Matt Gaetz slams the decrepit dimm-dumms in Congress and the FBI


Dimm-dumms are too stupid to keep morons like Hank Johnson from opening up their fly traps on camera and serving up one home run opportunity after another to patriots like Matt Gaetz. I can see that in the 2022-23 season, Team MAGA will just keep circling the bases with regularity like modern-day Babe Ruths, with all those dead balls served up by the weak-armed left-handers from Team Dufus.

Is there a congress-critter that is taken less seriously than Hank Johnson?

Do you remember when this Georgia sad-sack actually sat in a committee hearing and verbalized his worries about the island of Guam TIPPING OVER because of too many US Marines stationed there?

We hilariously report that it appears that no lights have been turned on yet in Mr. Johnson.

And, of course, Matt Gaetz had no choice but to rip him and his colleagues in Congress - AND the FBI - a new one. Nay, it was duty calling!

Matt Gaetz: On behalf of my Republican colleagues, let me promise you.....
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Sept 16 2022
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I heard Mr. Johnson say that school board meetings were places where MAGA Republicans come to congregate. And you know, it might be what you call them, but we actually just call them "parents" when they show up to congregate at school board meetings. 

And it's quite possible that what's happened at those school board meetings has created a new generation of MAGA Republicans of which I certainly associate, but it doesn't demonstrate any harm to our country.

I also heard Mr. Johnson say that when Republicans invariably take over this committee after the midterms, that we will engage in harassing oversight of President Biden and his administration. On behalf of all my Republican colleagues, let me promise you, we will not do anything worse to President Biden than what all of you did to President Trump. So that's our promise. You have moved the Overton Window, and we indeed intend to get answers.

I guess I'll be voting for this Resolution of Inquiry because I'm wondering if, in my time in federal politics, there will be an election that the FBI isn't trying to influence. I mean, in the 2016 election, to hold the position that the FBI wasn't trying to influence the election, you would have to believe that an FBI lawyer changing evidence before a secret court to secure a warrant to engage in surveillance that never would have been justified otherwise, to get close to the President and President Trump's campaign was not interference. But, of course, it was!

And then we have the 2018 election, where the FBI again creates all of this threat construction and fuels the Russia hoax and the Mueller investigation. And then we saw how fake all of that turned out to be when Robert Mueller's testimony before our committee looked more like a Silver Alert than a commission of a crime.

And then you get to the 2020 election, where Mark Zuckerberg has recently said, the operator of the most powerful digital platform in American politics, the FBI literally came to him and said that he had to suppress information that one in six voters who voted for Joe Biden said they would have changed who they would have voted for.

So, they interfered in 2016 with Trump. They interfered in 2018 with Mueller and the Russia hoax. They interfered in 2020 by suppressing the information. And now, in 2022, yet again, the FBI shows up to create this cloud of criminality over a records dispute? 

Over the great crimes of un-foldering and intermixing? It is ludicrous. And I just hope that if we authorize these resolutions of inquiry, I will get to see an election that the FBI isn't trying to influence or control in some way.

The American people deserve an FBI-free election; and it's no waste of time to ask these questions.


The 8-8 Raid

Dozens of FBI goons crowded into Mar-a-Lago on Monday seemingly oblivious of how President Trump had completely set them up with what reports said is an empty safe. (We wonder: was it really?)

Calling this a meme-rich environment doesn't do justice to the absurdity of this jack-booted overreach. We know there is panic in DC, the normies are all a-twitter - and there so much false bravado in the commies. As a consequence of this hullabaloo, MAGA keeps exploding!




#NCSWIC - "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming"


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