Juan O Savin: the gut-punch will be President Trump's arrest


Following the thread of this kabuki near-death-experience theater that passes for life in 2022, it makes sense that the next shoe to drop in a process designed to wake up a brainwashed public by exposing the depth of corruption behind America's fake, shadow deepstate government, would be to arrest the guy who has done the most in his life to expose those yahoos. Because President Trump is so squeaky clean, they'll have to, not just overreach to do it, they will have to jump a giant Megalodon to do it, which will trigger an 80% plus consent of the people to take them out with our military. We're just saying, it's a thought.

Juan O Savin weaves the whole picture behind Trump's FBI raid. Gitmo televised coming!
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Published Aug 9 2022
Length 1:15:35 (see transcript bullet notes below)

Transcript bullets

Many of my audience concerned about the Mar-a-Lago raid.


  • I've been warning for a year and a half and more such things would happen.
  • This event is just the eyewall of the storm, we're just getting started, game's on.
  • Has friend who was on site watching the event take place, couldn't see much.
  • 5-600 people came out to support President Trump.
  • FBI made a show of it, breaking into President Trump's safe, etc.
  • Gave another example of these keystone cops raiding a friend's ranch like he was a terrorist.
  • It was designed to provoke a confrontation, giving them an excuse to escalate.
  • They failed on Jan 6 to stampede the people, to get something big to happen, to provoke patriots into violent behavior, didn't work.

Geraldo Rivera, who posed in a selfie with "almost no clothes on" like Anthony Wiener, it turns out, owns an island in the vicinity of Epstein's.


  • I've spoken over a long time about the secret handshake crowd.
  • Epstein Island part of a much larger honeypot/extortion operation.
  • CIA gave Hugh Hefner the money to start Playboy.
  • Trained young girls like Marilyn Monroe to be part of these honeypot operations.
  • Laurel Canyon facility for training sex pots.
  • Obama's "mom" at East-West Center in Hawaii, they find out who can be bribed.
  • Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's "mom") was doing layouts for a soft porn magazine at the age of 16, for Frank Marshall Davis, an FBI asset and a communist, pornographer.
  • Dunham's dad was the FBI handler of Davis, he worked for OSS in WWII, Office of Strategic Services, worked for Boeing in KC, got turned in for being Nazi spy, but nothing happened to him, he was working for the FBI.
  • Obama's "grandmother" "Toots" was a banker, her main client was the Marcos's from the Philippines, when they went into exile in Hawaii. A CIA banking operation.
  • This is a grifter family.
  • Stanley not Obama's real mother. Witnesses saw her not pregnant less than 2 months before the baby was born.
  • She picked up the baby in Vancouver BC, baby's mother was Indonesian, father was white, fairly prominent, from one of the 13 Illuminati bloodline families.
  • These clubs are hiding in plain sight.
  • Stanley's father, Frank Marshall Davis' handler, offered up his daughter at 16 years for the porn, think about it!
  • Most people can't understand or comprehend this kind of behavior from this "club."
  • Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope, a long boring tome, but it's a history of the secret families and organizations that run and own the world.
  • Bill Clinton credited Quigley for explaining the way the world works so he could move into the presidency.
  • Quigley said he wanted to record for posterity how the world really works so they could be remembered for their greatness.
  • He spoke about how important it was to keep track of the bloodlines, even bastard children.
  • Bill Clinton's real dad, Winthrop Rockefeller, governor of Arkansas, mom was a maid at the mansion. Hot Springs was Rockefeller center of operations. Mob families could come here and be protected and sheltered there.
  • How does all that tie into the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago?
  • Recall July 10, 2018 a press conference in Maryland, witness, vetted, had testified before Congress, but they weren't taking action, kinda like Hunter's laptop, Hillary deleting 33,000 emails, said he listened to other contractors who bragged about killing Seth Rich and how he had begged for his life before they killed him.
  • This was someone telling you how information was controlled from getting to the American public from inside the Department of Justice.
  • He along with other contractors were working for Rod Rosenstein. Their job was honeypots, blackmail, extortion, bribes, murder, in order to control the Federal judiciary to make them do what they wanted them to do.
  • Juan recalls working the Whitewater case in Arkansas. Bill Clinton got with Paula Jones at the Excelsior Hotel to get a blowjob, she thought she was going to get a job for the Governor.
  • Excelsior Hotel would always comp rooms for politicians, hidden cameras, personnel working for the mob families, Rockefellers.
  • Juan's seen the tapes, including young boys taken from Child Protective Services. They used these tapes to set people up to control them.
  • These people are twisted, drive Juan crazy, they're so corrupt.
  • Bill Clinton knew how to project charisma to get people to like him. You think he's great but behind the scenes, he's a complete psychopath, controlled by puppeteers, who are playing for all the marbles.
  • The power behind the throne is always the high priests doing the real magic and the high level security around them, the "palace guard" that looks the other way. You're always reminded at how fragile you are in their birdcage of power.
  • The magistrate judge that signed the FBI warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago was an Epstein guy, helped him get around the rape charges. Who had the power to reward him for that, behind the scenes?
  • They have certain jurisdictions they control fully, like DC.
  • The FBI did judge shopping to get just the right guy, a frequent guest of Epstein Island.
  • Juan quoted Putin as saying the Western world is run by pedophiles and sex maniacs, this cult.
  • Washington Monument is a big dildo, a symbol of their sex cult, also an instrument of their Sun worship.
  • They look and act normal, but aren't, they are maniacs and sex fiends.
  • Juan quoted Trump talking about the "maniacs" that brought the Towers down in NYC, hinting that he knows who really did that.
  • Trump loves to use double-entendres, only the attentive can hear the clues.
  • Think about the Bush's compound in Kennebunkport, "Maine" (maine-iacs); remember that painting of Shrub with the planes and the lego towers.

