Juan O Savin on the Continuity of Government Safety Net


"The safety that's in place, is the highest echelon of the military involved in Q-clearance operations. Everything to do with nuclear is Q-clearance, a Department of Energy designation. We have safeties in place.

And now we're going to go about retaking control of the helm of the ship of state of America, and reversing the fraudulent elections."

Juan O Savin on May 11, spoke to Keith Blandford on the Continuity of Government (COG) safeties that are in place while America experiences a near death experience to wake up from the brainwashing of generations. One thing is for sure, says Juan about this super smart and caring team of American patriots: they will not allow the freaks to cause civil war in this country.

The Captains of America: Guardians of the Peace and The Plan to Save the World by Juan O Savin

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (Mirror of TeamBlandford on Rumble)
Published May 14 2022 (Published by TeamBlandford May 11 2022)
23:40 viewing length, excerpt from the whole 90-minute interview (transcript below the vid)

Transcript, edited by Franz Glaus for clarity (picking up the interview at 1:08:30 to 1:32:10)

Juan O Savin at 1:08:30 of the 11May2022 interview by Keith Blandford

This is a very important conversation and I can only go so far in it; but let me just say this:

Why Was the Election Fraud Not Stopped Before "Biden's" Inauguration?

By January 19 (2021), the Director of National Intelligence had not provided a report that was complete or timely. What he had for the President with less than 24 hours to go before Biden was sworn in, was not a complete report. (Stonewalling by deepstate minions embedded in all those government agencies.)

Trump signed an executive order September 12, 2018 to catch vote fraud which tasks the Director of National Intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security and the 17 intelligence agencies with monitoring any election fraud. That authority to do the investigation into any foreign interference in a federal election reverts to the military intelligence organizations.

You have to picture in the course of all that (after the Nov. 3, 2020 election, leading up to the Jan. 20, 2021 inauguration) that, yes, Congress certified Biden as the winner of the election, they didn't want to hear the evidence, they didn't want to see anything, they didn't care what happened over in Homeland Security. They had a political motivation and they recognized Biden as President. Okay: Biden is President.

Is Biden Actually Commander In Chief?

Does Congress recognize the new Commander in Chief? The Constitution says, the President of the United States shall be Commander in Chief. (edited note by Juan here: we now have to refer to the 1954 military code which was written for dealing with weapons of mass destruction coming under control of the wrong people, specifically nuclear weapons, but inclusive of other weapons of mass destruction of other types, also, nuclear and beyond, including chemical and biological, etc. There are other things that are worse than nukes out there also.)

If we're in some kind of a state of war, potentially, if there's somebody who's made a first strike against us, the military has other protocols regarding the use of nuclear weapons, and the deployment, the administration, of nuclear weapons. Did Biden get the nuclear codes when he became President? Well, he got the football. He can push all the buttons he wants. He can look in a little eyepiece and verify his retinal scan and everything else. But it's just a communication device, nothing actually happens when he pushes the button there, except to communicate back to a secure location where the actual buttons are located. And the generals and then strategic air command, the land-based missile command, and the Triton command and sea base command, actually do their launches.

Cheyenne Mountain is Secure

Remember, back in March 15, 2020 was the beginning of the whole "Plandemic" and President Trump sealed up Cheyenne Mountain. He said, when he sealed it up, out of an abundance of caution, we're going to seal up the mountain. And because we might already have been attacked, we might already be at war and not realize it yet - referring to the "Plandemic," not just that it may have come from China, in the east. Maybe it's the other Chyna with a Y, with the labs out of Ukraine and other locations, and a globalist thing, it might not be the Chinese people and their government. It could be globalist, from anywhere in the world, could have attacked us.

Is Cheyenne Mountain open yet? And, are they recognizing the Biden presidency? In fact, the military began its own investigation. Did you know that power and authority over Cheyenne Mountain was transferred to Space Command? Why? Because Space Command isn't actually fully about outer space. It's about cyberspace. What are all those satellites doing up there? They're communicating information. It's cyberspace.

The Globalist Digital War on America

Were we attacked? The digital attack is a weapon of mass destruction, if we were attacked in the electoral system that way. Anything that comes in and decapitates the nation from its leadership, and puts in false leadership, it's an attack on the country - especially if it's orchestrated from outside the country at the nation-state level.

Remember, I said (George) Soros came to Nevada first and attacked the Secretary of State position, got somebody in there, poof of concept in 2004, and then went out across the rest of the country to get Secretaries of State and office to turn the electoral process and the management and oversight of it all across the country. That's why we chose Secretary of State positions to start with for the fight back.

We're under attack by globalists. And it's far from over. And in the course of that, the safety is and the question is, does Biden have the nuclear codes? Does he have access to... If he pushes any button, does anything happen? And my contention to you is, No, he doesn't.

