saying, by claiming this election fraud, Trump is, by extension of that, basically, like misleading people and all, you know, rigging votes and so on.

I'll tell you, it exists. And it exists in a very strong way. Trump is the only one right now, the only major one, really, really looking to take this on. And we'll see, we'll see what he can do. But he is campaigning on basically trying to have something done about it. And being still the kingmaker and one of the really the leading figure, whether believe it or not, in the Republican Party. He's going to try to use his influence to push for investigations and other things into this. He made it clear that he expects to be attacked. He is expecting this. He knows what he's up against. Remember that they tried the Trump Russia scandal, they tried the fake sexual assault charges, they tried everything against Trump. And basically, rather than him collapsing, the people accusing him basically collapsed in some regards. The last one that got him with was, of course, the old Fauci, Fauci one-two; you know, lockdowns, and so on, which they then used to create new election laws, which they used to win the elections, using the universal mail-in ballots, and so on. He's looking to take all that on. He's looking to take all of that on.

At the same time, he's also talking about something which is actually new, and I would say, probably more controversial, at least among that kind of the establishment. He's talking about making it so that drug dealers get the death penalty. He noted that if you look at the average deaths caused by your average drug dealer over their lifetime, it's about 500 people, meaning that every drug dealer, essentially, you could call them mass murderers. And if you understand that 100,000 Americans were killed by fentanyl, like in last year alone, more Americans then died in the entire Vietnam War. It's pretty dang significant. I mentioned before that drugs are part of the Chinese Communist Party's drug warfare model against the United States. Technically, this is a war. And when you're dealing with not only drug dealers in the streets, but Mexican cartels, Narco terrorist organizations, and even terrorist organizations like in Afghanistan to the Taliban and al Qaeda, a lot of the operations are financed through drugs. It's gonna be very big if he does that. It's going to be very controversial, as well as I think he campaigns on this. But if you understand the downtrodden in America, and let's say poor communities in America, but it's like Appalachia, or like inner cities, these would be actually decent places were it not for drugs. Drugs are one of the major causes of a lot of the problems you have in a lot of these areas. I know in California, I've talked to sheriff's deputies, about 70% of crime is caused by the homeless community. And most of that is drugs. It's not that they're homeless against their will, many of them want to live like that. And it's drugs. In the mental illness crisis, it's drugs. Drugs are one of the greatest, I think harms the that is that is being given to the American people. And Trump is looking to do something about that.

The other side is by taking a very strong stance of sentencing them to death, he also does away with one of the other key issues, which is a lot of the recruiting for some of the worst gangs happens in the prison system. The prison system doesn't necessarily reform people, it doesn't fix issues. Typically, it's gonna take a criminal and make them more of a criminal. Especially because typically, you'll be forced, if you're going to prison, you're going to be forced more often than not into a gang usually related to your race. There's black gangs, there's Mexican gangs, there's white gangs, guys like me, who are mixed race get put in with the weirdos, the column, the others, so I've been told. And typically if that happens, you have to do work for the gang, which includes smuggling drugs and other things. Once you're in the system, it's very hard to get out of it. And once you're in the system, you get deeper and deeper into it. The prison system doesn't fix it. Suggesting the solution is to execute them for that crime is very strong. But I will say that if you understand the nature of capital punishment,It's not really about killing people, it's more about preventative, you know, preventing people from doing it in the first place. And having such a strong punishment will basically get 99% of people who would normally consider not to do it in the first place, the people who will do it will be more of the hardened criminals, meaning it's going to be interesting.

He's also campaigning on restoring law and order. Another important thing, he wants to restore positions back to service members who were kicked out of the military over COVID and refusing to get vaccines, and he wants to give them back pay, that's probably gonna get him a lot of the military vote actually. he wants no more insider trading from members of Congress. Folks, if you look at like members of Congress, and they're making like 170,000 a year or something like that, and they're all like multi multi millionaires over just the course of a few years, even like Ocasio Cortes ,AOC, who talks about the evil millionaires and billionaires, too; she is a multi, multi millionaire, she's like, ridiculously rich, and she's ridiculously rich, way beyond the threshold of her income. Why is that? It's a very common thing, unfortunately, among members of Congress, and, frankly, this will be one piece in fixing that issue. The special interest loop where they pass laws and so on, and regulations that are very much in line with their own personal financial interest, and where they often have their friends or family members invest, or, you know, maybe encourage them to invest in ways that they know we're going to benefit them. They can get away with it. They have exceptions to laws that you and I would go to jail for, that Martha Stewart would go to jail for, that they don't have to follow.

