America Outvotes the Fraud - AND THE MONEY!!


The pedovore deepstate - or what is now more commonly being called, "The Administrative State" - outspent grassroots America many times over - IN VAIN - in crucial Primary campaigns involving Trump-endorsed, America-First MAGA candidates for national and statewide offices in five key states, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington State that came to a vote yesterday (Aug. 2.)

The evidence is clear that America's domestic enemy keeps trying to use vote machine algorithms to skew numbers, together with many ballot shenanigans, to try to steal the votes. The MAGA numbers are simply overwhelming their fraud; and patriots are watching the process like hawks.

The Liar and his Lie are failing. The cheats are caught!


Father, the American people have awakened to the Fake Two-Party System!

The exorcism of the no-name stain on AZ is ongoing...

The more you lie to them, the more Americans seek those who tell the truth
They've learned to ignore the expensive lying ads

The election of Donald J. Trump in 2016 showed us that none of the public narrative by the paid liars worked. The deepstate ran fake polls and fake stories for a year, they stopped at nothing, one lie piled on another, in their self immolation over MAGA ending in the hildabeast's threats to her staff on election night to "fix it or we'll hang from nooses." (We're still looking forward to that, by the way!)

With the election steal sting operation of 2020, Americans have only gotten wiser. Last night's primary election results bear this out, bigly.

Boris Epshteyn: MAGA 'Ran The Table' In Arizona With Thanks To The War Room
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Aug 3 2022
Length 7:31

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Ground Zero of Super Tuesday is Arizona

Arizona's next governor Kari Lake to Steve Bannon this morning: "It's in God's hands now, the same God that parted the Red Sea.."

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