Referred to one of the Bushes that ran security at WTC and pulled the bomb sniffing dogs at the right time.
Also talked about the kind of explosives that would be used to do the damage.


  • Oklahoma City bombing, General Parton did a very extensive examination, said no way that was done with a fertilizer bomb.
  • Evidence, including seismic, showed that certain types of explosives were used to bomb out the Murrah building.
  • Question: who has the power to cover up the truth of that?
  • What was in that building? All the records on the gun-running, drug-running and money laundering coming through Arkansas, all CIA operations under the control of George HW Bush. Bill Barr was known as "Big Dan" and worked in that operation.
  • You're watching something so much bigger than most people can even begin to understand!
  • This judge that signed the Mar-a-Lago warrant is part of this club, connected to the right people.
  • People that have been in these agencies will know a lot but want to get to their retirement, so they don't blow the whistle.
  • We are going to know who the good guys are and who the bad guys are - and who knew but did nothing. People need to make that choice, they're running out of time.
  • People tend to be linear in their thinking but what's about to happen is going to be very non-linear, can't be compared to anything in recent history. There will be a snap soon and we'll be in a different world.
  • There is no justice in the DOJ. FBI not looking for real terrorists, they're calling us terrorists as we begin to expose the SES (Senior Executive Service) ... using the Patriot Act as a way to get away with the assault on the people.

We're seeing things accelerate, happening fast.
I would like to see a Governor and/or Sheriffs tell Feds they have no jurisdiction.


