Purim 2023 = J6 boomerang


Dear readers, have you read the Book of Esther lately? Did you know that this year's Hebrew festival called Purim commemorating God's miraculous and quite sudden intervention through the beautiful Esther that saved God's people was the same day that Tucker Carlson publicly turned the tables on the enemies of God's people, the wicked ones who plotted the J6 false flag event in order to deny the People their rightful leader and their rightful inheritance of this land as a Free People?

(Is it a coincidence that the date of this miracle was also the 6th? Monday, March 6th, 2023. Full Moon in Virgo waxing that night; Virgo the sign of the virgin, purity, cleansing. We march in March!)

Art by Sefira Lightstone

A simple summary of the importance of the Purim celebration

The story of Purim derives from the biblical book of Esther. In it, Queen Esther was the wife of the Persian King Achaverosh; she was Hebrew, although she concealed that.

Ester's cousin Mordecai learned of a plot to kill the king and loyally reported it. But Mordechai did not bow to Haman, the king's most powerful advisor.

As a result, Haman wanted to destroy all the Hebrews in the Persian Empire. But Mordechai appealed to Queen Esther to save her people, and she came up with a brave and bold strategy to dash Haman's plan.

She invited the king and Haman to two banquets. At the second banquet, she revealed two shocking facts: first, that Haman wanted to kill her people, and also that she was Hebrew herself.

As a result of these two revelations, courageous and clever Esther was able to stop the villain's plot just before he could carry it out. Thus, it was Esther's bravery that saved her people. The king punished Haman with death and appointed Mordechai, who had raised Esther after her parents died, as his deputy in Haman's stead.

Mordechai is alternately described as Esther's uncle, but the distinction may not be so important.

Edana Appel, a Jewish community center director in Los Angeles was interviewed by Good Housekeeping, saying, "What is important about Mordechai is that he stands up first," she says. "He refuses to bow down to Haman in the street, and he is the only one. I think of it as his bravery inspired Esther's. He is valuable because he recognizes that there is a need to stand up as a person with no power and then to leverage Esther's power to save more than just one person."

She says these two characters teach us about different kinds of bravery: when you are alone and must fight for your beliefs and when you must fight for others at your own risk. "It is kind of like Mordechai teaches us to fight for ourselves and Esther teaches us not to be a bystander," Appel explains.

Juan O Savin gives a more detailed backgrounder on the Book of Esther and its relevance to our time


Juan O Savin Presentations on Rumble
Published March 7 2023
Length 2:24:07


The Story of Esther

(Patriots Purim from Space Shot presentation March 9-10 2020.)

This year PURIM is on March 6-7 2023.
This presentation speaks of dates, Hollywood, COVID 19 and other significant events.

This story is very relevant for the current year 2023 as it is the VICTORY day!

Excerpt from the transcript:

Esther is this girl who is from the family line of Saul who was the first King of Israel. She's in exile in Persia with her relative believed to be an Uncle or cousin by the name of Mordecai when Daniel was killed in Persia because when the Medes were defeated by the Persians. Daniel was this very renowned Godly man that was considered by the Muslims and the Jews, Christians didn't exist yet this is before Christ but was regarded as a man who was in touch with God and so he had advised the King of Babylon, had been present. He had Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who were people that were in exile with them they were all eunuchs which means that they had been mutilated and didn't have their sex organs anymore.

They had gone through all sorts of things, the bad guys had tried to have them killed by lions and you know made weird laws and so Daniel's been all under all sorts of assault while he was in Babylon and then he had visions, about not visions but dreams and visitations about the future of Israel because when he was taken captive he was living in Jerusalem as a young boy, he was taken captive into Babylon, and castrated and then made a priestly advisor as a very young boy and so but he'd be been an advisor even to kings and because he'd been so correct and had you know this communication from God and it was highly revered when the Medes King had the utensils that had been taken from the temple in Jerusalem and they'd stacked Jerusalem in this holy temple had been sacked Solomon's Temple the house of God they had a big drinking party and they pulled these out because they're very valuable golden utensils and we're partying with the utensils and then a hand appeared right on the wall just floating in space and the finger of the hand wrote in the mortar the concrete on the wall something that they couldn't interpret and the priests that were present couldn't even understand what was written and so they're all trembling because you know a hand appears out of nowhere you know it's Hollywood before Hollywood existed and so they finally figured out to call for Daniel....

EVERYTHING IS HERE.. The Fight on the Numbers for the SOUL of the World.

We are ALL The KID by the SIDE of the ROAD


Esther: Full Text

Encyclopedia of Jewish and Israeli history, politics and culture, with biographies, statistics, articles and documents on topics from anti-Semitism to Zionism.


J6 boomerang

Tucker Carlson showed a few minutes of J6 footage from Capitol Building cameras that the dimm-dumm dolts kept hidden for two years - and now they are finally toast. And we wrote about it, oh, January 2021.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Gypsy Spirit · 2 months ago
    Wow that was great love the cartoons.. and thanks for the link.. yes it was very significant yesterday and everyone should have celebrated with a feast for the GREAT VICTORY of Queen Esther!
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 2 months ago
      Yes! I think many of us probably did because there was much rejoicing in cyber space.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 2 months ago
    By the way, we have a reader who pointed out that Daniel lived before Mohammad, there were no muslims in Daniel's time; but I believe Juan was referring to those who were from other traditions of the day as well as conflating to what muslims think about Daniel today.
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