President Trump's Birthday Message: "We can't be stopped"


We have President Trump's 12-page June 13th statement, saying, "We have to Save America." The perfect birthday gift for yours truly.

Complementary to the president's message, we have our favorite insider Juan O Savin serving up a fiery MAGA speech as only he can, sharing juicy deepstate details in public, at a live outdoor patriot event in Ocala Florida this past weekend. We have the video and the transcript. Juan's battle cry: "MAGA CUBED!!!" Many do rally to that cry!! Are they the 3%?!






Restoring the Republic by Donna Ayers-Vorbach



Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America | News | Donald J. Trump

Over the past four years, Donald J. Trump's administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments!

Juan O Savin | Rock The Red

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Published June 13 2022
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American Media Periscope's John Michael Chambers 0:05
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a last-minute but very important special speaker coming up here in just a moment. And we ask all media, turn the cameras off. And all of the Patriots here, please do not film this next speaker. And in a moment, you will pay respect to these words and understand why. So please give a warm Florida welcome to patriot, Mr. Juan O Savin.

Juan O Savin 0:52
Some of you are familiar with me, many of you, I'm sure, are not. I'd say most all of you to the 99th degree would consider yourself MAGA folks. That's a really important brand; but at this moment in time, we may need to up the game a little bit.

A lot of people are getting, you know, pretty tired, pretty exhausted. "When's it going to happen? What's going to happen? Who's going to do whatever? Is Trump going to be back?" I've talked about all this pretty extensively over the years. In fact, I've written about it. In my book, the first edition, which came out, went to the publishers in July of 2020, Kid by the Side of the Road. On page 71, I made a statement. I said, Election 2020, this came out in October of 2020, Election 2020 will equal MAGA to the third power - or cubed - over CORN.

Very few people really understood at the time what I was referring to as CORN. We have social media that's trying to shut us up from talking - Cancel Culture. A lot of that was led by Mark Zuckerberg. Who is Zuckerberg? Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, came out; people didn't know where he came from, who he is, he doesn't have a history. And in reality, Facebook wasn't invented by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was invented, created, developed at DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Program. Hundreds of millions of dollars of you guys' money. Your parents' money was spent over a several-year period to develop a social media tool that could manage the conversations not just of Americans, but of people all around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg was given a project that at DARPA was called Lifelog. That Lifelog project, in fact itself was stolen from a fellow Floridian who wrote the program and still has the source code right now waiting to get paid. After Lifelog was developed, the operation of Lifelog was shut down on February 4, 2004, at noon. And on February 4, 2004, at noon, Facebook was incorporated.

Think about what I'm telling you here. Zuckerberg did not invent Facebook. It was a militarized social media control mechanism for you and citizens all over the world. It was a mapping project. It was a tracking project to get you to put all your personal information in. "Oh, I didn't join Facebook. I wouldn't do that." Maybe your kids did. Maybe your friends at work, relatives, you're at the birthday party, the pictures, the names, whatever you're doing, what sports thing involved in, what race cars, horses, any of your own personal stuff, it all got put in there. You are being tracked; photographs, names, activities, contacts, relationships in a militarized operation to track you.

When Zuckerberg received Facebook, who gave it to him? Who had the power, the influence inside the military, industrial, political, media, medical establishment, to make him God and King with your money? Think about that. They give the kid something worth hundreds of millions of dollars that they gamed out and knew because they were using government servers at low cost. If you went out to go out and buy these servers and plug them in and get technicians and everybody to...gosh to get zillions, but he can get them at a super cheap price. Why? Because it's the military-social-media-complex working together.

And the advertisers start putting money into Facebook. Well, who's that? Who are those friends? Who's doing the secret handshake behind the scenes to make him so successful against anybody else that might try to do a similar social media? Knowing that, at the end, it was going to be worth not hundreds of MILLIONS, but hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars AND MORE; and importantly, be able to control the way we communicate, and about what we communicate and our freedom to communicate.

On top of that, if Zuckerberg did not invent Facebook and he's the recipient of all those things, who DID control everything behind the scenes to let Zuckerberg have all that money? And is it possible that behind the scenes, the people that made Zuckerberg God and King of communications for social media, are they still controlling him?

