EYE ON The Audit Freight Train: Mastriano is the Keystone Hero


State Senator Douglas V. Mastriano, PhD (Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired) got the Audit Freight Train started way back in November with the Gettysburg event that gave Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and many witnesses of vote fraud an opportunity to present their evidence of widespread and egregious election fraud in Pennsylvania, which was then repeated in one State after another, leading to the Arizona Forensics Audit that, by opposing it so shrilly, the Left continues to indict itself. Mastriano's call for a forensic audit in his State makes him the first State Senator to do so of any State after Arizona. Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin are coming, others too. The freight train is picking up steam.

Few commentators are willing to say it in public, but we are quite willing to say it: the 2020 election was a massive sting operation, so sophisticated as to defy most imaginations. The criminal globalist pedosatanic death cult was caught red-handed, dead-to-rights ATTEMPTING to steal the election. Truth is, they already knew they were done, they were going through the motions, having capitulated to Trump several years prior. More on that here.

Get your popcorn and enjoy the movie! And, don't forget to get active in local civics: school boards, city and county commissions, precinct positions, etc.. It is now up to the people to take their country back, from the schools, hamlets, towns and counties, on up.

Doug Mastriano with Natalie Harp (7:53 viewing - really good!)

Boris Epshteyn FULL SHOW: Freight Train of Audits, from Arizona, to Pennsylvania, to Georgia, and beyond

AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka on Rumble (Boris Epshteyn is the Guest Host)
Published July 7, 2021
2:52:07 viewing length (pick it up at 1:37:25 for Senator Mastriano)

"The Baron" Boris Epshteyn fills in for Sebastian today, with special guests Jason Miller, Kate Hartson, State Senator Doug Mastriano, Doug Wardlow, and Patrick O'Donnell.

Boris covers several topics in this all-encompassing video that covers the entire show, including having Mastriano as a guest at 1:37:25 of the video.


Boris Epshteyn 22:18
I am The Baron. I'm doing the Baronial wave and I am guest hosting America First today, America first with Sebastian Gorka. Sebastian a true American patriot, MAGA champion, and it is my honor to be guest hosting today. We are on Rumble at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. slash sub Gorka. And right now with me is Pennsylvania State Senator, American hero, Colonel Doug Mastriano. Senator, thank you for joining us.

Doug Mastriano 1:37:55
Thanks, Boris, for having us on. It's a historic day for Pennsylvania and the United States of America, for that matter.

Boris Epshteyn 1:38:01
It sure is. So I do have to say one thing. Okay? I did not know this 'til they handed me your full bio going all the way back to where you were born. Did not know you're from New Brunswick. I grew up in Princeton. Did not know you were raised in Hightstown. Did you go now here's a question. Did you go to Hightstown High?

Doug Mastriano 1:38:17
I did. Did we play you in sports or what?

Boris Epshteyn 1:38:21
I went to West Windsor Plainsboro. Okay? So for those of you who are not from Central Jersey, Hightstown is East Windsor. I went to West Windsor. And we dominated we dominated Hightstown football year in and year out.

Doug Mastriano 1:38:34
In your dreams, baby. I remember one Track and Field event. We smashed you guys on the home turf even.

Boris Epshteyn 1:38:40
I remember. So maybe a couple year difference here that, I will say this, in 2000, to any of my buddies, to my football classmates, any of my football teammates watching you remember this in 2000, they called it the Windsor Cup. We played at Hightstown West Windser Plainsboro versus Hightstown, played on your home turf. We crushed Hightstown so bad, so bad. I was already I was I was starting varsity defensive tackle I was already dancing around the track by the third quarter. Okay? It was an annihilation, and I think it was your guys Homecoming, too. Well, you know what?

Doug Mastriano 1:39:15
In my defense, that was 20 years back. I left the school. So, you know.

Boris Epshteyn 1:39:20
See? They could never get a star like you. They could never get a star like you and in all seriousness, an American hero.

Doug Mastriano 1:39:26
Let me tell you, Boris, i threw shot put and discus. I wasn't on the football team, so...

