FBI stole President Trump's passports


With the FBI raiders having stolen President Trump's passports, we can see that the Schwabbie-DNCCP-Keystone Cop mob is gaslighting zombies to get them to think that the Feds are legitimately worried about the president being a flight risk. Question, what's he running away from, since he hasn't finished the job of shutting down the DC crime syndicate!?

Looks like the plot to indict the unindictable President Trump to try to prevent him from indicting them (which he's actually already done, you'll soon find out) is going to be allowed to go ahead in this Shakespearean Truman Show. Naturally, most Americans are seeing this extra-judicial activity of the Federal Bunglers and Insurrectionists for what it is, but they're not necessarily seeing it for all that it really is, at the 40,000 foot level from which President Trump and his close people operate. Hopefully, this and related articles can help us get a bit truer picture.

Three passports, one expired? Why would the maestro mention that? Somebody with more juice on that will hopefully let the rest of us know! 

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday called for the Justice Department to return the reams of documents FBI agents seized at his Mar-a-Lago resort last week, pointing to a report that said the information was covered by attorney-client or executive privilege.

"Oh great! It has just been learned that the FBI, in its now famous raid of Mar-a-Lago, took boxes of privileged 'attorney-client' material, and also 'executive' privileged material, which they knowingly should not have taken," Trump said on his Truth Social site.

"By copy of this TRUTH, I respectfully request that these documents be immediately returned to the location from which they were taken. Thank you!," the former president said in the posting.

Read more of this article here.

That above post from this morning (Monday Aug 15) presents us with more qlues from the maestro that there may be a couple or more benefits to come out of the trap he set for the Dumb-Nuts-Crowd. After all, Im-peach-pies 1 and 2 and the 2020 Election Fraud sting have magical effect in growing MAGA! We feel that we're closer than ever to the crash-and-burn of the Reich, once and for all. It may take the actual arrest of President Trump and perhaps even a nuclear scare to get everybody's attention nice and riveted. Only at the very edge of the abyss, it's been proven over a very long time, will people muster up the will to change.

Trump 'will do whatever' he can to 'help the country' after FBI raid: 'Temperature has to be brought down'
Trump said his representatives reached out to DOJ to offer help amid outrage over FBI search of Mar-a-Lago
By Brooke Singman, Fox News, Aug 15 2022

Former President Trump said he "will do whatever" he can "to help the country" after the FBI's raid of his Mar-a-Lago home last week, telling Fox News Digital that the "temperature has to be brought down" while stressing that the American people are "not going to stand for another scam."

In an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital on Monday morning, his first since the raid, Trump said he had his representatives reach out to the Justice Department to offer to help amid outrage over the FBI's unprecedented raid on his private residence last week, in which agents seized classified records, including some marked as top secret. Trump is disputing the classification of those records, saying the records have been declassified.

"The country is in a very dangerous position. There is tremendous anger, like I've never seen before, over all of the scams, and this new one — years of scams and witch hunts, and now this," Trump said.

Rest of article here.


Juan O Savin: the gut-punch will be President Trump's arrest

Following the thread of this kabuki near-death-experience theater that passes for life in 2022, it makes sense that the next shoe to drop in a process designed to wake up a brainwashed public by exposing the depth of corruption behind America's fake, shadow deepstate government, would be to arrest the guy who has done the most in his life to expose those yahoos. Because President Trump is so squeaky clean, they'll have to, not just overreach to do it, they will have to jump a giant Megalodon to do it, which will trigger an 80% plus consent of the people to take them out with our military. We're just saying, it's a thought.

The FBI: A Terrorist Group Designed To Spy On Americans

Since its inception, astute observations have been made concluding the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is a clandestine operation designed to track, control, and/or eliminate those who disagree with federal policy.

There have been reports about the FBI abusing its power for years.

Watch this short video clip, and you realize the only difference between 1975 and 2022 is that the FBI's power abuse has worsened. 

Guess that FBI raid didn't "age well"

You don't have to work very hard to see the yuge boomerang that this "raid" trap has caused for those who are seen as perpetrators of banana-republic style police action - and with every passing moment, a whole lot more than that.

Gee, you'd almost think ... ah, forget it!


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