"Trump supported the jab..."


When you don't look past incendiary ad hominem designed to deflect culpability, you will miss the buried lead. There is a fair bit of whiff-ball going on with respect to how President Trump has worked through the covidiocracy to expose to the People the full evil of the Pfauci-Pfizer-Pfarma State, allowing that pfreakshow dumpster pfire to self immolate, the only way we were ever going to see the death of it.

"You can't always tell them"

Chess not checkers because people have free will

When we discover the truth about something that's been hidden or suppressed, we'd all like to be able to tell everyone about it, have them believe us and start looking at it critically for themselves. But that's not what typically happens, is it?

The other thing about truth is that it can be weaponized to hide a lie or two or three. A good liar will tell you mostly truth with the lie disguised in it. Like the TROJAN HORSE I wrote and podcasted about yesterday.

That's the way we've been sold Pharma for a hundred plus years in this country.

Evil Pharma took root in America because nobody likes pain and all Pharma is, is a pain killer masking the root of the pain, pretending that the cause is gone because the pain is gone.

In fact, artificially alleviating pain only drives the root cause of that pain deeper into the body, causing more disease. A pain-free death awaits BUT not so pain-free in the end when your whole body is decaying with the cancer promoted by the toxic pharma you took your whole life.

This applies to psych meds too, turning people, even our precious children, with natural concerns and with normal emotional responses to unnatural circumstances in the world around them, into paranoid and suicidal schizophrenics.

That's what President Trump was dealing with when he took on Pharma during the covidiocracy: a world addicted to physical and emotional pain killers.

Chess not checkers. Ruby Ray Media founder Donald Garrett tells us more below.



By Ruby Ray Media Founder Donald Garrett | March 29 2023

1. The C0VID weapon was Obamacare, the bioweapon and the vaxx were two of thousands of components wired into the insurance system of the entire western world, coordinated with the media fearporn blitz, forced-masking etc. In addition to zeroing-out the normal annual flu deaths changing them to "c0vid," anyone dying of anything including gunshot wounds was switched worldwide in a single move to inflate the "c0vid" death stats fueling the panic. Activating a massive embedded cancer of rules and regs including enormous financial incentives for hospitals to classify all deaths as "c0vid" and to prescribe lethal "treatments," mass-murdering elderly in old folk's homes, isolate patients from their families etc. The scam was spring-loaded to trigger no matter what Trump did, so he accelerated it, completely blowing it wide open including defeating the plan to sync the "pandemic" with famine, economic crash etc. The plan was to skyrocket the death rate by every means, shrieking that the deaths were due to the "pandemic," to drive the worldwide campaign of mass-vaxx-murder, including blaming spiraling mass deaths caused by the clot-shot itself on "c0vid," instigating global suspension of civil liberties, vaxx passports, vaxxes required to buy food etc. Our spastic "elites" at the WHO, WEF, etc openly published the plan to wipe 75% or more of humanity off the face of the earth decades ago.

2. The vaxx T rushed was Ivermectin-based, pharma switched in the bioweapon they had been developing for a decade.

3. The brainwashed herd was going to take the vaxx no matter what Trump said, but a great many were smart enough to refuse, before they got the power via artificial crisis to go full FEMA Death Camp forced vaxx mass murder. The move to accelerate their plan was brilliant, it caught them completely off-guard, very likely defeating them utterly—time will tell. The ongoing economic crash was also wired into the system a decade ago, it looks like the plan is to accelerate that as well, rolling out something better to replace it once our existing systems of satanic world government, banker enslavement and pharmacidal medicine have been smashed to bits.

4. All Advertising is Good Advertising. It is not unlikely that if Trump had made vaxxes an issue by actively opposing them, the resulting shriekfest putting attention on the issue would have resulted in more people getting vaxxed. The fact that Trump is the absolute master at provoking the media into giving him free advertising—estimates run that during his first election campaign alone it was over a billion $, it is unlikely that this dilemma escaped him in his choice to downplay the vaxxes rather than directly opposing them, calculating which tactic would result in less deaths. His choice totally caught them off-guard, they were completely wound-up for the shriekfest vaxx advertising blitz with "orange man bad" as their poster-child.

5. If you paid close enough attention to discern the depth and breadth of the military plan that asked Trump give up his life by taking the lead, you recognized the clear pattern: on each major issue, the economic crash, even free energy and medbeds, not to mention going to war against child trafficking in the first months of his Presidency—the most dangerous thing he could possibly do—Trump made clear, unambiguous statements of his intentions etc, usually only once. His warning to avoid the vaxx was perfectly clear, if you were paying attention.

6. If you followed the history of vaxxes and bioweapons: "Polio" / SV40, Lyme's, HIV, SARS, H1N1 etc etc, you did not need Trump to tell you.

7. This is chess, not checkers.

I talk about this article here...

"Trump supported the jab..." | RRM Report 57
Ruby Ray Media Reports with Franz Glaus on Rumble
Published March 29 2023
Length 22:30


CHESS OR CHECKERS? FEELGOOD OR WIN? by Donald Garrett | July 2020

Sessions recused himself so there will not be any appearance of "conflict of interest" when he testifies.

Trump endlessly disses former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions so the defense cannot use "conflict of interest," accusing him of carrying water for Trump, when he testifies before the world against the entire Hussein Admin, foremost among thousands of criminals likely guilty of numerous crimes including treason and sedition.

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