A police state? More like the keystone feds!


The conservative media is all a-buzz today on this auspicious 23rd of the month with the breaking news that "the Biden White House" is trying to establish a police state with the help of the mockingbird media. Attorney Mike Davis this morning in Bannon's War Room called it the "Obama White House," which actually gets us closer to the absurd truth, doesn't it?

Just hilarious, isn't it?

I understand the concern. After all, there is a good bunch of regular good guys rotting in King Joe's jail right now in the District of Corruption, today's Nottingham.

There is also the prospect of 87,000 armed IRS agents coming at us across the fruited plain.

Meanwhile, many Americans have to choose whether to fill the tank or put Cheerios on the breakfast table.

Their kids are being lied to at school, that real life means you can choose if you want to be a girl or a boy. Satanic perverts are grooming our kids for a life of nihilism.

Not to mention the many amazingly fit 22 year old athletes dropping dead of heart attacks on the field of play after almost two years of repeated safe shots for C-ovid-19 - 'see sheep surrender' (C = "see"; ovid is Greek for "sheep"; 19 is the military radio call number for "surrender". No, this is not a conspiracy theory.)

Our morgues are becoming overfilled with jabbed dead people, called SADS victims (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a condition never before described in the history of mankind. Maybe it's "climate change"?)

The evidence of massive systemic election fraud in ALL 50 STATES is incontrovertible even as half the country is being called insurrectionists for wanting to end it. Many people are becoming aware that, what we were reporting in 2020 that Sidney Powell was saying after the election about Trump receiving over 100 million votes, was true.

So, none of this is a laughing matter as suggested by my headline; and I certainly don't mean to dismiss the horror of all that.

However, the obvious absurdity of it all cannot be dismissed either! It's there for all to see and acknowledge, as strange as it may seem to do that.

A brainwashed people are waking up and that's the whole point.

I see a rabid hardness of heart in the evil ones being judged by God today, similar to how hard of heart the Pharaonic Egyptians were when Moses kept demanding that they "let my people go." The Hebrews were reluctant also, to leave their enslavement, exactly the way people today are reluctant to face their enslavement to a bureaucratic neo feudal technocracy.

Ask yourself: what was Pharaoh thinking, sending his army to rush into a supernaturally parted seabed after the Israelites? Could he not add 2+2 to get 4, meaning, God would drown them all? Especially after God had wiped out all their firstborn sons? Especially, after all ten of those plagues previous to that: the frogs, the locusts, the storms, the droughts, floods, water turning to blood?

What in the world could have possessed Pharaoh? God told Moses and His people, "I will harden their hearts." I guess, that's the same as saying, they will go insane! They will all start acting like Creepy Clowns!!

Part the Red Sea, Holy Father!!

John Solomon: Biden White House Worked Directly with DOJ to Instigate Criminal Probe into Trump
Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Aug 23 2022
Length 6:37

Mike Davis: 'Smoking Gun' Found, Biden WH Colluded with Justice Department over Criminal Probe
Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Aug 23  2022
Length 4:53


BREAKING NEWS: “Former White House Adviser: Biden Admin Running ‘World’s Epicenter’ of Child Trafficking - Conservative View

A former White House adviser, Stephen Miller, accused the Biden administration of turning the United States into the “world’s epicenter” of child trafficking due to the administration’s border policies. “These astronomical numbers defy any historical comparison. So overwhelmingly are the prior records exceeded that there is no reference point. Biden, with the unflinching aid of 50 Senate


TOP*GOV Ron DeSantis Announces Plans For Private Military Force

There are no coincidences!

It's no coincidence that troll master extraordinaire Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who is second only in troll status to Donald J. Trump) came out with a brilliant TOP*GUN themed campaign ad targeting fake-stream media false narratives at the very same time he finalizes plans to enact a private military force.

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