He's also saying no more men in women's sports. Yes, they are men, they are not women, and no more of them in women's sports. In fact, there's actually been some rulings on this already. A court just overturned Biden's whole gender policy. It's probably gonna go up higher. So you know, I don't usually like making a big deal over lower court rulings, because they're gonna keep getting overturned, and I give updates every other month, making it seem like things are different when they're really not, until it goes to the Supreme Court probably not going to hear the end of that. But there was a significant ruling from one of the major courts just recently, basically overturning Biden's rules that allow men to compete in women's sports claiming that they think they're women. And one of the important things with this is it clarifies identity, whether you identify as being a certain gender versus the gender you actually are. And they're saying that identity is not gender. That's a major, major determination. And Trump's gonna go off on this, as well.

He's also saying he's going to do something about the free cash handouts to all these random countries. We don't know. Frankly, most Americans, we don't know where the money even goes. America gives hundreds of millions of dollars to like all kinds of countries in the world. We're like the sugar daddy of like half the world. It's ridiculous. Not only that, but we support the militaries of most of Europe. America bankrolls pretty much the entire world. And because they don't have to pay basic things, they can use their extra surplus to create socialist policies. America is bankrolling socialism globally; one, by basically filling the defense budget of most of Europe, which allows them to have extra money, so they can invest in things like socialized wealth, socialized health care, and so on. He's not talking about ending the military support, but he is talking about ending the free cash handouts to some extent, or at least using that to make sure that they don't do things against the United States, such as having mass open border policies throughout Latin America, for example. He mentioned El Salvador, I believe, in particular,

He said Democrats... something very interesting, which is going to be one of his major platforms against Democrats. He says Democrats have come to represent a form of government based on tyranny and absolute power, that the model of government that they basically created is one where essentially a small elite rule by force. They do whatever the heck they want, and they don't care so much about the people they're supposed to represent. I think some Americans actually do feel that to a strong, pretty strong degree, where they feel that non-citizens get treated better than American citizens, that people entering the country illegally get put up in New York with free hotels and free room service, free food, free health care, while the American citizens are basically struggling paycheck to paycheck. That's something I think that's going to really resonate with a lot of Americans, ironically, even with a lot of Latinos and so on, who Democrats, I think, really betted that would actually be for the open border policies when many of them are not.

And he's also campaigning on something very interesting, which he's saying this is not just a political campaign. He is saying a politician cannot fix the issues America is now facing. He's running as an American citizen, essentially. it's the way he's framing it. And he says that this is not a political campaign. He says it is a quest to save America. And basically he's, in other words, he's portraying his campaign, not as just a normal political campaign, but instead of social movement. And as a social movement, Trump is, basically what it looks like, is going to be rallying essentially the grassroots of America through his campaign and start up more, I think, again, a movement, really, that will work hand-in-hand with his political campaign. It's going to be very interesting. That being said, you're going to be watching a lot of shakeups take place within the Republican Party.

I want to explain a bit of how this is working and how I see this playing out. Because you have three major well, two major contenders right now the main main ones being Trump and DeSantis. DeSantis is not looking like he wants to run for president. And so, but it's ironic, because pretty much the entire media establishment, Fox News, that a lot of the Democrat politicians, they're all trying to get DeSantis to run. Why does the establishment want him to run so badly when he himself doesn't sound like he wants to do it? It appears that basically, I'll get into this, folks.

First, let me go into some what's happening with Republican Party. Let me show you this story from Reuters. It says Biden 'pleased with election turnout'. It says it reflects quality of party's candidates. And this kind of lays out something interesting if you read further in. And actually, the original headline on this if you go back in the archives, it actually says this more directly. Biden is saying that Republicans need to decide who they are. Who are the Republicans? That question is going to define the next two years for the United States.

It says further into the article The results have also signaled exhaustion with the kind of chaos fomented by the Republican former president raising questions about the viability. They're talking about Trump, of course, of his possible 2024 White House run. Laxalt, who lost in Nevada, was a former state attorney general, endorsed by Trump. Biden told reporters the election showed the Republican Party, quote is going to have to decide who they are. Some Republicans expressed discontent as they faced at least another two years in the minority, and Senator Josh Hawley tweeted as well, the old party is dead. Time to bury it, build something new.

So folks, who is the Republican Party? it's not a Who are they? It is a Who is they? Who is singular, meaning they're asking, basically, who's going to lead the party, is essentially what they're doing. Because whoever leads the party is going to determine the identity of the party and the policies that the party represents. And if they build something new, the big question is, well, what will that be?

