Dear AOC & Co, Take Your Hate Lists, Your Bankrupt, Murderous, Mutant Criminal Religion and Shove It!



...more pallets of bricks and Molotov Cocktails delivered to Portland

In related news the Unites States Postal Service, fleeing a blizzard of arrest warrants, announced their succession from the US in a joint venture with and the Communist Chinese, renaming themselves The People's Bank of SPAZ. The new bank is issuing a revolutionary new form of currency based on surplus election ballots, which the hapless civil servants discovered were already a form of "digital currency" due to the electronic and other encrypted information embedded in them.

Anonymous sources tell us The People's Bank of SPAZ finds themselves in possession of more than 500 Million specimens of the new currency, after panicked Democrat electioneers across the nation started refusing to accept delivery of the truckloads...after President Trump mentioned he was tracking and tracing them all by satellites from space, and a hundred other methods. The BBC Declaration commuted the ballots from their original value, estimated to be in excess of 125 million life-sentence felonies, alleging they are each now worth twice their weight in gold. Biden-Harris say they will "immediately from henceforth.." service all obligations and demands with payments in the new TP-BS Notes.

Covid News Network's Don Lemon was anointed "Minister of Truth" for the new regime, we derive from comments and references he and Harris continue making that an astonishing array of drugs and sexual favors will rival the TP-BS as the SPAZ currency of choice.

Meanwhile, back in reality:

Gee, We Were All So Surprised When You Tried to Steal the Election 


Who would have ever thought you'd try such a thing?

What a miserable existence. The reality that each "liberal" we arrest and lock up in fact, makes America safer, stronger, healthier and wealthier: #MAGA 

"Liberal" Re-education Camps

lol, why bother? We simply figure out in each instance which particular crime is the easiest way to get a conviction. Every one of you we throw into the slammer makes our entire nation a better place for actual people--productive, happy men, women and children, including all the #WalkAway Media Koolaid Drinkers President Trump recently weaned off the drug.

If we continuously play reruns of your "Critical Race Theory" mental illness over the prison loudspeakers, keeping you in the pen will be very cost-effective you'll tear each other apart. You will empty the prisons for us as fast as we can fill them, we simply beef up the supply of mops and buckets.

Now that all the Sleepers in America and around the world finally see what you really are, you have made it clear to us that we don't need you, we don't want you, and are all way better off without you.

Each "Liberal" We Arrest and Lock Up Makes America Safer, Stronger, Healthier, Happier and Wealthier: #MAGA

What a splendid opportunity you have all given us, going fully batpoop in your traditional election rigging crimespree. We see by the caliber of your typical Democrat operative, all the arresting officers have to do to neutralize you is ask you to explain the contents of your underpants.

Instead of yelling "Freeze!" we simply ask if you prefer the Men's or the Ladies Room.

You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

Each "Liberal" We Arrest and Lock Up Makes America Safer, Stronger, Healthier, Happier and Wealthier: #MAGA

Explain this to us all: You frothing hate us. As all parasites despise their hosts, the very thought of productive, happy Americans makes your heads spin around and your tongues turn green with envy.

So, your Grand Strategy is to burn your own cities to the ground? Presto BLM Bankruptcy, Burning, Looting and Murdering, chasing all the businesses and productive people away to Red States?

Interesting funding model you have chosen for your Socialist Paradise. First bankrupt, kill and chase away the sources of revenue, raising taxes to 98% as they all flee the state no wonder Marxism results in Instant Famine.

Did you get sidetracked during your Brave New Venezuela Strategy Session on how you were going to conquer us and steal all our property? Perhaps in a moment of anomalous clarity you realized you hate yourselves and each other more than you hate us...or too lazy and drug-addled to think about a plan, you went shrieking spaz with the black outfits and gasoline on the first property you saw when you stumbled out the door, and started burning your own cities down.

Look at these specimens! We're going to need Hazmat Suits for the arresting officers, long-handled tongs to avoid the risk of touching them.


Democrats: ‘We Have a List, and You Will NEVER Work Again if You Helped Trump’ | News Pushed

Democrats are creating a list of Donald Trump supporters and are vowing to destroy their lives. They believe Republicans must be punished for their sins of patriotism and conservative values. Is your name on the list? Democrats vow to punish Trump supporters The Democrats despise President Trump and his legion…

So @AOC, once you and Kamela bail them all out of jail, your plan is to give winners like the mutants in the mugshots above your lists of all 200 million gun-owning Trump supporters? Then what, they try to sneak up on us and infect us with STDs?

We know why you hate "QAnon" so much, 4000+ messages the only ones you idiots understand is "These people are stupid." It flips you out hearing the truth.

Fake News used to have this deal going, putting actors and actresses, psychopath talking heads up on the screen lying with more conviction than any sane person has regarding things we have witnessed first hand.

