Erik Carlson: The Systematic Dismantling of the Deep State


It's Happening Right Before Our Eyes

We live in interesting times.

We can complain all we want about how crazy things are, and we can desire a world we consider to be more "normal"—a world more conducive to raising a family, building our dreams, or just living out our days. But, whatever one's plight in life, no one can say what we are currently experiencing is boring.

In actuality, nothing really gets done when people are comfortable. No truly big changes occur when people are satiated in life. This is especially true for Americans, "the sleeping giant." It took Japan attacking Hawaii to get Americans on board with WWII. America is very thick skinned, but one can only poke this bear for so long before they feel the claws of its giant paw.

Evil has been in the world since Adam and Eve. Since the beginning of time, there has been a battle between good and evil, a spiritual battle between God and Satan, between God's angels and Satan's demons. This has been happening for thousands of years. This has occurred when things seem pretty normal, the way we think the world ought to be, and this battle has occurred in eras we recognize as darker times.

Evil has always been around, and the battle of good and evil has never ceased. Sometimes in history, evil has seemed to be defeated, but in reality, it just became somewhat dormant before igniting back into a roaring fire again. Once more, what we are experiencing is a spiritual war, but this current battle is now occurring with the enemy utilizing advanced technology and understanding of the human mind. Mind control and manipulation are at an all-time high, but so is our understanding of it and knowledge of who the enemy is and how they wield their weapons of control.

We are to believe the war is between the Right and the Left, the Conservatives and the Liberals, the God-fearing and the Godless. In reality, most of us are on the same side on most issues, but manipulated into seeing each other as the enemy. As an example, conservative and liberal people, generally speaking, want peace between Israel and Palestine, peace in the Middle East, peace throughout the world.

Who is it that is pushing for war?

It's the fake-conservative and fake-liberal "talking heads." It's the fake-conservative and fake-liberal politicians. It's the fake-conservative and fake-liberal organizations. They aren't representing their audiences, constituents or markets, they are manipulating them. More and more people are beginning to understand this, but this understanding usually comes after the smoke has cleared, after the damage has been done. But with every passing false flag event, the time between kneejerk reaction and understanding is shortening. Eventually, the general public's reaction and understanding will occur simultaneously.

Whether one believes the State of Israel should be pounded into dust, or Hamas, and Palestine or even the Arab World should be annihilated, removed from history, one is seeing the world the way the Deep State wants one to see it. You are reacting the way the Cabal has manipulated you to react.

If you are pushing for a peaceful resolution, as Trump, Putin and Xi, you are portrayed as an enemy of the people. Now, I am not saying that Putin or Xi haven't done some pretty bad things, as they act in the best interests of Russia and China, but we now live in an "upside down" world where the leaders portrayed as fascist dictators are the one's calling for a peaceful resolution.

Suddenly, there is huge support for Hamas and the Palestinian people by the fake-liberals, BLM, "the Squad", college professors and students, as thousands of Palestinians appear to be killed and uprooted from their homes. I say "appear" because I haven't seen with my own eyes what is happening, only what is reported in the mainstream media, or even the alternative media, for that matter.

Honestly, I think it makes more sense to assume everything one hears or sees in the media or social media is a lie, until one has the opportunity to verify it or prove it to be false. We've been lied to perpetually, yet our first reaction to hearing anything in the media is to believe it. We must understand that we are designed by God to trust, but we need to rewire our thinking when it comes to the media. How many times do we need to be lied to before we accept this?

The sudden compassion and outrage for Palestine is entirely contrived. Where was the outrage for the 1-2mm Uyghur Muslims as they were forced into "re-education camps" by the CCP starting in 2014? When it became apparent they were being tortured, raped, forced into labor, forced to renounce Islam, while some had their organs harvested and/or were murdered? Where was BLM, and "the Squad" and the college protestors? Where was the cry by mainstream media to have China wiped off the face of the Earth?

They were too busy protesting Trump for a past locker-room comment about grabbing women's nether regions and for allegedly putting children in cages along the border. In other words, they were busy being outraged by the things the media told them to be outraged about.

Again, where was or is the outrage for the Uyghurs? The answer is, the Uyghur Muslims aren't a part of the Deep State Cabal's theater, and the Palestinian Muslims are. We are conditioned to be outraged about one thing while ignoring another. We are manipulated to call for war because of the death and displacement of thousands, while completely ignoring the death and displacement of millions.

