President Trump says REMOVE JOE!


This year's Sept. 11 Patriot Day was highly charged with Great Awakening sparks flying.

Our president did not hold back either.

1. He insists on reminding us again that the military have all the facts about the 2020 election. "Rigged and Stollen"

2. He is cleverly moving the Joey Magoo tragicomedy to the next Act, calling on Republicans to exercise the 25th Amendment which provides for the removal of a useless man from the presidency.


Funny enough, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy announced today that his caucus will pursue an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden's lies and impeachable offenses.

Do not mistake this political theater for anything but what Almighty God Himself has wrought: the drama necessary to bring Americans out of their spiritual coma and make them active participants again, after many failed generations, in a constitutional republic of a self governed people - a SOVEREIGN PEOPLE.

To be clear, people have to really want to be sovereign, free under God. It's just too easy to let [them] do it for you, with all the compromise that entails.

Which way will it go? Impeachment, removal, Orkin Man delousing?

It is somewhat for us to say but also for us to watch, fast and pray.

We can walk with God and do what we're called to do!

25th Amendment


Pres Trump writes, "Election was RIGGED & STOLLEN" (STOL[L]EN?)

UPDATED 8-24-23 with a new Truth Social post from the president that he corrected from "STOLLEN to STOLEN" putting further emphasis on this comm.

Why is President Trump frequently posting and reposting messages containing the misspelled "STOLLEN"?


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