You're watching a war between Senior Executive Service (SES) people. The group that was created by Carter early in his administration, under the direction of George Bush Senior and others, like these Atlantic Council types. Little secret handshake groups behind the scenes. Cheney talking about the shadow government, working in the shadows to administer America, working in the shadows to control who gets the power and gets extra money in the corporate world, in the business world, where the Zuckerbergs of the world come from.

1954 Military Code for Continuity of Government (COG)

That group is being challenged by the 1954 code, military continuity in government organizations that are tasked with protecting America if we're attacked with weapons of mass destruction, which includes digital and fighting back. America has been attacked. And we are fighting back. And the safety is not letting the wrong people have access to the nukes.

Russia is contained

Now, there has been warnings to Russia, we're not in collusion with Russia, we're not in collusion with Putin. You had a communication that happened late spring, from Strategic Air Command, seemingly out of the blue. If a force is about to be overrun and use of conventional weapons will not deter, use of tactical nukes, which are smaller nukes that are very precise, use of tactical nukes authorized. Putin can do what he wants to do in Ukraine but if he goes past a certain point, nukes are authorized. They're (the Russians) working within a very constrained region to do what they're doing. And we're letting them have a little bit of a local fight - and by the way, even though directly asked, Trump has not condemned Putin for what he did, going into the Ukraine region the way he did. Why? Because the rest of the story is, maybe Putin wasn't so unjustified knowing what we know about the biolabs and other attacks going on in that region.

Safeties are in Place but Civil War Must Be Averted

We do have safeties in place. It's up to us, the American people to fight back and do it en masse. If you just brought Trump back in on December 18, 2020 with the Insurrection Act and held him through (that would be risky.) (It was too soon to bring him back) even after the military had their vote on March 11 and determined that Trump did in fact win the election; and they did recognize that the baton had not been passed as Commander in Chief. Because, while Congress appointed the President as the Administrator of America, giving him policing powers over America internally, he did not get the Commander in Chief role as far as the upper tier of our defense system, within the Q level operations, which refers to nuclear operations - and beyond - for America.

So we're fighting back from a small position; but it's the more powerful position. Question: What is more powerful: the policing actions with the Justice Department, etc., or the military, which has got the bigger gun?

This is for your audience, I've got to reel them in, stop them for a second, listen to what I'm saying: we don't want civil war in America. That is exactly why a lot of things that you think should have happened sooner, all the way back to December 18, have not happened. We have to have consensus. You have to have the conversations with your neighbors, your relatives, you don't beat them over the head. But you have better tools every day.

The American Conversation on the November 3 Election Fraud

The election integrity hearings across the country that we're doing, where we bring out the information on the electronic aspects of the stolen election, the methods, the mechanisms; the stuff that we're unveiling about what's going on inside the Republican Party, with the control of the Republican Party, redirecting and putting RINOs in over the people through election fraud within the parties. That's what California is all about with the election fraud inside the party, digital election fraud.

Then, 2,000 Mules (the D'Souza movie) with the information there; and you could use Georgia as just the starting place, but you had it all across the country. They did a beautiful job and an important job of showing how the election was stolen.

If you have an illegitimate president, and also illegitimate leaders around the President, a whole club, thousands of positions filled with people who are doing the bidding, the will, of people outside the United States with a globalist perspective, to subject America to a type of slavery, to do their role, their purposes around the world as their slaves.

The illegitimacy of the government is not fully recognized by enough of the people yet; and that's the job we have this summer: to educate, provide the information, which will lead to a broad swath of Americans understanding that the reason we're in all these dramas, turmoils and catastrophes, is because the people that are running the country are not actually the ones that we voted for. They're there through fraud.

Trump's Use of Semaphore to Communicate His Covert Plan to Us

The only way to get out of that fraud: it's the last message that President Trump sent out to the world; let me just close with this, I've said it before, but it bears repeating. President Trump was communicating secretly, to the people. All presidents usually have a little code in the background, to send covert messages to other world leaders and intelligence organizations, etc. Business people, it's their little secret languages. And if you're an insider, you know the codes and little things you do, to communicate a message, right in the open, in plain sight, without having to trust that an intermediary carries it correctly to the other side.

So they're right there in the open. Biden with his little secret hand, signs while holding a file Top Secret. The time, you know, Clinton loved to do stuff with very precise times, it had certain messages related to where the Washington Monument shadow might have been cast during the course of the day or the time of day on the clock. Same with Obama. So they all have their own little secret codes.

Trump wanted to use something completely different that could not be confused with anyone else's code. So Trump used the language of semaphore flags. That's the language between (Navy) ships that was used before we had radio devices; and where we want to maintain radio silence, using line-of-sight. You run flags up the flagpole, you can see it from other ships when you get the binoculars out. The sequence of the flags has different meanings, the different colors, the different flags, specifically. And all those flags, as you put them up in series will convey a very complex message. Trump, you know, wants to do this, who's going to be the flagpole, where's the flagpole going to be placed? So that there's no question it's Trump's communication, not somebody else putting a message out that can be misinterpreted or misread. It was Melania.