Boris Epshteyn 1:39:31
Well, you know what? I can, once a Hightstowner always a Hightstowner. Right? So, at least we can poke a little fun fun at each other. I will never forget that Hightstown Homecoming. And last quick little thing for fun for our listeners. I think the Hightstown coach before that game, because i was i was i wasn't a little boy. let's put it this way, They said Oh yeah, I heard our center's got a big kid, our of center's got a big kid going against them, being me, but he's handled bigger. I think I knocked out the top two centers of Hightstown in that game and I was going up against... the poor kid was like, you know, 5'2" 120 pounds. I just took it easy on him in the fourth quarter. So it was a fun game. Won't forget it. And that's enough for that trip down memory lane. Here we are with Pennsylvania State Senator, American hero Doug Mastriano, retired retired Colonel of the United States Army. Thank you so much for your service, sir. Four years of the NATO land headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany, deployed to Iraq for Desert Storm in 1991, deployed to Iraq for Desert Storm in 1991. Three deployments to Afghanistan, Director of NATO's Joint Intelligence Center in Afghanistan, retired from the Army in 2017, at the rank of Colonel and has been a member of the Pennsylvania State Senate from the 33rd District since 2019. True American patriot. Thank you so much for your service, sir. Doug Mastriano.

Doug Mastriano 1:40:48
Thank you, that's all I ever wanted to do. And as I was retired from the army, it's a culture shock. That's all I ever wanted to do. And I did it for 30 years active duty, you know, most of my 20s, all my 30s, all my 40s and part of my 50s. And, you know, it's tempting to ride off into the sunset as so many colonels, and generals do, you know, with a sweet job and foreign travel kind of fading away, but I was, honestly heartbroken that I was handing over the country and my state in worse condition than how I got it from my dad and his generation, my dad was a Navy man. And so I stepped up and ran for office, not something I ever wanted to do. I can't say it hasn't always been an enjoyable experience, you know, to have the opposition and the media, you know, spread lies about you and perpetuate misinformation, but so much is at stake. And so, ever since November 3, I've heard from 10s of 1000s, probably about a quarter million people about the election, Do something, We need an audit, We need an investigation. I did their Gettysburg hearing, made back in November. And But still, a lot of things haven't been addressed. The House and Senate ran hearings to get to the bottom of the election and the governor vetoed last week, our initiative to try to make corrections to the election. And so our last recourse and the right thing to do is to get to the bottom of it with forensic investigation. So yesterday, I spoke with my committee in detail, announced to all the members of the committee, and then of course released it to the world this morning that Pennsylvania is beginning the process to bring a forensic investigation to our state. We're looking at 3 of 67 counties, at the first round, more counties might come in later on. Philadelphia, so one Democrat county and two Republican counties. So you know, this is unbiased. It's just to find out what happened, let the chips fall where they may. You know, anyone I've already, you know, read the statement from our attorney general who's a democrat and the democrats senate majority minority leader. And it's just that you would be opposed to an honest review or after action review, as we call in the army of what what went right, what went wrong, and how can we make things better, that anyone be afraid of that that tells and or betrays that they might be afraid of something coming out that they don't want to come out? So you know, what? Democrat, Republican independent, this is an easy thing to get behind. You want transparency in government? You want a scientific approach to find out what happened? Then get behind this audit, forensic investigation. It's not Arizona light, it's Arizona plus more. And that's why it's a forensic event. It's gonna go, it's gonna deep dive on the ballots, the machines, software, whatever we can, you know, that I have power within the Senate and within our state constitution to take a look at.

Boris Epshteyn 1:43:24
And that's what I want to talk to you about. I want to ask you to stay into the next segment. We have about 90 seconds here. But we'll ask you to stay in this next segment as well. Give us the nuts and bolts. What was in your request today? What are the next steps? What are the deadlines? I know, July 31 is when you want to get the information back from the three counties, Philadelphia, York, Tioga. What are the nuts and bolts? What's the cadence going forward? Tell our listeners.

Doug Mastriano 1:43:48
Yeah, so it's pretty easy. It's it's coming out of my committee, and my committee is a standing committee in our government operations. And the letter went out to the three counties asking for not only the ballots, but also any machines and any devices and any data and any drive and any backups used to tabulate, calculate or control or assist with the counting or running the election. This would include routers. They have three weeks, plus a few days to respond. 31st of July is a deadline. If they don't respond, then I have to hold a voting in person meeting of my committee to authorize me to issue subpoenas. And that's when the legal process begins for those. I think the republican counties will comply in the end. Obviously, we can expect a fight and a time in court which is fine with with Philadelphia...