Have you watched 2000 Mules? Who put those Dropboxes out there for a half-billion dollars? Who told Zuckerberg take a half a billion of your money and go put it out into Dropboxes all across the country? The same people that took something out of the military-industrial complex that you paid for, to use it against you! You bought the rope they're gonna hang you with! You paid for it. They're gonna hang you as Americans, buy your own rope and laugh about it to make you mad to piss you off!

Who behind the scenes has the right to use our militarized systems, DARPA against us? Are they Americans? Do we have spies and traitors inside the military-industrial-media-political-economic-medical complex? You better get pissed! Your life depends on it!

You can't talk between each other. You can't go on social media. You can't go into YouTube, have an honest conversation. That's what America started with! A conversation. They sat in the bar and they compared notes. They told their stories together and they tried to figure out what's freedom all about and how do we exercise it ourselves? How do we get out from under the king's rule? Get their boot off of us? May God make America great again. But as I said in my book, every page in my book has an orange cube in the corner. This came out in October of 2020 went to the printers in July. The cube is to the third power.

I get a chance to talk to a lot of patriots all the time around the country. I see the articles that you do. What would the third power be of a MAGA person, a MAGA operation? Well, a couple of mothers in Utah, they have a website called Two Red Pills. And they couldn't figure out why things kept going in weird directions in Utah. So they had an idea. They wanted to go ahead and do their version in the state of what's called Grama Requests, G R A M A. It's the stateside equivalent of a FOIA, Freedom of Information Act. What's your government doing? Where's the money coming from? Who authorized it? What's the flow here? What's the chain of custody? Who said what? What's a FOIA? Show me what happened here.

So they started putting requests out to the counties related to the vote and 2020. What the hell happened in 2020? The vote didn't look right. They're getting all sorts of information. They're getting a lot of pushback, too. They're just a couple of moms who decided to step up and do something. They're not a congressman, they're not senators. They're not the sheriff. They're just citizens who went the extra mile to try to figure out what is happening in our state. They're moms. Their kids go to school. There's all sorts of bizarre things people are getting into office and promoting stuff in schools. Doesn't make sense to them. "I didn't want that. My neighbor didn't want that." They didn't want...How did this happen? Trying to get to the facts.

Those women are MAGA cubed. MAGA cubed! You got the sheriff in Michigan right now. He got a call, I think there's voter fraud going on here at the poll place. You gotta come over and inspect this. What's going on right there during the election 2020? He gets over there. He gets blocked from doing an investigation in his own county by the Governor, the Attorney General, prosecutors, State Patrol people. He gets blocked in his own county where he is the highest-ranking law enforcement officer. He can arrest a federal official. And he got blocked trying to get the bottom of voter fraud.

Where do you think a lot of the fraud is happening right there in Michigan? I just picked up Kristina Karamo running for secretary of state there in Michigan. President Trump backed her up. They're trying to get to the bottom of a lot of mischief in Michigan.

I was just out in Nevada, watching how they're running the polls in Clark County, how they're doing the count, all the mischief there. People are showing up in a car all by themselves with ballots. No second-person observer, no two-party observers taking cases out, putting them in. You can't get any observation. They get court orders there. A beautiful gal by the name of Susan Profit and other Nevadans go into court, get the judge to agree to let them come in and observe. Then Joe Gloria, head of the Elections Division there in Clark County, puts the gal that's sneezing and wheezing and coughing, right there to supervise them. Doesn't let them see the boxes when they come in the door, only when they're out on the table and then you can see the count. Well, what ballots came out of the box? Which box? How many? Then they go into what room? They go into what storage? They go into what lockbox? What are you talking about? You're getting to see it go back in and argue and the judge Well, whatever. We'll figure it out. Hello, excuse me?

They're fighting hard in Nevada. You know what they're called? MAGA to the 3rd power!! They are fighting for all they're worth!!!

California, Rachel Hamm, member of the Citizens and Candidates Voters Coalition, of which we have dozens of members now. We're picking up new members every day. The largest candidates' coalition in America. Rachel Hamm running for SOS, Secretary of the State of California, she goes to the GOP convention in Anaheim several weeks ago, has observers with her from her coalition. And they observe that G O P polling shenanigans in the vote internally!! This isn't in the polling places in the public stuff. They're cheating to get the candidates that are the RINOs through the primaries, so you got a choice: the communist or the RINO. Which do you want? "Oh, I'm gonna vote red."

