Nov 8 - third red wave stolen in a row


We watched another "red wave" fizzle last night didn't we? But wait! Read on to see what's really going on!

They're all caught and more people than ever are watching

2016 Presidential Election of Donald J. Trump was the First Red Wave

First of all, it helps to recognize that the first "red wave" of all (we prefer "ruby") was the one that elected President Trump in 2016. How did the standard fraud-fizzle action on that one not work to prevent that?

Easy: the vote-stealers didn't expect the size and velocity of the wave.

Donald J. Trump wasn't supposed to win the Republican nomination to begin with. The Grand Ole Party thought they had him beat so it wasn't even going to be Trump vs Hildabeast.

Trump trounced the RINOs which triggered Russia-Russia-Russia as their absurd campaign to marginalize Trump and that was instrumental in driving many non-Republicans into the party, not to vote for McConnell and other RINOs, but to vote for MAGA - America First - a movement that is the supercharged version of the Tea Party with no real party affiliation, but with a solid champion heading it up: Donald J. Trump.

Come election day in 2016, the freaks' systematic election fraud machine that has been securing dem and rino seats for vile criminals for decades, had not been dialed in enough for the massive Trump-love that flooded in on game day, pushing Trump to 306 electoral votes while Hildabeast and Billy-boy were popping champagne corks.

The crime freaks misread the Trump-love because they continued to think that people actually listen to them.

The first Red Wave fizzle was the 2018 midterms but they've all been caught

The freaks ramped up their election crime in 2018 and jacked it up even more in 2020. Yesterday's crimes were no different, though on a different scale.

They've been caught doing all of that. The military has it all. But, it's not about throwing all the bums into jail or executing them for treason, just yet. That would not be advisable until the war is won for the hearts and minds of so many people, so deceived for so long, requiring great patience and strength to give it the time necessary to wakey-wakey the sleepy-peeps.

We don't want the cure to be more deadly than the disease, do we? The freaks would love nothing more than a civil war that they can manage, to then rule over the smoldering ruins with half the population to worry about.

Yes, it takes all that we've got inside in longsuffering and persistent vision to be in the proper posture through all of the processing God is doing in His great threshing of the nation's people.

The Florida Ruby Wave that represents the WHOLE nation

Think about Florida. Why the deep ruby wave there?

So many people moved to Florida from crime states (people call them "blue states") who were sick of the crime and failing economies and schools.

Could it also have to do with the fact that Governor DeSantis had purposed himself to cleaning up the election apparatus in Florida?

You can't tell me that the true ruby wave in Florida isn't also true of the whole nation.

But governors of large states are not known for wanting to clean up their election apparatus, are they?

Time to expose the RINOs

It's plain to MAGA that, not only are the dimm-dumms opposed, but more dangerously, the never-trumper neocon RINOs.

This thick-headed scum is being outed through this whole process because, in reality, they are the ones most responsible for the fizzle on the ruby.

Something tells me that their corruption runs really, really deep.

Trump calls out Fake MAGA by using the tag, "Ron DeSanctimonious" right before midterms

Trump knew RINOs and Fake MAGA would blame him for seats not won, instead of the obvious election fraud. This shows us that we are not in a battle of R vs D. We are in a battle of Real vs Unreal.

The devil disguises himself anyway you want him to, if you insist on being the fake virtue-signaling human being that the devil wants you to be.

Decode of that Truth

The capital letters in the Truth add up to 107 = "Military" (not to mention "17")

The numbers in the post add up to 1, which suggest that, with this Nov 8 election result, we are initiating a new cycle of justice for what will be resolved by military justice the way 17 has explained.

Not rocket science, but a true confirmation by the Boss that we are on track.

The RINOs must be exposed. They are corruptly responsible for Senator Frankenstein from Pennsylvania - and so much more.

Army veteran Derek Johnson speaks of Law and Order from the Military Code of Law and how we are working that Law and Order out through President Trump's leadership as Commander in Chief.

He also touches on many intriguing topics like, "The National Quantum Initiative."

DJ whips butts in this monologue, especially those who speak out of turn. It's righteous and I salute him.


PROJECT VERITAS Captures Illegal Poll Activity Nov 8 2022

The left has no respect for the Rule of Law

In continual defiance of local, state, and federal laws mandating specific poll activity restrictions on Election Day, the Democrat Party encourages their 'woke' minions to break the regulations, prompting them to advocate directly for the Democrat Party over the Republican party.

Project Veritas proves it

With video rolling to capture the illegal actions, James O'Keef takes Project Veritas to the source and catches the unlawful shenanigans at polling places on November 8, 2022. 

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