Boris Epshteyn 1:44:33
That's what happened in Arizona as well.

Doug Mastriano 1:44:35
Yeah, that's fine. That's that's the way the process is. We're a constitutional republic. Everything takes time. And I'm asking everyone, be patient, it's a marathon and if you're going to jump out of the race don't become part of the problem. Just get off the track while the rest of us keep on plugging ahead.

Boris Epshteyn 1:44:49
Totally agree back in the next segment with State Senator Doug Mastriano. The freight train of audits is coming to Pennsylvania. And we are back with Pennsylvania State Senator, American hero, Colonel Doug Mastriano. Senator, we are talking about the fright train of audits coming to Pennsylvania today. You issued letters from your committee, from your inter governmental operations committee, is that right? The Standing Committee in the Pennsylvania State Senate, you issued letters to three counties, including Philadelphia, for all information, all ballots, all papers to be turned over for a full examination. Tell us more. Tell us about the powers of the committee and what's going to happen if Philadelphia does not comply by the deadline of July 31.

Doug Mastriano 1:49:08
If any county does not comply, we're gonna have a voting meeting of my committee and to issue subpoenas and then it becomes a legal matter, If that's not enough to convince them, then obviously the appeal will be a court issue. But my view once again, as I said before, and I'll repeat it is he got nothing to hide open up the door and there's there's nothing to see here, go ahead and prove that everything was good to go, that there was no fraud as some of my colleagues on the other side actually said a week and a half going before the Senate, What a ridiculous assertion. But you know, what? Last year was unprecedented in Pennsylvania as well as Ramos a nation we had COVID shut down, polling stations closed. We had the changes in election law by our Supreme Court and Secretary of State, last minute changes, even right to the day before the election, no excuse mail in voting. And you can't tell me that there wasn't issues there. There were issues. I've heard personally from 1000s of people across the state and it's time we address those issues.

Boris Epshteyn 1:50:00
We've got about 90 seconds left. What do you... I think, as a lawyer, that similar to Arizona, there's going to be a legal process, but if the county is going to push back, but then you will get to review all this information. What do you expect to find in reviewing Philadelphia County? And I hope you get to see Allegheny County, which is Pittsburgh as well. What do you expect to find?

Doug Mastriano 1:50:20
Well, you know, I don't know. I'm just after the truth. This is a massive research project here. And on behalf of the people, Pennsylvania, now I'm hearing things out of Arizona. We might find similar things. I just simply don't know, I don't have any pre conceptions on this. Here, I'm going with an open mind. And I'm just calling on all the counties to cooperate and do their due diligence. We always want transparency in government. There's no greater transparency than opening the books here on on a 2020 and the 2021 primary we just had. I want to look at both elections, compare and contrast and do whatever I can to ensure that we have free and fair elections, and everyone has an equal share and equal voice.

Boris Epshteyn 1:50:56
Senator, what does this audience, what is the MAGA movement? What does the MAGA posse need to do to ensure that there is a full forensic audit, full forensic review of the election in Pennsylvania? What are the next steps? What do they need to do?

Doug Mastriano 1:51:12
Well, I'd ask people first to pray for us here, you know, wisdom and discernment and victory and then and all that in favor. In the meantime, here, the process just needs to run and so they have three weeks to voluntarily comply, and after that the subpoena comes out. And obviously it's a vote of my committee. You know, thankfully, we have a decent majority in the Senate, on my Senate committee, and so we should win that vote for subpoena but let your voice be heard. You know, if, if you're in Pennsylvania, contact your state senator whether demonstrating public and respectfully tell him what you want to happen.

Boris Epshteyn 1:51:44
Let your voice be heard. Stay centered. Doug Mastriano, God bless you. Thank you so much. Rock'n'roll.