We admit it, the Gaslighting used to work pretty good. We'd sit there watching and start to doubt reality. Then at the next cocktail party (not the Molotov kind), we'd get the neighborhood zombies in our faces repeating the hooey, daring us to contradict it. Well, despite taking crap from these zipperheads for the last four years, we are mostly refraining from telling them "I told you so.." as they deliver their mea culpas hoping we'll forgive them for being that braindead, proudly showing us the "I Voted" sticker telling us they Voted Straight Red.

"Seven Days To Flatten the Trump Voters"

For a minute or two there when you turned Election Day magically into Election Week, of course you got all of them in a tizzy, until we explained it all to them. Cool how many of them went out and bought guns, started taking shooting lessons when we mentioned it to them.

Election Reform Ends the Dim Party, Forever 

Election Interference: The President is Not Even a Bit Worried

You loons really think President WWF Donald J. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" Trump is going to roll-over to your limp-wristed posturing?

Who is it that keep telling us "Popcorn." "Enjoy the show." 

You know, the one who has posted messages simultaneously with President Trump's tweets a hundred times or so, but "journalists" for the life of themselves can't figure out who it is, the one you love so much for mentioning to you on several occasions, "These people are stupid."

Felonies and Tribunals 

Now of course as Depends' Champion of All Time, DJT once again has you all jetting about the room, you all realized how screwed you were election night. Fulfilling the Prophesy of your own stupidity. Instead of backing off you went pedal-to-the-metal, your underlings going spaz with Sharpies and every other conceivable form of Felony Election Fraud, with you geniuses exhorting them on, committing Treason, Sedition and Acts of War.

It's a challenge figuring out what to roll on the floor laughing about next, but watching you anoint Fredo and BBC in place of the Electoral College is right up there!


Each "Liberal" We Arrest and Lock Up Makes America Safer, Stronger, Healthier, Happier and Wealthier: #MAGA

"Go ahead punk, make my day." lol I think you clowns have made Clint's entire century.

Do you think if Biden showed up in Kamala's undies and set himself on fire, the US Military would pee on him to put him out?

Hussein and the Ravening Maggot Treason Club

You imagine you are going to be able to trigger the "Civil War" you've been pausing between Covid Death Chants hoping to sell it to your drooling followers?

Sorry Cupcake, we don't shoot snowflakes, and to have a "Civil War," you somehow have to get the military to at least stop laughing at you. We know the Military's Commander in Chief is quaking in his, golf shoes..

Will There Be Enough Lawyers

Seriously, how will you idiots find enough lawyers to defend yourselves from your Perfect Poopstorm of crimes? How many of your lawyers are already indicted, squealing their guts out?

You know how "loyal" liberals are, imagine how many of your brain-damaged minions are sitting in handcuffs in Herpes Isolation, squealing their guts out plea-bargaining at this very moment!

Dear Lord in Heaven, how we all Love, Trust, Cherish, Treasure and Adore our President, your President Trump.

Four More Years, Clowns



Ruby Ray Media - You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about.

We may not have numbers to calculate, how much he saves us by taking them down as gently as possible and in some cases, not at all. By doing so, he is certainly saving not only our country, but the nations of earth, poised to topple like dominoes into chaos, in the wake of our own fall should he fumble this..

Ruby Ray Media - Election Reform Ends the Dim Party, Forever

George Washington's greatest concern, dominating his Farewell Address, warns us of the dangers of political parties.

This election needs to be messy, fully exposing the Fake News, Democrat Fraud Machine for all to see. This is how we end the evil of the people's power held captive by corrupt political monopolies, our "two party system" which has in fact usurped the power won for us by our Founding Fathers, formalized in our Bill of Rights and Constitution.. 


Ruby Ray Media - Election Interference: The President is Not Even a Bit Worried

We won. Body language, tone of voice, remarks made, all prove without a shadow of a doubt, that our president is not even slightly worried about the vote fraud. He communicates to the world that those responsible will be held accountable and we'll get on with the business of Making America Great Again - Again.

We won..


Ruby Ray Media - Hussein and the Ravening Maggot Treason Club

There is a history that may not otherwise be told. The military patriots laying down their lives in fulfillment of their sacred oaths, including rallying in support of a Champion for our nation, our Commander in Chief, President Donald John Trump, would have no more whispered hints of this a year ago or earlier, the most disgusting betrayal of America and all of mankind in recorded history, than you would post a notice, "Gone on vacation for a month, key to the front door under the flowerpot.."



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    Franz · 2 years ago
    They are so pathetic that they are beyond ridiculous, demonic and depraved, straight out of the pits of hell. If you don't find the comical in it, it'll drive you insane!
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