We caught 'em red-handed, put in preservation orders, asked for all the records, documents, communications, phone communication, cell, emails, everything, lawfully according to federal law. "Oh, we'll have a chance tomorrow. It'll take an extra day. Gotta make a formal request; actually put it in writing." Delay, delay, delay.

And then last weekend, after several weeks of delay, "Look, the data is corrupted. We know that nobody that won or lost was hurt by the way the count went. We know that. But the data is corrupted. We can't give it to you. Don't believe your lying eyes." We caught them in bed with each other. Oh, stop it. You think? You kidding me? There's people getting ready right now to sue the GOP in California to get control of the GOP in California. You know what those people are called? Do you know what Rachel Hamm's called? She's a mother; adopted damaged children, raised 'em. She is MAGA cubed to the 3rd power American patriot! Not just a MAGA, MAGA to the 3rd power!!

Right now, the crisis for America, right now, in any federal election, the data, the records, all the information is held by federal election law for 22 months. 22 months from 11 3 2020 is September 3rd. Every device, every action of our opponents to get to truth and justice for 2020 ends September 3rd, all of that information gets wiped out. They got moving vans and trucks and incinerators ready to go at the stroke of midnight. You think I'm kidding? The instant they can legally destroy the evidence, they're going to do it. Done, gone.

You know, in the NFL we had a little problem. For 100 years in football, 100 years, the ref, his was the last say in the game. They made the call. That was it. But with cameras, and video and then wires over the field with multiple cameras, every angle, 22 different cameras one for every player. People would look up on the big screen, they'd see a play. The coach, the ref saw it called in a certain way. But they're not perfect. They can't be everywhere. And all of a sudden, you could see on the big board that the ref maybe didn't see clearly. Oh, it's over the line, just that much. Couple of big games in a Super Bowl were in the balance. People didn't think it went right.

People questioned if maybe even the refs are on the take. Refs didn't like that because they were trying to be fair. The owners, the coaches, the refs got together and they came up with the plan called the red flag. The coach on either side in an NFL game gets to throw red flags. And if there's a game of play, something goes wonky and the refs on the field, maybe didn't call it the way that it looks like the guys up in the booth on either team are looking at the play going back and forth over it. Now if the play went for your team, you went into a two-minute drill racing to get back to the ball to hike it as quick as you could before the coach could decide to throw the flag and stop the game. And then the game wasn't reviewed by the refs on that field. The game was reviewed in New York by other refs. The teams began to practice how to race to the line as quick as possible when they got a good call and hike the ball as quick as possible. And why is that? The one thing about a red flag at the instant the moment that the coach throws the flag, it cannot be an instant, a moment, a nanosecond, after the ball is begun to be hiked.

September 3rd, the ball gets hiked on the next election, all bets are off. 2020 is over. And if you think in the rest of your life, you will ever get another clearer, better, more obvious, easy-to-prove stolen election (if you have honest judges, legislators, citizens.) Dream on. You'll never get a better chance. There is no 2022 or 2024. They hiked the ball, they changed the rules.

Do you know that right now, in Colorado, just talking with Tina Peters the other night the county clerk in Colorado, the Senate in Colorado passed bill 22153, which gives the Secretary of the State the right to overpower and take over the office of a county elections clerk like Tina. If she doesn't go along with the Secretary of State's rules on how the election is. Most people here do not understand civics 101 elections. Every single election is run at the county level across America.

What they're trying to do by putting people in Tina's office to run her elections in that county is they're violating the civil rights of every single citizen in Mesa County, Colorado, and Eberle Colorado where they did the same thing there, because the guys copied, took a picture of what was in the election machine. And the state doesn't want that. That's what this whole case is about, by the way.

Tina, she's a Gold Star mom. Her son was killed in service of our country. They cuffed her, drug her off, arrested her, accused her of all sorts of horrors. While she was in jail, recently, her husband passed away. There have been so many horrible things done to Tina. The story will be told someday. She's an American patriot. In fact, she is MAGA CUBED! Not just anybody. An American citizen led up to the moon to the 3rd power. She's not just a Make America Great Again patriot. She's Cubed, working outside of herself by divine appointment to get to justice in America today.

