Americans turn Pelosi's House back to the People's House


Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is not shy about dropping truth bombs on her enemies' heads. Watch her on the House floor declaring the firing of Speaker Nanshy PeLoser. One for the record books.

'The American People Have Spoken! They Have Fired You!'
Boebert Roasts Pelosi On House Floor!!!
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Published December 2 2022
Length 1:22 (see transcript below the vid)


Lauren Boebert 0:00
Madam Speaker, the American people have spoken. They have fired you and have chosen to end the Democrats' one-party rule throughout our government.

The days of this chamber being treated as Pelosi's House instead of The People's House are over. The American people will once again be allowed into this chamber to see their representatives at work.

Republicans made a lot of promises on the campaign trail. It's time we make good on those promises.

We must defund the 87,000 IRS agents that the Democrats hired, increase domestic energy production, get to the bottom of Hunter Biden's corruption (and of course, the big guy, who's at least compromised by 10%,) reinstate the service men and women who were shamefully discharged because they refused to take the COVID vaccine, reduce government spending and curb inflation, secure the southern border at which there is a complete invasion and reduce the flow of China's fentanyl into our communities. Republicans across America ran on these policies. God help us if we fail to deliver on them. With that I yield.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert on "My American Life"

Congresswoman Boebert is a national treasure. Her story is must-read for high school students in America. Get the book!

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