Arizona's next governor to vote traffickers: "There will be hell to pay"


Kari Lake has not pulled any punches since she ran that TV campaign ad a year or so ago, where she's smashing televisions with a sledge hammer. She's EXACTLY what Arizona and America need.

We Rumbled the video, it's below - and the transcript.

Next Arizona Governor Kari Lake week before the primary to vote traffickers: There will be hell to pay if you're caught stealing our vote
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Published July 25 2022
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Kari Lake 0:00
We're working behind the scenes and I have a stern warning to anybody who thinks they're going to try to steal this next election. You're gonna get caught. We've got eyes, we've got ears, and we have lawyers all over. And our law enforcement is on top of it.

Know this: this next election, if you're caught cheating when I'm Governor, there's not going to be a slap on the wrist. We're going after people who stole our vote. This is our sacred vote, and we will not stand by and have it stolen. Not again.

We're gonna go back and look at who stole the 2020 election, as well. This stolen election had deadly consequences. People died in Afghanistan when this illegitimate president, who shouldn't even be in the White House, did such a reckless pull-out, killing 13 of our men and women; our finest in the military. Deadly consequences by allowing tons of fentanyl to pour in and kill our young people. We're not going to sit back and take any more stolen elections.

When I'm Governor, we're going to fix it. We're going to make sure we have honest elections. People who think they're going to try to steal and the mules who are going to try to move ballots, we're watching you. You are being watched and there will be hell to pay.


Kari Lake is Ultra MAGA

UPDATE 6-22: Kari blasts the swamp with both barrels on "shall not be infringed." Also, other tweets from Kari in the last 24 hours. To say that Kari is making it clear where she stands is a great understatement!

Not being Arizona news-watchers here, we didn't know what to think of the long-time regional news anchor Kari Lake when she first threw her hat in the ring for governor; but, we quickly found out how solid of a maga-maverick she is! She's only getting stronger!

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    Beverly · 1 years ago
    I have watched her grow in her courage. She stands firm on all MAGA issues. Very poised and gives any fake news media personage who begins pulling shenanigans with her a black eye...LOL. Yup, my kinda Patriot!
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