Melania the "flagpole" - Americans taking back our country

Every dress she wore had meaning within the language of flags. So the very first dress she wore on the day that President Trump was inaugurated was blue. And then she presented a blue box to the Obamas at the door to the White House, when they arrived there, and Michael received them. The blue box, the blue dress that Melania wore, that first flag, wasn't just any blue. It was noted right there on her her official White House media page, that the blue for her dress was Tiffany blue.

Tiffany blue is a color that was created for Air Force One by Jackie Kennedy. The meaning that we're to take from that, is that which was stolen from us back in our history: a stolen presidency and the misdirection - the redirection - of America with that act; we were there to claim it back, to take back America's future and her history. It was a message that the American people are taking back what was stolen from them.

Now, if the first dress was important, and all the dresses in between had little messages to various groups and leaders, you would think that the last dress would be even more important. On the last day that President Trump was President (and he is not the current president of the United States, Congress voted and they have that right. They voted to seat Biden as the president they recognized and they said to the challengers, "No, he won the election.")

On that last day, President Trump was still president, he did not attend the inauguration ceremonies. When they left the White House, what color dress was Melania wearing? In semaphore, when you signal an End of Message and Start a New Message, you use a black flag. Everything after that black flag comes as a new message. As Melania left the White House that morning, she was wearing a black dress. They went out, got on Marine One, went out to Air Force One, he was still President. They flew down to Palm Beach. Upon arriving at Palm Beach, Melania got off the plane and was wearing a different dress. President Trump was still President. The message in that last flag was identical to the message in my book, Kid by the Side of the Road, on page 71.

"Therefore, Election 2020 will equal MAGA (Make America Great Again) to the third power over Corn." E for Election equals MAGA to the third power, which is cubed, not squared. (Einstein's equation has M squared.) Election 2020 equals MAGA to the third power, or cubed, over Corn. And every page of my book has an orange cube on it, in the issue that came out in October 2020, before the election. (It went to print in July.)

So with that in mind, what did President Trump communicate as the last message to the whole world on January 20, as the ship of state sailed into the dark of night and into the storm that we're in right now. His last message to the world was the message from my book. It's all about election 2020. Dark to light. That entire dress that she wore as she got off Air Force One - some people wanted to call it a clown dress, they mocked it and made fun of it. It wasn't there except to communicate a message. She was flying the flag that President Trump wanted flown and had a very specific message. And you'll notice the blue squares. Those blue squares are also cubes just turned on their side. And you don't realize how big they are. And they get bigger and bigger as you go down through the whole dress, dark to light.

Election 2020 is what this is all about

Election 2020 is what this is all about. And President Trump gave you the message that was from my book. It's all about election 2020. If you do not get to correct what was done to America through a fraudulent stolen election; if the Republican leadership across America is able to silence all the Republican Party members by cutting off the flow of funds to anyone who talks about election 2020 and the fraud, and closes them off, they can win. But we aren't going to stop. That's what you have to stay with. That's what all of the people in your audience have to stay with. If you can get to election integrity, and reversing the fraud of the 2020 election, you will never in your lifetime get a better chance to regain your country, without use of arms, without a Civil War. This is the big one.

Election fraud court cases in Georgia and other states are maturing - #EnjoyTheShow

The court cases that are maturing right now in Georgia and other places are going to turn the country on its ear. And we are going to go back and start over on this Biden administration on much of the legislation that was funded and it's going to be an incredible show. It's going to be dramatic. It's going to be terrorizing to many people, but it's necessary, it must be done at a different level. Enjoy the show.

Why do I say, Enjoy the Show? Because you can't do anything about it, for the most part, you're going to have to watch as the legal mechanisms plod through this and the angst within the Senate and the political offices, about whether or not you have to go back and start over we hear and revote all those votes that were done fraudulently, with fraudulent members present, making these votes. When you flip from Democrat to Republican, you don't just move one vote, it's two, you've taken one out, you've added one in, and there's multiple offices that are actually ultimately going to be affected.

Safeties in Place at Q Level

Everybody's looking for Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. The safety that's in place, is the highest echelon of the military involved in Q-clearance operations. Everything to do with nuclear is Q-clearance, a Department of Energy designation. We have safeties in place.

And now we're going to go about retaking control of the helm of the ship of state of America, and reversing the fraudulent elections. And when you show that one election can have such incredible impact all across America, we start working through the ranks and go after the monsters who were involved in the stolen votes and recapture the helm of the ship and get this ship going in a different direction. And after all that, a new Congress can go back and look at what was done unlawfully by a crooked Congress, reverse it and put the correct administrator back into the administrative role of President of the United States, even if the military never stopped recognizing him at the most important level. Not the general military, not the Pentagon side. But the E Ring and above. Q operations. Commander in Chief. Weapons of Mass Destruction and beyond.

End of excerpt

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