General Flynn Heads Up Patriot All-Star National Tour: Next Stop Anaheim, California


Let's get motivated.

Conferences like this only come once a lifetime.

The REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR, also known as The Health and Freedom Conference (this is the third one like it with more to come) is packed with patriot superstars who desire to help us help ourselves out of the political mess we are living in. They will ignite your passion as they speak about their deep desire to bring America back into the freedom-loving place it is meant to be.

Let's learn how to battle the 'enemy within' and win.

At every turn, there is more and more corrupt behavior being uncovered which needs push-back.

Who better to expose and do battle against government corruption than We the People? This conference will introduce you to solid foundational ideas and tools about how to organize to help solve local community issues.

Let's get UNITED.

Let's unite to fight the onslaught of betrayal by our local, state, and federal governments.

Having attended the first Health and Freedom Conference of this tour, I know it is a great place to combine your grassroots movement with other like-minded citizens to affect true undiluted American value changes.

The tour features:

General Flynn
Mike Lindell 
Sidney Powell
Doctor Simone Gold
Del Bigtree
Doctor Alan Keyes
Patrick Byrne
Doctor Judy Mikovits
Pastor Artur Pawlowski
Doctor Scott Jensen

Along with these other top patriot names:
Ian Smith, Roger Stone, Melissa Tate, Dave Scarlett, Scott McCay, Anna Khait, Sam Sorbo, Joey Gilbert, Doctor Sherri Tenpenny, Steve Maxwell, Alfie Oakes, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Mike Provenzano, Amanda Grace, Pastor Mark Burns, etc.

Video: Highlights from Tampa and introducing General Flynn & Clay Clark's Health & Freedom Conference Heads to Anaheim, California


Defending the Republic sends a warning. It's very clear that it's time for people to wake up and remove their consent from the Rottenfeller medical establishment and the globalists they answer to.

BONUS: Three redpill vids by Scotty Films published June 21. So much revealed! Share widely please, patriots!


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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Clay was born to lead a revival of American spirit. God bless the young man for putting God first and following His lead!
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