Are you ready for a Red October? Juan O Savin explains...


UPDATE SEP 29: JOS to Spaceshot76 - there is an exact date scheduled for Trump's "indictment/house arrest"

Juan: "I'm looking forward to the MAGADOR taking a leap in the air and killing that deepstate bull* once and for all."

The Red October Q theme is almost five years old. Given how things are going, we're seeing this year as the one that will more fully live up to that idea than the last few. We've got a detailed new explanation of what is to come in October from Juan O Savin, in videos and notes.

If you're thinking that it's dangerous to taunt a bloody dying beast ... well, you'd be right. But for some, danger is a way of life.

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USMC-CryptoRedNeck on BitChute
Published Sept 27, 2022
Length 63:25 (notes below)

Notes by hand by Franz Glaus

Juan with Nino on 9-26-22 - The Kill Shot - Getting Back to a Constitutional Republic

Nino: had a guest on my show that had no clue about the election fraud

Juan: OK, he's on wrong side of history, let's see what happens, people can have their viewpoint. At a certain point, they're either going to be embarrassed or insist on being f'ing idiots.

There's so much data, deniers just aren't interested in an honest conversation. It is a stolen election.

The consequences are severe here and around the world, and worse ones yet to come. "Elections have consequences"

It will be getting far more heated through the month of October.

Nino: what do you mean by "heated?"

Juan: shortly we'll have a 25th amendment invocation, will it make Kamala president? it will trigger an examination of her qualification, she's not qualified, so why is she VP?

We'll get to watch Congress' circus act for going from Joe to skipping over Kamala Harris then try to make it Pelosi - and beyond that, who they want to carry their banner next (Gov Gruesome, et al)

Trump event in Michigan coming up, Oct. 1, Kristina Karamo, etc.

Oct. 8 event canceled, why? What's going to happen? Juan is forecasting hurricanes that are currently building in the Caribbean, but that's not all of it, some kind of Trump indictment coming, Trump has egged the Jan6 cmte with Truth statements to put him back in office, or put him on the '22 ballot.

Nino: he's baiting them isn't he? bullfighter?

Juan: yes, repeats the matador metaphor briefly. Three acts, based on Tale of Gilgamesh, bull falls from heaven, similar to Satan falling from heaven "like lightning" Gilgamesh with help of friend who weakens bull in the neck, allowing G to finish the bull off.

Whole object to taunt and bait bull, to charge the matador, in the third round, by which time they are really bowed down, matador has to finish him off by taunting him to charge.

Biolabs (I've been telling you about them for 10 years) in Ukraine. They have to tell you what they're going to do, in advance, per the Bond movies.

Putin is going to be soldiers and scientists in Donbas on trial who were running the biolabs.

Our tribunals will happen at about same time.

Deepstate globalistas have been exposed in various places.

Russians freed the IAEA officials at Zaporozhiya, Ukes had sent in special team to cause a meltdown, Russians caught them. Will be accused for possibly contaminating all of Europe.

Trump has never condemned Putin.

Rally on 9-17, that was Constitution Day, Ohio is 17th state, lots of fun stuff, lots of hidden messaging. US flag with blank star field, covered over, means land is occupied, sends message to our team, be careful, beware, our enemy occupies. to enemy, tells them we recognize an unlawful belligerent force that hasn't identified themselves for who they are working for, if we catch you, we don't have to take you as prisoner, you can be killed on sight, if you want to surrender, you better ID yourself, turn yourself in, or you're fair game.

Nino: is that what Zuckerberg did with Trump?

Juan: no, stupid ass freak is just a complete enemy ... by the way, he wears a mask, it's not the real Zuckerberg.

Nino: is anybody surrendering?

Juan: I wouldn't know, I'm not in 4 am meetings. Nobody close to the action can tell you. Lots of people talk shit. However, I've stated a specific date, Oct. 29, for an Esther flip ... am I being treasonous? In Book of Esther,

I'm giving benefit of what I see coming, I think I'm in a zone and can see the date, I might be off.

Nino: what if nothing happens? We need the climax but what if?

Juan: If midterms happen with cheat, then we'll never get fair elections again, they'll lock in the fake elections forever.

Nino: freaking out that we're screwed if that happens

Juan: The Washington Monument is a big fu, we've been getting f'd for a long time.

Cheyenne Mountain still locked up tight as a drum, in a war with SES, it's a chess match.

Globally, something happening in China, coup overthrow? Taiwan? Ukraine, Russia mobilizing. In both cases, they see maneuvers in USA, now it's danger, could go either way from their perspective.

Here, Congress is preparing an indictment of Trump.

Jan6, people gathered knowing that there was election fraud and the president had ordered intel agencies to report it.

