Richardson Post - The Fall of the House of Biden


We feature a recent article by Howell Woltz of The Richardson Post that adds up the facts in a common sense approach to the fake presidency of Let's Go Brandon, with the deepstate's desperate attempt to morph their evil administrative state into something else.

Joe Biden will be removed from office by his own party, not by Republicans

The Richardson Post | Howell Woltz | 


If the Democrat Marxists had maintained the House of Representatives in the November 2022 election, no one would ever known what I'm sharing with you.

Just like they lied about and covered up the Hunter Biden laptop story just prior to the 2020 election (which would have made a 17% difference, according to recent polls), they did it again for the midterms.

Joe's crimes were known but hidden until after the elections.

The Department of 'Justice' (a misnomer if there ever was one) has known Joe Biden, as Vice-President, stole compartmentalised Top-Secret records on Ukraine, Russia and Iraq for seven years – yet did nothing about it.

Why now? Well, that is the story to be told.

How do I know this? Because such records can only be viewed in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) and must be signed out by the handful of officials authorised to even see such documents, so there is a record.

This is an SCIF and it took many accomplices to aid Biden on covering his tracks in Russia, Iraq and Ukraine

The fact that these particular documents were found in Biden's Post Vice-Presidential office, funded (and shared) by the Chinese Communist Party at the University of Pennsylvania in D.C. with $54.6 million is the real crime and story.

It appears that Chinese apparatchiks had access to these state secrets in all likelihood, via their inside man, Hunter Biden, who also had keys.

Not exactly a SCIF, Joe and a very, very, very unlawful place to keep stolen ‘top secret’ U.S. Government documents

More secret records about shady Obama-Biden Administration dealings in Ukraine and their State Department sponsored Maidan Revolution were then revealed to be in one of Joe's mansions in Delaware – stored in a garage with his Corvette – and a third batch was just disclosed, but not that location other than it is also at one of the Biden Crime Family mansions.

My question is, how could this happen without Obama knowing about it? He would definitely have been told. What did he know – and when did he know it?

The fact that all three batches (thus far) were related to the key players/nations in The Biden Crime Family's influence peddling scheme – Communist China, Russia and Iraq – is also quite telling. Joe and Hunter were covering their tracks.

I add Hunter, because he claimed to be the owner of the mansion (pictured above) where this car and these records were hidden in Wilmington, Delaware.


I'm so glad you asked and will answer with just a few questions of my own.

  • How did Joe Biden's brother, Jim, land a $500 million deal to build homes in Iraq, with zero experience in building anything other than a crime family?
  • Why did Russian billionaire, Elena Baturina – wife of Moscow mayor – pay the Biden crime family $3.5 million? Was it a 'fee' for laundering an estimated $100 million through Rosemont Seneca, as previously reported?
  • Were the top-secret government files on China found in The Biden Center (in his office) at University of Pennsylvania part of a quid pro quo for the $54.6 million funded by 'Anonymous Chinese' between 2014 and 2019 to build it?

Even this seasoned criminal is having a tough time explaining this one away. In fact, all he's done (after first denying it) is dig his hole deeper.

Each time sleepy Joe’s crew moved these documents—which had to be at least twice for each batch—everyone involved committed federal crimes carrying a sentence of up to 10 years


Joe is in bad shape mentally and everyone knows it.

From pooping his pants while visiting fellow Marxist, Pope Francis, in Rome, to shaking hands with people not present (and being unable to finish a sentence) it won't be hard for Biden's cabinet to claim what the world already knows.

This gangster has gone from being a bumbling idiot selling State secrets to the highest bidder(s) to an incompetent one who can be removed under §4 of the 25th amendment to the U.S. Constitution by V.P. Harris and the Cabinet.

We can guarantee Vice-President, Kamala Harris, has already convened her coven to plot their move to replace him – which is the bad news as she's next.

§1, Amendment XXV- In case of the removal of the President from office or his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.

Here are the two most hated politicians rubbing elbows

This will happen quite soon – but don't give up hope yet. Read on.

There has been an absolute tsunami of good news rolling out of Congress this week as the Republican Party begins acting….well….like Republicans, for the first time in recent memory.

They cut funding for the 87,000 IRS gangsters being hired to attack Conservatives, the middle class and small business owners. Gone. Defunded.

They have filed legislation to stop the Biden Crime Family from selling America's strategic oil reserves to their (literal) partners in Communist China (CEFC).

As Biden and the Democrat Marxists continue falling in popularity, the Republicans are rising among Black men, Hispanics and even white women.

Arizona Democrat, Kyrsten Sinema, just left the Democrat Party and became an independent, though I still count her as voting with the Marxists, giving them a one vote edge for the moment.