Full Forensic Audit Coming To Critical Battleground State

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published July 7, 2021
10:58 viewing length


Steve Bannon 0:00
I want to start with Colonel State Senator Doug Mastriano. So Doug, just walk us through, Senator, exactly what your letter says, how you have jurisdiction over this, that it's now, it's now at the State Senate level, walk our audience through why this is really the kickoff of the full forensic audit that's so needed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Doug Mastriano 0:19
Yeah, thanks, Steve, for having me on. And you're right. It really started in Gettysburg, 25th November last year, when Rudy and Jenna Ellis and others came in. And we had a bunch of witnesses come forth. And we were told it was a big lie. Actually, the big lie's on the other side, you know, Russia, Russia, Russia, and no one investigated what happened with these people.

The Senate and the House held various hearings to get to the bottom of the election and what went wrong. The Governor just last week vetoed our election reform bill to address some of the concerns. But in the end, Steve, all those hearings we would have, you never got to the bottom what happened in 2020. Additionally, in 2021, the primary we just had to go through had some major issues (of election fraud) as well.

So as you rightly said this morning, three letters went out to three of our 67 counties, asking them to comply with my request as a standing committee chair of Intergovernment Operations (Senate Committee) to provide me not only the ballots, but also the machines and anything else used in handling or storing data regarding the election. And so we need to get to the bottom of it.

You know, I was impressed by what I saw in Arizona, you know, obviously, going there for 36 hours, including all travel time, but you know, in the peak of summer, we were there on business. And I saw what I needed to see and realized truly this sort of scientific approach to an election that takes out any bias, any partisanship, and just gets to the bottom of it and looks at the ballots; not only counts the ballots, that's not enough, you know. The governor and his people keep on falling back that they that they had a you know, like a mini audit. Well, the mini audit was not supervised by Republicans or had any outside observers and only included 45,000 random ballots, garbage in, garbage out, we don't know if those ballots were good or not. So as we go through the ballots, my desire is to have to recount them, but also forensically analyze with photographic material, whether the ballots were copied, or filled in by human. And then of course, analyzing the paper. And so hopefully, we can get to the bottom of which polling stations, you know, were using what sort of paper and what kind of chain of custody there was, and then additionally, look at the machines, and anything else that handled the ballots to see if they're corrupted, if they're online, if there were any shenanigans with software that shouldn't have been on there. We want to go through everything. To let everyone know clearly that this is about voter integrity. It's not a game, this is a big deal.

It was not easy to get to this point, there was a lot of work behind the scenes, you know, unfortunately, some of the the private meetings were leaked by colleagues. But be that as it may, we were looking at the start, this is round one, and we might have a round two if need be and I'm thinking we probably will need to do one, but three counties out of 67. Obviously, the top one is a Democrat County, which is Philadelphia. And we saw a lot of the issues come out of Philadelphia, that none of which were addressed adequately, if at all, and about 750,000 ballots in 2020 we'll look at there.

I don't have the number on the 2021 primary. And two other counties, Republican, one is York County in my Senate District, I have a part of southwestern York County, about a quarter million ballots, and we're gonna look at for the 2020 election, and then Tioga County, you know, up north of us here in a in a very rural or woodsy part of the state, looking about 18,000 ballots, that's just for starters, I got a call already from from a county commissioner, and he wants to bring this to his County. So we're willing to do another round of these.

So Steve, to answer your question directly. Today, the notification went out to the three counties. This is what we want, you have three weeks to comply. And I gave it three weeks so it could stand up in court. That's adequate time to take stock that we're asking for and how it's going to be delivered or handled. If there's non compliance within a three week period, on the 31st of July, then my committee at some point thereafter will come together, we'll discuss doing a subpoena and then there'll be a vote in that same meeting on issuing the subpoena to the counties to force compliance.

Steve Bannon 4:12
So a lot go through here. I just want to go back. You've worked a long time to get this. You've done it very methodically. And I think most people, I keep telling folks, hey, it's going to take how long it's going to take, but you got to get to the bottom of 3 November and this is a start. What do you hope to accomplish? What what are your objectives in getting particularly Philadelphia and your county, that you've put out this request, you've gone to Arizona, you say it's a tripartite, they got the full forensic audit on the ballots, which has got the left freaked out. You've got the re canvassing part, and then you've got the machine part. What do you hope to accomplish in this first phase, that this letter installs? Let's say they come over, you don't have to subpoena them, let's say they come forward with the records. What do you hope to accomplish?

