EYE ON Audits: Wisconsin's Ramthun's gettin' it done!


You gotta listen to this livestream recorded Saturday March 26, 2022 by Wisconsin Assembly representative for the 59th district, Timothy Ramthun. The people of Wisconsin are doing an end-around their corrupt public institutions, exercising their God dominion over their state's justice regarding the massive election fraud of November 3, 2020. It's a glorious thing, it really is! Sometimes, it just takes one guy to ride that horse!

Wisconsin Assemblyman Tim Ramthun reports that his district wants Speaker of the House Vos to resign

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (mirror or T'gram video which mirrored a Ramthun 
Published Mar 27 2022
2:24 viewing length

Mike Lindell Interviews Gubernatorial Candidate Rep Timothy Ramthun

Lindell TV
Published Feb 13 2022
17:15 viewing length

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