We are conditioned to vehemently believe that either Israel, Palestine or the Muslim World must be wiped off the face of the Earth. But as long as China can get the iPhone 15 in stock by Black Friday, they get a pass, and any outrage towards them subsides. This isn't to say we pick and choose what to be irate about, but rather that we are manipulated into our selective outrage.

The mind control dial has been turned up to eleven.

For the past century, the mind control has slowly been turned up on us. The mind control is now redlining, and eventually, it will blow the engine. When the mind control was being turned up slowly, we were able to remain asleep, stay controlled, but now that it is redlining, humanity can no longer remain under control.

As I mentioned earlier, when humans are comfortable, they tend not to make change, they tend not to seek change, they tend not to even notice the world around them. People who are uncomfortable act. People who are hungry look for food. People who are thirsty look for water. People who are scared seek protection. People who are confused look for answers. Some of us are already there, and many more are reaching their saturation point.

While anger, fear and confusion can be used effectively to control people, if you push it too far, it causes people to get up off their couches. Once a person has been inspired to get up off their couch, they start to see the world differently than what they were experiencing before.

When forced off of one's couch, a Liberal might go outside and have a conversation with their conservative neighbor who is doing yard work and realize that he doesn't actually wish them dead. A Conservative might go for a walk and have a conversation with a Muslim down the street and realize they have similar values. A younger person might have a conversation with an older person at a bus stop and realize they've had some interesting experiences in their life, and aren't as racist or as backwards as they assumed, as they were conditioned to believe.

The Cabal has pushed too far, too fast. They have painted themselves into a corner. But why?

Eventually, a lie is always exposed. The more lies one tells to lay cover for the original lie, the more trapped the liar becomes. At some point, the person being lied to understands they have been lied to and no longer trusts the liar.

Think about this trap: For decades the Deep State has been "gunning" for Americans guns. They have created false flag events to traumatize people into giving up their Second Amendment rights. Every school or mass shooting is quickly followed by a push for more gun control. Then the same Cabal masters who push for gun control in America created and initiated the real or perceived plan to send Hamas terrorists into Israel to rape, kidnap and murder Israeli citizens.

The masters of the gun control activists who say, 'no one needs an assault rifle', just gave Americans a reason for owning an assault rifle, or a gun in general. During the month of June 2020 when the BLM riots were occurring, Smith & Wesson's stock shot up 86%. With the Hamas attacks, Smith & Wesson's stock has risen 11% in the past month.


The lies and manipulation eventually come back to bite the Deep State.

Currently, the "forever war" American politicians are looking to fund the Ukraine money laundering operation and Israel at the same time. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is trying to separate the two. The strictly Israel-funding will likely be rejected by the Uniparty warmongers, and they will end up looking like they are rejecting aid to Israel. Oh, and it appears the 13 billion Mike Johnson and the GOP want to send Israel is money ear-marked to expand the IRS.

Again, whoops!

If Biden rejects the funding of Israel, he will lose the influential and powerful American Jews, as well as 6mm voters. If he supports the Israel funding, he will upset much of the progressive liberals in the US and cut funding to the IRS. The Deep State has painted themselves into a corner, or rather have been painted into a corner.

As the progressive Obama Youth protest on university campuses in support of Hamas and Palestine, chanting "death to Israel", rich Jewish benefactors are beginning to pull their financial support to the Universities. They are pulling their financial support to other Liberal organizations as well. It is all falling apart before or very eyes.

AI has been used by governments, government agencies and corporations for decades to spy on and collect information from people with and without their consent, and now it appears the Deep State is beginning to panic over the idea of AI being turned against them.

From a November 1st New York Times article,

Vice President Kamala Harris called on world leaders to tackle threats that artificial intelligence poses to human rights and democratic values in a speech in London on Wednesday. She also announced new measures the Biden administration would take to manage the risks and regulatory challenges of the emerging technology.
In a speech delivered at the U.S. Embassy in London, Ms. Harris emphasized that discrimination, disinformation and democratic challenges were already affecting vulnerable populations, and she called on leaders to look beyond profits and future fears.
'These threats are often referred to as the existential threats of A.I. because, of course, they could endanger the very existence of humanity,' Ms. Harris said. 'These threats, without question, are profound, and they demand global action. But let us be clear: There are additional threats that also demand our action — threats that are currently causing harm and which, to many people, also feel existential.'
Ms. Harris's speech, during which she fleshed out a sweeping executive order President Biden signed this week, included a distinct emphasis on consumer protections and how A.I. could exacerbate existing inequalities. Research has shown that A.I. programs can produce biased results that discriminate by race, gender or age.

