MTG to RINOs: 3 strikes and you're out!


You can't always tell people, they have to see it for themselves. RINOs "consulting" the babe in the woods, Hershel Walker, told him better to distance yourself from Trump. Not such a good idea was it. Well, that's the point. The deepstate has no R or D party, that Hegelian Dialectic is for dividing us and confusing us, as they take over the country without a shot fired.

MTG and RRM say, ENOUGH!!

Last night was Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham's third loss and third strike in Georgia.
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Published Dec 7 2022
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Marjorie Taylor Greene 0:00
Well, let me lay this out real clear for everyone to understand and this is especially for the campaign consultants with the 30,000 foot view where they look down on Georgia and arrogantly think they know how to win races in our state. This is for Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham and the rest of the Republican senators: You guys are the reasons why we are losing Republican races all over the country. And this is your third loss in my home state. So let me inform you on behalf of Georgia. This is your third strike and you're out. You don't belong in our state running key races anymore. No, thank you. We don't want your help. Let me let you know something, Steve, I was never asked very often by the Herschel Walker campaign to come speak at any of his campaign events. They only asked me to come to maybe two, I think; two or three in my own districts, when he was campaigning all over the state running for Senate. But they only asked me a couple of times in my own district, which I find extremely insulting.

You know, I was born in middle Georgia in Baldwin County. I went to school inside the perimeter of Atlanta in DeKalb County, and I lived in North Atlanta suburbs for well over 25 years. I have a very good understanding of Georgia, my home state. I've got family all over south Georgia, middle Georgia. And I absolutely love the district. I represent northwest Georgia, Georgia's 14th district. But the audacity and really the frank rudeness of the campaign consultants and Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham, where they thought, you know, we're gonna keep Marjorie Taylor Greene away from Herschel Walker. And we don't need her voice at his campaign rallies and events, where we're campaigning, all of this all over the state, I think is a really major mistake and an insult to me and an insult to people who support me and Republicans all over Georgia, because I don't have a popularity problem in my home state. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham do. And these consultants, they've lost plenty of times. And they really, no one should hire them again. And the millions of dollars that they've made off of these campaigns, they should give it back to Republican donors for wasting their money. And that's exactly how I feel about it. That Senate seat was extremely important, important to not only Georgia, but important to the entire country.

And here's another thing, they told President Trump to stay out of Georgia. That was another major mistake. And then the same fools are out there running around trying to blame President Trump today. Well, they should have invited him to Georgia to campaign with Herschel Walker. They should have invited me to campaign with Herschel Walker, more because I'm the only Republican woman elected from the state of Georgia on a federal level. And I would have helped out. But I do want to let you know, I helped out anyways, and the 14th district had the highest turnout for this runoff race yesterday. So I'm very proud of my district. I'm very proud of our voters that turned out, and I'm proud that I still sponsored ads, I still promoted Herschel Walker and campaigned for him while they rejected my help pretty much everywhere else. They brought down horrible Republican senators like Joni Ernst, who came down to Georgia and basically went on her little apology tour promoting her horrible votes in the Senate.

And then, you know, this is how they look down on Georgia, though. They don't understand our state at all. It was only in the last few weeks of Herschel Walker's campaign where they actually wanted Governor Brian Kemp's ground team; actually wanted their help and asked for their help. You know, Brian Kemp won with a landslide because he's popular in our state. He's done a good job, but they didn't really want them involved until the last few weeks. I mean, even even Governor DeSantis I think they finally got a tweet out of him the night before the election. So this is the message that people in Washington need to understand. This is the message for the know-it-all Republican consultants. You don't know how to run races in Georgia. All you know how to do is lose. And we're very angry today. We're extremely angry today. Georgia is not a blue state. We're not a purple state. We're a red state. We just need the right candidates. We need the right campaigns, and we need the right support. And it needs to be Georgia all the way, homegrown. That's exactly how it needs to be. So Mitch McConnell and the senators up here in Washington, they're the problem in the Republican Party. And the way they legislate, the way they vote, and the messaging that they give, it does not inspire voters to vote. It doesn't even turn Independents. And that's the problem that we have up here in the Senate.

Steve Bannon 4:46
I want to go back to something you said, because all they're saying, you know, they got guys quoting, this the end of Trump, that this is Trump's downfall. They're all blaming Trump, but they blocked President Trump from coming into Georgia at all, which he's enormously popular. Even in the stolen election of 2020, it was only a few 1000 votes, right? I mean, this guy is enormously popular in Georgia. They keep him out, yet they blame him today. Your thoughts on that?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 5:16
Exactly right. President Trump got the most amount of votes of any Republican president in United States history. So, those guys are a joke, and they're liars. If they want to blame President Trump for this, they are blind and they're fools. They're just never-Trumpers. They always were, they always have been, and they always will be. And so their voices don't matter because they're wrong. This is not President Trump's fault at all. This is Mitch McConnell's fault. This is Lindsey Graham's fault. This is the way that campaign was run. You know, things happen. They did things that they shouldn't have done. I'm not blaming Herschel Walker, I'm blaming the campaign team. You know, they were invited by Bikers for Trump to do this big ride in north Georgia that was going to be a toy drive for kids cancer. And they didn't have Herschel Walker out there. And Chris Cox called them, invited him and wanted him there and begged him to come. But he didn't show up. You know, if you want to have a good turnout, you work with the grassroots. And Bikers for Trump is one of the best organizations that helps you turn out voters. You should never turn your back on Bikers for Trump, but that's what they did.

And then they wanted a restaurant in my district, it's a wonderful, family-owned restaurant, and they were going to bring Fox and Friends there. And the restaurant owner put it out on her Facebook page and was so excited, told everybody, they were drumming up as many people to come. Then they called the night before and they said, Oh, no, no, no, we're gonna move Fox and Friends to the Marietta Diner. I mean, how rude. You don't do that to people. If you want to have people turn out to vote, set your plans correctly in the first place, and then stick with them so that you don't insult people and upset people.

Steve Bannon 6:57
Let me ask you, is Lindsey Graham walking Herschel Walker around the state of Georgia? Is that a good idea for grassroots and for the MAGA team in Georgia, ma'am?

Marjorie Taylor Greene 7:09
Absolutely not. Herschel Walker had a woman voter problem. He had a woman voter problem. Do you think Lindsey Graham makes women want to turn out and vote? I don't think so. Lindsey Graham can't relate to grandmothers, mothers, daughters in our state. He knows nothing about our state. He doesn't make anyone want to turn out. He didn't make south Georgia turnout. You can look at the the graphic I sent you, and you can see the pathetic results that we had all around Atlanta and then also in middle Georgia. It was terrible. Lindsey Graham doesn't inspire people to go vote. Half the time Republican voters are angry at Lindsey Graham because you never know which one you're going to get. Lindsey Graham 1.0 or Lindsey Graham 2.0, Lindsey Graham that's supposedly pro-life, or Lindsey Graham, that's like, Oh, yeah, let's have abortion up to 15 weeks.

It's like, why do we have Lindsey Graham handholding Herschel Walker, carrying him all around the state, while you're totally rejecting President Trump, totally rejecting me and not asking me to go anywhere, not using Governor Kemp's ground team until the last few weeks, and ignoring the most popular Republicans for conservative Republican voters across the country? That's how that campaign was run. But we had a massive turnout. But look, you're showing video clips right here. Do you know what that is right there? That's an awesome Stacey Abrams voter turnout. That's exactly what that is, because she developed that system in Georgia and Republicans have never been able to duplicate it.


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