Another great friend of mine, Lara Logan, you might remember as the 60 minutes reporter raped in Egypt. Her husband is an intelligence officer working with Flynn who will be here in a little bit. Lara Logan has reported tirelessly the Afghan situation, helping people get out of the situation there when our people were abandoned and people that helped us in Afghanistan were abandoned. She was reporting all over the world on all these crimes; and now right back here in America, reporting on the digital frauds against American citizens in the vote, and doing a special that Mike Lindell's paying for, to come out July 16th.

Lara Logan and Tina Peters. MAGA to the 3rd power!!! Putting it on the line; career, everything!! She doesn't work in the mainstream media anymore, they won't talk to her! She doesn't care cuz she's MAGA! But not just any MAGA, not a fairweather patriot. The real deal.

Mike Lindell: "Oh, he's just in it to sell pillows." You know, he put it on the line. He's got lawsuits going everywhere. Going against Dominion, putting it all on the line. Another businessman. If he loses, do you think he's going to have a pillow company by the time they get done, if we lose? Give me a break! MAGA to the 3rd power!!!

President Trump, this is a little-known secret except for people that I've talked to before. Every president has coded ways that they communicate not just for their legacy. Later on, they realize people see that they had a secret way of putting messages in their presidency. Somewhere down the road, you could see it, you could understand it. And in the meantime, real-time, leaders around the world could put the pieces together. Sometimes you're communicating with people undercover; have your own certain little messages.

Guys like Zuckerberg working for the other side. One of the things about those guys, undercover officers doing deep-cover intelligence work, we send them to a place called the Farm. We have several of them but the most well-known is in Virginia. And when they're done being trained to work deep-cover around the world as intelligence gathering officers, or in subversion, things against other governments, are right here. Like the guys that were being recruited to go on January 6, American citizens to go to DC to get intel on all the Trump people showing up to catch them in anything they could, so they can be arrested to show that there was a coup attempt by President Trump.

This star chamber committee, January 6th committee, those people working in that way, you know, we call them because they were trained on the Farm much of the time, we call them Corn. What's the biggest product America turns out? Corn. So, they're Corn.

When I use the term, "Election 2020 will equal MAGA to the 3rd power," that's people like you showing up and being counted, covering your zone on the field of play here in America. People like these folks I just mentioned, working outside themselves to talk to their friends, their relatives, their neighbors, their co-workers, to keep them apprised of what's going on in America. "MAGA to the 3rd power over Corn." People like Zuckerberg and similar. Okay?

Your election was stolen from you and 2000 Mules gave you the evidence. There's more coming in. It'll show a trail going back to a certain state not too far away. And then to China and Venezuela, and France, and other places where they were all conspiring and working together to steal your life energy right out of you, suck it out of you like a vampire. You pay taxes. That's your life energy. It's represented in money. That's hours, days, weeks, years of your life stolen from you for a purpose that is not to benefit you, or your country. Sucked right out of you like a vampire. Minutes you could spend with your own children. Minutes you could spend with your own enjoyment.

I like cars. I like my boat. Can't do that. We're paying taxes. We're being sucked dry. Gas taxes, tire taxes, grocery taxes, a thousand other taxes. That's your life energy being bled off for somebody else's purposes that if you knew precisely what was being done, would never, ever agree to it.

So back to President Trump. What was his secret coded way of communicating with the American people? Other guys use numbers, times on the clock. Clinton like to deal with the times that he actually did his various addresses. President Trump used what's called the language of semaphore. Being a boat guy, I'm kind of familiar with that. And it's the language of flags. Every flag has a color that might have markings on it, that can be clear seen at a distance. It started before we had telecommunications, so that ships at sea, the commander of the fleet, and the rest of the fleet could communicate back and forth with flags like a language and the sequence of flags, a complex message.

If you're going to communicate that way, where would you put the flagstaff? Is it on the roof of the White House? Is it a military base? Is it some obscure location? Or do you got to put it somewhere where everybody's eyes are drawn to all the time whenever it's possible? Every moment you know who the flagstaff for America and the secret communications from President Trump was? Melania Trump.