We're likely going to watch infighting that will decide this, you know, answer, basically. What will the party become? The main figures at the front, the two who actually have a chance, Trump and DeSantis; Trump much higher than DeSantis, still in terms of polling, and then also Mike Pence trying to go to the forefront as well. Basically, right now, the establishment is throwing its weight behind DeSantis, even though again, it's more them saying it than DeSantis. DeSantis is not suggesting he wants to do it. In fact, based on everything I've seen so far, it doesn't look like he wants to run against Trump, but the media and so on is really trying to do it. Even the Murdoch empire, the Murdoch media empire, Fox News, New York Post, Wall Street Journal, they're going really strong against Trump right now. Or at least they're going to be given that stance. And remember, important note, prior to 2016, prior to Trump winning the Republican nomination, remember these same outlets were mostly against him as well. Remember that basically, they did not support him because their establishment media that tends to support or reject things based along party lines. And as soon as the Republican Party itself changes its position, the media then changed the position as well. They were never essentially pro-Trump so to speak. They were pro-Republican, and Trump just so happened to win the Republican nomination, even though they almost didn't let him run. Do you remember that? It was only when he threatened to run as an independent that he changed their minds.

I'll show you an example of this. Fox News right here. Ron DeSantis is the new Republican Party leader, according to Fox News. It says the biggest winner in the midterms was without a doubt Governor Ron DeSantis, whose landslide victory in the State of Florida was breathtaking. The biggest loser, Donald Trump, who has handpicked loyalist candidates in a number of races struggled to beat vulnerable Democrats. Once again, the former president may have cost Republicans control of the Senate in a year when it was theirs to lose. Many will conclude on the basis of the midterm results the Republican party is ready to move on without Donald Trump as its leader.

The New York Times is basically saying the same thing, pushing Ron DeSantis. The New York Times on May 22nd said Republicans need a new leader. They're looking to Florida. And the New York Times said two weeks ago Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida appeared with the Fox News host Laura Ingram for a town hall that lasted the full hour of her primetime show. That kind of airtime tends to be reserved only for Donald Trump. But Mr. DeSantis has made a meteoric rise. He is far and away the most popular potential 2024 presidential candidate among Republicans after Mr. Trump, even if you would never, this is New York Times, even if you would never consider voting for him, DeSantis, it's important to understand the sources of his appeal and the direction of his policy and politics. Because one way or another whether he ever runs for president or not, Ron DeSantis is the new Republican Party. The list goes on and on of themedia, as in the establishment that are basically doing this.

Arizona Central says exclusive Mike Pence predicts better choices, not Trump, as the GOP's 2024 nominee. And Mike Pence is saying this quote, I think there's a real desire for new leadership in the Republican Party. So help me God. Sorry, he's pushing his new book called So Help Me God. And he said, quote, everywhere I've gone across the country, I hear people that are very proud of the record of the Trump-Pence administration. But almost in the same breath, I hear people say they want leadership that reflects the respect and civility that most Americans practice every day. In other words, they're stating they want Trumpism without Trump. That's the essence of the pitch Pence is making for himself, as he contemplates his own bid for the White House. And Pence is arguing that he not only supported but also helped deliver the administration's accomplishments on the economy, immigration, pandemic foreign policy. In other words, the way Pence is promoting himself is basically Trump policies without Trump. What you're looking at is basically Republicans who are back to the milk toast days of not being fighters.

But Trump, by definition, and this is one of the reasons some of the Reagan-era Republicans don't like him, Trump is a fighter. He'll call people names; he'll insult people. He'll make up nicknames, like little Rubio, like lying Ted Cruz, and then he'll be friends with him a few weeks later. He'll insult people. He'll say Hillary Clinton would be in jail; he'll talk about these kinds of things. And he doesn't hold back any punches when it comes to what he sees is the major issues, especially when you're talking about, for example, what really happened in the midterms. Trump is talking about election fraud. Trump is talking about how the Republicans, McConnell, and so on, basically, McCarthy. Some of them he's claiming sabotaged the party from within; sabotaged his own candidates. Trump is talking about the behind-the-scenes politics and the things that took place that basically made things the way they are. Sorry, McConnell, whereas most of the establishment, Pence and pretty much most of the Fox News empire and so on, most of the establishment is basically saying that any talk of election fraud and these things that for the most part, not all of them, but they're claiming that basically, that's a big conspiracy and that Trump is pushing conspiracy theories. And they're framing the losses not as being based on election fraud, not as being sabotaged within the Republican Party, but as being people not wanting to vote for Trump's candidates. And based on that, they're trying to push Trump out. That's the dynamic you're watching unfold right now.

And it's interesting to note that a lot of them actually censored Trump's speech last night or maybe sometimes didn't even air it at all. And this could be kind of a sign of where things are going, as Trump continues to campaign. Some media are going to basically try to pretend he's not even doing anything. Some media are gonna try to basically write him off. This includes even like, frankly, like even Fox News to some extent they're being accused of this because they cut away from Trump's speech for like, 15 minutes. I'm gonna explain this, folks, what's happening with this, why it matters. And I'm gonna give some of my takes on the dynamic we're gonna watch; kind of the conflict of the watch play out. It's my personal opinions on this.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen


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