  • What Florida people around Trump need to do is lean on the Sheriff to make sure the FBI consults with them before they act.
  • Sheriff is highest law enforcement official of the county, CSPOA is educating sheriffs about that. This event can prompt this kind of accountability.
  • FBI came into being during Prohibition, mafia going out of control, but we now need to re-look at how Federal law enforcement is being done, they're now captured by internationalist cabal to take down the USA.
  • Recalling the George Floyd incident, the local coroner had determined drug overdose caused Floyd's death but the DC coroner overwrote saying it was asphyxiation. They wanted a particular outcome and outcry.
  • Vincent Foster, they covered up what happened to determine the fake cause of death.
  • Who controls, even the coroners, in these vast operations? Extensive networks, they're trying to take over the whole planet.
  • All of DC is constructed around an occult religion. You know Skull and Bones but what about Scroll and Key, Orangemen that Biden is a part of?
  • Walmart destroyed moms and pops across America, favoring China.
  • It was GHW Bush that started the process of transferring business to China. Then became Director of CIA, then helped to set up the SES, the Shadow Government.
  • This is so much bigger than anyone realized, we are so close to losing our country to all their frauds, the stolen elections ... Tim Canova ran against Wasserman-Schultz, they stole it from Tim, who then spent years to contest it, proving they destroyed the ballots well before the 22-month required holding period. He won the case but the Judge simply awarded him attorney's fees and nothing more. The woman that cheated was never prosecuted. Broward County election fraud.
  • It happens like this throughout America.
  • Wasserman-Schultz was the one who cheated Bernie and pissed off Seth Rich who got his computer-savvy brother to gather and transfer data to Wikileaks, that exposed Clintons and Podestas and DNC for their criminality and their sex fiendishness.
  • All of intel agencies knew that Russians had nothing to do with that but the DNC bandied that about.
  • Then Seth Rich murdered.
  • Back to Trump and Mar-a-Lago, all his papers were Declassified by him and he maintained them to release them to the American people, the things you need to know about the "maniacs" ... it's coming out, get the popcorn out.

Talking about Kid By The Side Of The Road books, also Jennifer Mac's store and the merch there.


  • Lots of cool merch, mugs, hats
  • Talked about the cube theme in his books, which he saw in a dream he had. Important because the formula is "Election 2020 = MAGA to 3rd Power over Corn". Corn is like Mark Zuckerberg who was given Facebook which was a DARPA project called Lifelog.
  • Behind the scenes, master illusionists can give a social media operation to someone.
  • What was it about him that he warranted a half-billion dollar company which would become worth HUNDREDS of BILLIONS? He's a Rothschild.
  • What does 2000 Mules show you? Zuckerberg's strings are being pulled, told him to spend $417M on drop boxes, coordinating with Soros people.
  • CIA and DARPA run Zuckerberg. Soros is run by MI-6. They coordinate their actions.
  • OSS was put into place by MI-6. (became CIA)
  • Wild Bill Donovan was the guy who set up OSS, worked for the Rockefellers, bank people all the way back to World War One. He worked for JP Morgan during Treaty of Versailles, setting up German reparations, a banker's operation.
  • All connected to the City of London Financial Center that controls central banking in the world.
  • New World Order. MAGA is a threat. The context for why these things are happening like the raid on Mar-a-Lago.
  • They're hoping that American citizens will overreact, provide some substance that Trump is leading an insurrection, get a civil war to break out.
  • We have to be chaste in our responses. We don't have to show up in DC, that's their control center. If you protest, do it close to home where you know your neighbors.

Bloody Hill was a great video, an eye opener


  • Four people died that day at the hands of DC police.

We've got to stay calm, even if they arrest Trump, which might happen...


  • That's the gut-punch (Trump getting arrested)
  • In combat, you have to move more precisely
  • Tells of a scene in a Vietnam movie where guy gets paralyzed when he became a dumbass and got himself shot. Then one of his buddies got killed trying to save him. He was no hero, he was a dumbass.
  • Nobody in Jaco's audience needs to be a dumbass.
  • We're going to go in, with precision.
  • We're going to get our country back. If we can't justice from the DOJ, GITMO and a dozen other locations are waiting!
  • Enjoy the show!
  • Watch movie: The Called - Makings of a Perfect Day
  • They built a $100 million hospital at GITMO for geriatric patients. Also built a custom-built world-class hurricane-proof harbor, good for prison ships, 10s of thousands can be held there. We'll see them in their diapers.
  • There's a spot in Alaska too!


The 8-8 Raid

Dozens of FBI goons crowded into Mar-A-Lago on Monday seemingly oblivious of how President Trump had completely set them up with what reports said is an empty safe. (We wonder: was it really?)

Calling this a meme-rich environment doesn't do justice to the absurdity of this jack-booted overreach. We know there is panic in DC, the normies are all a-twitter - and there's so much false bravado in the commies. As a consequence of this hullabaloo, MAGA keeps exploding!




#NCSWIC - "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming"


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