Alex Jones Video with Gen Flynn, Joe Flynn and Patrick Byrne on Jan 6 and Nov 3


We listened to all 43 minutes of the published video and we can tell you with much emphasis: WATCH IT! Take it to heart! These are our leaders.

Breaking! General Flynn, Patrick Byrne Talk January 6th, 2022 Election & More

The Alex Jones Show on BANNED.VIDEO
Published Nov 24, 2021
43:33 viewing length

Alex Jones hosts an in-depth discussion with General Flynn, Joe Flynn & Patrick Byrne concerning the deep state attempts to trigger a bloody civil war in America and how we can stop it.


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With the slaughter of innocent deplorables in Waukesha the day after the Rittenhouse acquittal, emotions are high and they are raw - and it's very clear that there is a war on for your mind. Make no mistake. America is a state of mind. We will decide if she'll be great!


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