Doug Mastriano 4:59
After we have access to the ballots and machines and any other devices used for the voting, I just want to get to the bottom of what happened, what happened. I'm approaching this I do have a PhD in history, so I'm looking at this from a research perspective. I want to see what happened. Was it fair and free and accurate? Or were there issues? And of course, there's going to be issues.

Steve, this was you know, we operated this election here with a lot of firsts. The first of course, a COVID environment where many polling stations are shut down out of fear, because many of the many of our polling stations are manned by elderly, especially in republican counties. And so all this fear mongering from our governor, it had an effect on that. And so in rides no-excuse mail-in voting. Okay, there were safeguards in place, as you would see with an absentee ballot. But the Pennsylvania Supreme Court working together with Governor Wolf's Secretary say they stripped away the protections, so you had a low bar to to vote by mail, not even requiring a signature, post postage date stamp on there, anything It was like a wild wild west. Meanwhile, if you go vote in person, matching signatures still required in other forms of safeguards.

And so all these firsts here really disrupted things. We're looking at 2.1 million mail in ballots in 2020, as opposed to the previous presidential election, it was only about a quarter million - 270,000 absentee ballots. So there's a lot of firsts and clearly for anyone on the other side to stand up and say this is a perfect election. I've heard this on the floor of the Senate, there was no fraud in this election in 2020. And how anybody with an honest look on our face can say that just defies reason. There's going to be issues because this thing opened up a can of worms. So Steve, my desire is to find out what the heck happened in 2020 and to compare and contrast to 2021 and get to the bottom of it and correct all the errors that may be found. You know, what? If we're wrong, and everything was perfect as they claim, then the other side should have nothing, nothing to fear. The only reason why anyone should be opposed to this is they have something to hide.

Steve Bannon 6:53
Well, that's the question. Why have they? Why have they since there's the they brag all the time where they really don't brag about but they say they had 81 million votes, and they won the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Why in your mind have they not been more forthcoming? Why did it not worked for you over the last couple of months? If the if they've got the receipts? Why have they not bent out of their way to shut up Doug Mastriano, to shut up Steve Bannon and his obnoxious War Room posse and particularly shut up Donald Trump? If they got it, why won't Wolf and these guys just come forward and say we're tired of you guys, you've got the country all worked up, you've got your followers your these crazy followers all worked up this all a bunch of lies all but I mean, they put it in the media, it's a false claim, it's a false claim. Why have they not and even the Republican establishment, why have people not said Let's put this to bed, let's show the receipts, let's get into it because we're gonna show you that Biden, you know, pulled it out, he blew Trump out of the water and you just got to live with it. Why have they not been? Why have they not helped you? The fact is they fought you every step of the way. And trust me, I can see this thing going to court. This is just the beginning of a long, tough fight. But why are they not being why they aren't they trying to be helpful just to shut us up or for no other reason?

Doug Mastriano 8:01
Yeah, the vitriol on the other side and their lack of honesty, Steve, defies reason and logic. I look at our governor. Now imagine you're a governor of a state of 13 million like in Pennsylvania. And Governor Wolf, even his one of his networks, CNN comes out and says about half of Pennsylvania voters have serious doubts or grave concerns about our election and the election process in Pennsylvania and doubts and outcome. Any honest governor that cared about his people would say, You know what? Voting is a fundamental bedrock of this constitutional republic. And I see many of you have concerns and he might say I disagree with your concerns. And instead of demonizing and attacking him, he should come out and say, I'm going to put those to rest, I'm going to open up several counties for a full forensic audit, well, you'll have our full support to do this here, let the chips fall where they may, and he should come out and say I got nothing to hide, bring it on. But instead, they mock us. They attack us. They belittle the people out there that have concerns, they go down the road of conspiracy theorists.

Oh, the irony, though, these who perpetuated four years a conspiracy theory on Russia, and how Russia influenced the 2016 election - a complete fraud. And that was the actual big lie that they would mock any of us here. But you know, and I've said this on the floor of the Senate, and I said it on your show before, I've seen better elections overseas, you know, NATO and United States spend millions of dollars and put our men and women's lives on the line to ensure better elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Bosnia and Kosovo when we're on mission there, than I've seen in Pennsylvania.