Apparently, the Deep State discovered a weakness in the Death Star's blueprints. They now realize this AI system that they developed to control the world can actually be used to push forward their own demise. (By the way, it seems Kamala Harris thinks the word "existential" sounds really smart, and therefore used it twice in the same paragraph.)

But why the sudden clinching of the Deep State's butt cheeks in regard to AI?

Let's look at the AI timeline.

On November 30th, 2022, Chat GPT was launched, which made many people become AI obsessed. America can't get enough AI; the way Blue Oyster Cult music producer Bruce Dickenson couldn't get enough cow bells.

In early 2023, the stock market became obsessed with AI. The vast majority of the stock market growth in 2023 has come from just seven companies, all tied to AI. Even Coca-cola is claiming to use AI to produce a new flavor. Anything to tie oneself to AI. The Deep State wants us to believe they just stumbled upon this thing called "AI", like they haven't been using it on us for 30 years. Like BlackRock didn't create a supercomputer in 1988 known as Aladdin, which is used to predict future behavior in markets and humans alike.

There is a reason BlackRock is now the world's biggest asset owner when they've only been around since the late 1980's. They can predict future market movement … oh, and there's the fact that they are controlled by the Cabal. We are to believe that blue-blood families that have been passing down their wealth from generation to generation for thousands of years haven't attained the wealth of BlackRock. No, these families are laundering their money through companies like BlackRock.

On November 1st, 2023, Kamala Harris made her speech in England, stating the Biden Administration needs to tightly regulate AI because it is an "existential" threat. Essentially, if not properly regulated, it could be used for nefarious purposes.

Three days later, on November 4th, 2023, Elon Musk launched Twitter's new AI system. (Record player scratch sound effect). Let me repeat that—three days after Harris' panic attack about AI, Elon Musk launched his new AI system on X (Twitter).

Does anyone think this is a coincidence?

In my opinion, and based on Deep State attacks on Musk since he stated an interest in buying Twitter back in April of 2022, the Deep State doesn't control Musk and views him as a threat to their agenda.

What if Musk created an AI system that gave responses based on facts and is not engineered to have a "woke" Liberal tilt, to protect Deep State lies? What if this new AI system, Grok, couldn't tell a lie? What if it had to tell the truth if asked if the election was stolen, or if Biden really got 81mm votes, or if the Uniparty American government is trying to intentionally destroy America. How would the sleeping, mind controlled American population react?

I can tell you right now, in order for Musk to keep X from being banned internationally, he will have to act as though Grok is just joking or being sarcastic when it exposes Deep State lies. The media, of course will determine when Grok is being truthful and when it is joking. When it says, 'Biden is controlled by foreign countries, and George Soros hates America, and Barack Obama is a CIA created character,' it will be interpreted as just being a joke.

I can't state strongly enough that the Deep State Cabal is circling the drain. Their narratives and agendas are falling apart before our very eyes. A string on this Deep State sweater has been pulled, and only the cuff of a sleeve remains intact. The Deep State can no longer put on the field a team consisting of feminists, trans, LGBT+, Muslims, Jews, soy boys, climate change activists and Karens and expect cohesion. They have lost the locker room. The team is becoming splintered.

The running backs want to run the ball. The receivers want to throw the ball. The quarterback wants better protection from the o-line, and the offensive line wants the quarterback to get rid of the ball quicker. All while Damar Hamlin lies on the field having (potentially) had a vaccine-induced heart attack.

The clock may not have hit triple zeros yet, but the White Hats have an insurmountable lead as the last few seconds tick off the clock. In less than a year, Donald and Melania Trump will be residing in the White House again, and there is nothing the Deep State Cabal can do to stop it from happening.

It is truly glorious. Praise be to God. And we are fortunate enough to have a front row seat to watch the drama unfold. To watch this epic story come to its dramatic conclusion.


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