The first day that President Trump came down and swore the oath of office, Melania wore a beautiful blue dress. And on their website, it was identified as being a Tiffany blue dress. Tiffany blue is the color, it's a specific color that we use for Air Force One when Jackie Kennedy supervised the redesign of the artwork on Air Force One. And the blue was Tiffany blue. The message to America: That which was taken away from you, we're coming back to restore it.

When President Trump and Melania, this beautiful, beautiful flagstaff, walked to the White House to go in there and take possession, they had a beautiful blue Tiffany box that they presented to President Obama and Michael. It was a statement. Most people didn't catch it, but some did. And over time when she came out in the various dresses and when you strung them together along that stream of complex messages were communicated that most people didn't know but certain other people that run big Navies and have a history with Navies got it exactly.

Now, if the first dress, the first flag flown to America in this secret coded message operation was important, don't you think the last one would be pretty important also? President Trump did not concede the election to Joe Biden, He didn't stick around for the inauguration of a cheater. He got on Air Force One. And we all saw the President and Melania. Melania wore a black dress leaving the White House going there to the helicopter and then to Air Force One. Black, when you're running flags along the flagpole, means "End of Message." "End of Message" and a message to America.

But do you remember, and I think this audience does, President Trump left well before the inauguration ceremony. (Juan doing something on-stage, interrupted his speech, said, "I broke my belt buckle on that one. (laughs) We're not letting our country be embarrassed like that. There's an evil wind blowing across the country, isn't there? it thinks it's gonna beat us! Ain't happening! Not on our watch!") Speech continued: The black dress sent the message, they left the White House got on Marine One, got on the Air Force One.

Was President Trump still President as he got off the plane right here in Florida, just across the way at Mar-a-Lago West Palm Beach? Of course he was!! As the ship of state, America the beautiful was preparing to sail into the dark of night into the storm to beat all storms. Some of you remember the lightning storm last night? What a heck of a storm that was. America sailing into the dark of night into the storm. Waves picking up, dark clouds on the horizon. Everybody knew something bad was coming. And now we're feeling it.

Everybody here feels inflation, gas prices, bizarre legal opinions. Can't get a judge to give you a decent answer on the election fraud. It's election fraud. It's election fraud. You got a Congress star chamber, it's not even a legal congressional committee, deciding whether or not a coup took place. President Trump stepped down? What are you talking about? Trying to amp up Americans against each other and start a civil war. Americans fighting Americans but as the ship of state, USS America the Republic sailed into the dark of night...

The message of my first book with President Trump on the back cover, the message that I had put on every single page with an orange cube, was the message that was chosen for the last message to America. Do you see the cubes on that dress? (Juan shows the last dress Melania wore when they landed in Florida.)

The orange cubes are identical in color even to the orange cubes on every page in my book. This edition, the second edition, came out a month after President Trump left office. That picture was taken on January 20, 2021. There are hundreds and hundreds of cubes on that dress. And by the way, dark to light, those blues squares or cubes. Also, the orange squares are on their side over and over and over, covered in cubes.

What's the message to America? Election 2020, not 2022, not 2024. If you don't solve this right now, on 2020, you will never get another chance to take your country back, short of extreme measures. They want us fighting each other. We're not going to oblige. We're gonna go and we're going to solve the riddle of election 2020, and who was behind the fraud to steal the leadership of our country away from us and put people up there that would do the bidding of foreign masters, globalists; to steal your life, your earnings, your future, from your children and grandchildren, great grandchildren - to steal it all from you.

It's still all about election 2020. He sent you the message. He told you what to do. But you got to be MAGA to the 3rd Power!!! You got to get outside yourself, do more than you ever thought you could or should or would. MAGA to the 3rd Power!!! Slaves no more!!! Thank you.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen

I learned about this "2nd Declaration of Independence, By the 50 united states of America" from David Straight in a recorded seminar he gave in Yuba City, California in 2021. I listened to David read a transcript of it to his attendees then found it online to copy and paste into this article. (It is not a perfect transcript, you'll find out why in David Straight's explanation, just below.)

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