A week to remember


Bakhmut falls, J6 unravels, Kash Patel's 'Government Gangsters' are caught running the Censorship Industrial Complex, now the Thieving World that some people call the 'financial world', turns into a slow collapse.

Rejoice! It had to be this way. Jesus and his friends are on it!

Kinda like Noah and his fam taking a hundred years to build the ark and then, bam! Right?

Not to worry, President Trump's comms prove how bad it is and how badly America wants him back!!

#ItHadToBeThisWay #NCSWIC #WWG1WGAWW #WorldofUnityWorldofWonder

ONE NATION UNDER GOD- JUSTICE FOR ALL -President Trump and J6 prisoners- 3 10 2023

Juan O Savin Presentations on Rumble
Published March 10 2023
Length 2:24


J6 boomerang

Tucker Carlson showed a few minutes of J6 footage from Capitol Building cameras that the dimm-dumm dolts kept hidden for two years - and now they are finally toast. And we wrote about it, oh, January 2021.


Purim 2023 = J6 boomerang

Dear readers, have you read the Book of Esther lately? Did you know that this year's Hebrew festival called Purim commemorating God's miraculous and quite sudden intervention through the beautiful Esther that saved God's people was the same day that Tucker Carlson publicly turned the tables on the enemies of God's people, the wicked ones who plotted the J6 false flag event in order to deny the People their rightful leader and their rightful inheritance of this land as a Free People?

(Is it a coincidence that the date of this miracle was also the 6th? Monday, March 6th, 2023. Full Moon in Virgo waxing that night; Virgo the sign of the virgin, purity, cleansing. We march in March!)


What exactly does it mean to "weaponize" the government?

You should watch Chairman Jim Jordan's subcommittee that is on live TV this week!

What does "weaponization of government" mean?

Simple, it's the way predatory psychopaths behave in government when they remove natural rights from the people.

Like Moses' simple Ten Commandments, these wack jobs need it spelled out in simple terms and even that doesn't work for them.

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