Ground Zero of Super Tuesday is Arizona


Arizona's next governor Kari Lake to Steve Bannon this morning: "It's in God's hands now, the same God that parted the Red Sea.."

Arizona has become Ground Zero for MAGA

Even beyond today's Super Primary, Arizona represents Ground Zero of the American restauration project called MAGA that got zeroed in, in that very moment early in the evening of election day, Nov. 3, 2020 when Fox News' Bret Bair called Arizona for Biden with less that 1% of precincts reporting!!!! MAGA got energized!!!

Arizona has fielded a number of Trump-endorsed MAGA candidates for GOP nomination in a number of key state-wide and national seats, including Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress. The pedovores are spending BILLIONS to stop them!!!

Many have learned to recognize the key role that the corrupt RINO and dimm-dumm establishment in Maricopa County played in the 2020 election steal from Trump. Same crowd desperate for your kids want to sabotage this MAGA wave in the Primary.

If people weren't paying attention in 2020, they are going to pay attention in 2022. The clownshow called "the Biden administration" has seen to that!

Kari Savage Lake
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 2  2022
Length 3:00 (transcript below)


Kari Lake 0:00
Okay. Steve, I heard people actually slept in line at the polls so they can be the first one to vote for us. It's a new era in politics in Arizona. It's now the Republican Party is the party of We the People.

Steve Bannon 0:14
Cortez was on earlier. We played an entire five minute segment at MSNBC going after you. He says one of the reasons they hate you so much is that you were an accomplished anchor in a major TV market for 20 years. Do you believe that? That one of the reasons that MSNBC and others come after you so hard is because you used to be a professional in that business?

Kari Lake 0:33
I don't know; maybe a little bit of jealousy there. They're part of the problem. And we're part of the solution. And they probably, deep in their soul, know it. And, you know, they're part of the propaganda machine. The news is propaganda. They're putting out what they want people to hear. And you can see it. They only put out these influence polls that are total BS and garbage. They don't put out the polls that show us swamp in the whole system. But we're not gonna let that bog us down. We have such a positive message for Arizona. We have policies that work for the people of this great state. And we're just not going to let that negativity bog us down. It's in God's hands right now. It is the same God who parted the Red Sea, who is going to be there today and going forward in this country.

Steve Bannon 1:21
To use our agency today, Kari, where do people go? What site do they go to to find out where Kari's going to be? How do they help out here in the 11th hour, ma'am?

Kari Lake 1:29
Well, we are going to be at polling places today. And we're also going to be at our event tonight, which is in Scottsdale, I think it's full; full capacity. It shows you how big of a movement we have. My opponent, you know, can't fill a living room unless she pays people to show up. And we are a party of We the People. So we're looking forward to tonight. We're gonna have our victory speech in Scottsdale. And we're gonna move on to take down Katie Hobbs and her plan to destroy Arizona and her socialist plan. We're not going to allow that in Arizona. We're not going to turn Arizona into California. We are going to keep what makes us uniquely Wild West here in Arizona. And I'm just so thrilled to be here with the people of this state in this fight.

Steve Bannon 2:13
Girl of the Golden West, Kari Lake. Kari, thank you very much. Honored to have you on here. Bergquam, Iet's come back to you for a second.

Ben Bergquam 2:19
This Saturday, our episode of Law and Border, where I was with Kari on the border, where she's the only governor who said she's going to declare the invasion and label the cartels "terrorist organizations" on day one. We were down there. That's going to air this Saturday 3 pm Eastern only on Real America's Voice. So you got to tune in for that. So we'll be covering everything wall-to-wall all day with Kari.

Kari Lake 2:40
And thank you, Steve. Thanks for your coverage. Could not have done this without you because these fake news organizations, they don't want to cover the truth! You do!

Steve Bannon 2:50
Kari Lake, you're a fighter from day one. The great Kari Lake in the great state of Arizona. It's going to be a throwdown...

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen


Arizona's next governor to vote traffickers: "There will be hell to pay"

Kari Lake has not pulled any punches since she ran that TV campaign ad a year or so ago, where she's smashing televisions with a sledge hammer. She's EXACTLY what Arizona and America need.

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