Is Chris Wray Working for the Self Destruction of the FBI?


Unless you're one of Martin Geddes' "dangerous morons" you know the Jan 6 Capitol "Insurrection" was a staged false flag event by the desperate globalist leftists of the DC/London/Vatican freakshow to make Trump and his followers look bad and to whip up another fake impeachment. So in the Wednesday Senate hearing when FBI director Chris Wray answered in the negative, Senator Durbin's question about whether or not he had evidence that people faked being Trump supporters, a hundred million Americans all said, "whaaaaaaaaa????"

We can't help but ask: was that performance by Wray for accelerating a Trumpian plan to expose the FBI to the few who are left that don't know yet how crappy the FBI is, and to finally see to its self annihilation? And, we've gotta ask: was the FBI created in the first place to be a fake law enforcement agency for the deepstate? Was it ever any good? I mean, you hear about how the first FBI Director Hoover was a cross-dressing poofda who kept a black book on all the politicians to keep them "in line." Right up there with George H. W. Bush and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the league of virtue.

"The Entity Itself Has Become Poisoned" – Judicial Watch's Chris Farrell in 2018 Called for Shutting Down the FBI – Director Wray's Testimony Yesterday Proves Farrell Was Right

The DOJ and FBI are corrupted – under Biden they will only get worse.

Judicial Watch's Chief Investigator Chris Farrell in 2018 pointed out that the FBI should be closed down and a new investigative branch of the US Marshalls should replace it. His thought was that the FBI was too corrupt and needed to be shut down. Farrell shared: "The entity itself has become poisoned":


The truth about criminal actions of elitists such as CEOs, politicians and Hollywood types has for years been covered up by certain law enforcement agencies and summarily dismissed by a lopsided legal system. To make discovery of the corruption nearly impossible, the socialist media propaganda arm of the 'deep state' is brought into play. Via lack of proper journalistic investigation and false, incomplete or no 'news' coverage, the cover up of corrupt behavior is finalized.

Mainstream 'media' is just as scripted today as it was 50 years ago.

The only thing changed is this: Today there are millions upon millions of people worldwide who are no longer living in media discernment darkness.

Yes my friends, today most of us are aware of the fake mainstream media 'brainwashing' techniques and deceptions used for decades to 'fool the people.'

Today, we are throwing off the cloak of evil deception, thrusting the dagger of truth into the lies of our common enemy while announcing in unison,

Where We Go 1 We Go All !

Welcome to the Great Awakening!


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 2 years ago
    Absolutely disagree that the FBI 'missed' the evidence. THEY KNEW exactly what was going to happen, sat back and purposefully ignored it. They fostered a false flag attack on the Capital Bldng, implicating themselves as an organization catering to treason, not to law and order. The FBI should be totally dismantled so as to keep America safer!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 2 years ago
    Maybe we should refer to the FBI as the Fake Bureau of Investigation??
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