So let's just open up the books, see what happened, let the chips fall where they may. You know, on the left, if we're wrong, you can come out and say we told you that even Biden has a mandate and had overwhelming victory and popularity to say, and so but let's do this, maybe to exonerate your man. But on the other side, if fraud and shenanigans are found, they need to be addressed.

Steve Bannon 9:49
Look, let me tell you some hard math; Wolf's approval's at 39%. Part of it is by COVID but a lot of it is the underpinning here is because people in Pennsylvania saying Hey, there was something wrong with 3 November, this guy's fighting it. Also, this is going to be a proxy war for the governor's race. Shapiro is going to be your base. Wolf's irrelevant Shapiro, who is a demon, he's going to be all over this trying to stop this because he understands that this is, when you really count real votes there's no way Shapiro can win the governorship. Real quickly. We got about 30 seconds. What do people need to do to support you and how do they find out more about you; how do they follow you on social media?

Doug Mastriano 10:24
Yes, I have several pages. I have my official Senator Doug Mastriano page, I have Doug Mastriano Fighting for Freedom. That's the page where I can talk about everything. If you're in Pennsylvania, reach out to your senators, Democrat or Republican and let them know what you think. And if you support a forensic investigation of what happened in 2020, and 2021, to ask them to get on board. And regardless of party affiliation, anyone who cares about our Republic should be on board with this.

Steve Bannon 10:48
Colonel Mastriano, I know you've got your doctrine in history, well now you're part of the shot heard around the world. You're a true patriot. Thank you very much for joining us today; a historic day in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Want the Details? (Yes, some of us do! LOL)

Captain Seth Keshel: The Numbers Don't Lie. The Election was STOLEN.

The Professor's Record with David K. Clements on Rumble
Published July 9, 2021
1:03:59 viewing length

In this interview, Captain Seth Keshel discusses his journey from baseball analytics to military intelligence, followed by a providential meeting with General Michael Flynn that changed his life forever.

Captain Keshel breaks down the impossible statistical anomalies that defy election trends going back over 100 years, and pulls back the curtain on what it was like to be on the all-star team of General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood. (So insightful)

This video was produced by American patriot Ben Luna. I am indebted to Ben for dropping everything to make this video happen.

You can find Captain Keshel on Telegram at https://t.me/RealSKeshel.

Official telegram channel for Professor David K. Clements

Main: t.me/theprofessorsrecord
Chat: t.me/theprofessorsrecordchat



UPDATE 11-30 Senator Mastriano spoke on a Pennsylvania talk show with an update on the legislators' efforts to take control of the election. He later spoke to Eric Metaxas on his talk show and the President called in to join the conversation.

UPDATE Evening of 11-27 Senator Mastriano in an appearance on Newsmax' Stinchfield news program announced that the Senate Resolution had just been passed moments previously, through committee, to be voted on, Monday. Same with the House. There will be plenty of phone calls to State Senators and House Members this weekend!

[Draft of Resolution is included in the article]

UPDATE 11-27 Senator Mastriano, in a phone call appearance on Bannon's War Room talk show, announced that he and his colleagues will begin today to draft a Joint Resolution for votes in both chambers of the Pennsylvania Legislature, to take back their constitutional power from the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania, to delegate electors in this Presidential Election.

From Nov. 25: The President's Attorney-in-Charge on the Vote Fraud, Rudy Giuliani, thanks to Pennsyslvania patriots in the State Senate led by one Colonel Mastriano, finally got his public venue to present his facts and his eyewitnesses, in historical Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Wednesday, November 25.

The upshot of this hearing: legislators were urged to take their power articulated in the Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, 2nd clause, and with that power, condemn the spoiled election then appoint their electoral delegates to vote for Trump.

Colonel Mastriano and colleagues rise to the challenge again. Remember Gettysburg? Yes, SENATOR Mastriano got the Election Fraud ball rolling there in November last year, jumped right on it, called a hearing that allowed eyewitnesses organized by the Giuliani team to speak. Other States followed, including Arizona which has led to America's Audit that is now better than half finished. Look out, traitors, here come the patriots!

General Flynn @GenFlynn

"Yup, there are some who show spine." #FightBack @SenMastriano

9:11 PM ET NOV 30, 2020


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