There was Chinese interference in the election, arguing in the intel community as to how much weight to give it, Ratliffe said we were waiting and no report got submitted to Trump.

Friends of Trump, patriots, wanted Trump to sign Insurrection Act, Trump agreed initially, but military advisors said civil war was likely, not to do it.

Congress certified the electors without any intel, since the agencies were so compromised, so invested with getting rid of Trump.

We are sending people to prison as criminals for exercising their constitutional rights, their God-given rights. Who are the real criminals here? FBI, CIA, etc. and their directors, who refused to provide the reports.

Loyal agents developed hard data, moved it up channels where the data got shelved and kept from the president.

It's taken almost two years for us to discover all the ways they cheated and colluded. We avoided civil war by letting this play out.

Nino: do you agree with Devolution?

Juan: "Devolution" has precise meaning in the Law, triggers very precise action. We are not in Devolution.

Patel Patriot has done fantastic work and I'm a fan, but he has a perspective I disagree with his conclusions, the premise of "Devolution" is not what we're in.

There's an action in course and the next 45-50 days will reveal amazing things.

Russians and Chinese are concerned about how weird this gets here in USA, wondering whether or not Trump is coming back.

A new Congress can re-examine and nullify actions taken by Biden admin.

Trump not back until early 2024.

Q-clearance level of military and civilians are key to the operation.

That's why they're still locked into Cheyenne Mountain in a STATE OF WAR.

This involves the transfer of power bigger than has ever occurred on this planet, things must play out as they are mapped out. This effects the whole world. Once America regains civilian control of our constitutioinal representative republic. That's what the guys in the mountain are sworn to.

We're going to root out the traitors. We're done with being a captured people. The best plays in this bullfight are just ahead.

Trump becomes more audacious every day to taunt that bull who's only got 2 or 3 charges left. This is the moment when the bull charges one more time and the matador leaps into the air and strikes the bull with the KILL SHOT!!

Stay frosty, readers!!

Notes by Franz Glaus, listening to the interview.

Finished with a prayer by Juan, thank the Father for all He's doing to move His people, to keep us in the right posture, to not be baited by the enemy. We want the Father's Justice and Peace, not the peace and justice of the enemy, the devil.

Juan O Savin 9/28/22
Spaceshot76 on Rumble
Published Sept 28 2022
Length 2:06:28 (notes below)

107 to Spaceshot76 last night (Sept 28)

There is a specific date (soon) that the J6 kangaroos have scheduled to put Trump in house arrest for insurrection and sedition and he won't be allowed to speak to the public (which is why he canceled the 10-8 rally.) This is part of the plan to keep Trump out of what needs to happen next. (It looks like the 10-1 rally in Michigan is the last rally we're gonna have for some time.)

There will be some kind of escalation of nuclear war threats made by the deepstate on Russia, etc. They're going to try to blame Russia for the pipeline sabotage and of course they "refuse to recognize" the referenda done by the four districts of Ukraine with overwhelming votes to join the Russian Federation which becomes official in Russia at the end of the week.

The same freaks doing that tried really hard to get the Zaporozhiye Nuclear Power Plant to meltdown to destroy Europe and cover up all of their horrendous crimes against humanity in Ukraine that the Russians are going to uncover with their trials starting soon in the Donbas. Russian special forces stopped a Ukronazi special forces team that was assigned to cause a nuclear meltdown that would have threatened millions in Europe; and they saved the IAEA officials from all over the world

Mark the date, October 29.

The Nov. 8 election will be put off at least 6 months, more likely a year. This is going to make Americans go ballistic.

We may go into a kind of military presence (not exactly martial law) in line with the 1954 military code related to Continuity of Government for about a year and a half.

It appears that October 29 may be the date, give or take a day or two or three, that something like a 10-day period of internet shutdown (which may or may not be a total shutdown.) This may give the military the opportunity to broadcast by Emergency Broadcast what the public needs to hear.

Juan: "I'm looking forward to the MAGADOR taking a leap in the air and killing that deepstate bull* once and for all." 


Trump the Matador by Juan O Savin

In the great bull fight that serves as Juan O Savin's perfect metaphor for the take down of the globalist Osiris death cult that had America captured for so long, President Trump is the matador reaching deep for all the fine motor skills, artistry and intuition that the world's greatest performer must consistently summon to avoid injury or death in achieving repeated and stupendous victories.

The deepstate is the bull, the beast, still dangerous, but now quite weakened through the dramatic brutal stages of a grand and bloody struggle reaching its climax where the matador courageously and skillfully taunts the bull into one or two or three final adrenaline-fueled charges at the one who will drive in the vanquisher's sword for the kill.

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