Challenges of the corrupt 2020 and 2022 elections are finally being heard in the courts of Arizona and a case in the epicentre of election crime which was dismissed long ago in Fulton County, Georgia, was just reinstated by the Georgia Court of Appeals – after being remanded by the U.S. Supreme Court.

At issue in that case was the power of State officials to sua sponte change election rules – a power reserved solely for state legislatures.

This is a very big deal, as it affects the crimes committed in all of the swing states and more. Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, California – all were disenfranchised by this illegal activity by both Republican and Democrat officials.

These actions could upend the Democrat's slight edge (51 to 49) in the U.S. Senate, as this particular case calls both Georgia Senators' election results into question due to fraud (Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock – both Democrats)


Whomever Kamala Harris chooses as her Vice-President must, by law, be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

If the States where officials illegally changed the rules to swing the elections are now judged to have violated the rights of their citizens – a remedy must be found to correct those errors. Stolen or illegal elections cannot stand.

Only the legislatures had the power to change election rules, and the case on that very issue, is in conference next week at the U.S. Supreme Court.

The U.S. Senate will decide the fate of Harris's choice as VP, so who is there (legally) and who is not may have a part to play.

This is the compromised insider who will ‘investigate’ Joe Biden’s document crimes, but expect nothing from him


This man, Robert Hur, is an insider from the Russia Hoax series and bit player in most things anti-Trump (he was former acting Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein's right hand 'dude') so this appointment is just for show.

And while there is so much to investigate – including Biden's Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken and key advisors working with the CCP at his Penn Biden Center – Robert Hur will avoid all that.

"At least 10 senior Biden administration officials were hired to their current or former positions after stints at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, the president's think tank where a trove of classified documents was recently found."

How is a $54.6 million CCP-funded ‘think tank’ with Joe Biden’s name on it not news? That is where Joe and Hunter chose to hide evidence of their crimes? Was Barack Obama in on this decision?

They'll use Hur to put the heat on Sleepy Joe to resign, but as for any real investigation into his crimes, you can forget that until the return of the King.


While Trump's opponents destroy my home nation with floods of illegals, fentanyl from Communist China in quantities that can kill every man, woman and child in the nation; and Marxist ideological indoctrination in the schools, Trump is coming up with solutions to these problems each week and the public is noticing.

Here Trump announces that he will declare war on the drug and human trafficking cartels teamed up with the Bidens to destroy America. It’s worth a watch- click above image to watch.

Trump announced this week that he will attack the cartels as enemy combatants, using the U.S, Navy, special forces and military operations to eliminate them, comparing his 'maximum damage' to them and their leaders to what he did to ISIS.

Even better, Trump promised to reveal every 'kickback and every payoff' received by politicians allowing this deadly cartel activity – in all countries, including America. That should send a chill down the Uniparty/Globalists' spines.

"When I'm back in the White House the Drug King Pins and Traffickers will never sleep soundly again," President Trump promised.

Whether by plan, as many suggest; by some stroke of amazing luck – or as I believe, the hand of God – the world is now seeing things for what they really are rather than the fake news narrative projected to control us.

There is a Deep State and Trump has now pulled back the curtain for all to see it.

The Marxification of our world and nations was intentional and all the players, including our leaders, Big Business, Big Pharma, Big Banks, Big Media and supra-State NGOs and Globalist institutions are interconnected in a plot to subdue us and destroy Western Civilisation – even kill us.

What was just a conspiracy theory a few years ago, has been borne out as fact by their own corrupt actions.

The world sees it now.

There is but one person in my opinion who might turn this around and I do believe the stage is being set for his return.

Howell Woltz (now on Telegram)
The Richardson Post (now on
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Richardson Post: Zelensky and the 112 Billion Dollar Swindle


Our Ukrainian nurse, Zoriana, is always smiling it seems – until yesterday that is – when she learned that her family member back home was being forced by the Oligarch dictator, Volodomir Zelenskyy, to go to the front and fight the Russians – without a gun.

"He said only one in 10 soldiers is being given a weapon," she cried. "What are they doing with all that money and equipment if none of it is reaching the soldiers?"

Unfortunately for her relative, the weapons are being sold on the black market by Zelenskyy and his fellow Oligarchs, faster than the Uniparty (Democrat Marxists and RINOs – Republicans in Name Only) in Washington can send them.

Investigative journalist and American patriot, Jack Posobiec, visited the open markets and secret missile merchants in Ukraine, witnessing it first hand last year as we reported.

You can buy U.S.-made javelin missiles for the bargain price of $30,000.

The billionaire beggar in drab olive, Zelenskyy, owns a $34 million mansion in Miami, Florida beside his mentor and fellow Oligarch, Igor Kolomoisky, and is a perfect gender-confused Democrat-supporting money launderer for America's Uniparty. In his spare time, when not acting in front of his green screen in army gear, he does cross-dressing videos like "Cossacks, Let's Become Gay."

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