Kari Lake's Governorship held back by tortured judges


Anyone paying attention knows that Arizona politics are deeply corrupted by a uniparty mafia tied closely to the ruthless Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, a truly satanic bunch. All are deeply connected to the globalists by proxy with the even more ruthless chicoms (Chinese Communists) and other globalist entities, corporations, NGOs, etc..

Hence, it is true that AZ is a microcosm of the larger American political landscape of corruption and the even-larger global political hellscape.

It's been obvious all along that all of Arizona's judges might become dead men walking if they chose to rule correctly in any of Kari Lake's election fraud cases. (Their grandkids at least would be on the hook, wouldn't they?)

Perhaps it takes a little longer for some to see what is obvious to those who are attentive, which is why this process must drag on through such a persistent judicial effort on Kari's part.

Justice grinds slow in a world of iniquity. Military justice, though, is swift!

Kari Lake shares her reaction to the signature verification ruling in Arizona

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 23, 2023
Length 2:03

Kari Lake War Room Retweeted

Rachel Alexander@Rach_ICHere's what the judge said in his ruling throwing out Kari Lake's remand election contest, and why it is one of the most tortured, cherry-picking interpretations of law I have ever read, a travesty of justice. The AZ Supreme Court will not let all of it stand. https://arizonasuntimes.com/news/judge-in-kari-lakes-second-election-contest-trial-again-dismisses-her-case/ralexander/2023/05/23/1:05 PM · May 23, 2023 · 74.3K Views

LIVE: Kari Lake Press Conference, BIG Announcement!

KariLake on Rumble
Published May 23 2023
Length 53:16

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