Looks like 2022 will go down as Trump's best year yet


With Roe overturned, states' rights restored, right-to-carry upheld, freedom-to-worship protected, and the globalist 3-letter bureaucracy shut down, all in the Year of our Lord 2022, this should be judged Trump's best year yet!

The repeated faceplants of the people's enemies trying to stop Trump and MAGA (Jan6 star chamber, Ignoring that pesky Election Fraud, desperately jamming satanic culture down our throats, etc.) add chocolate sauce to that multi-layered cake. Cherries on top are provided by the mad rush of formerly comatose Americans away from the traditional R and D fake traitor pols into the welcoming camp of America-First Ultra-MAGA Trump-endorsed warrior-leaders.

Record inflation, record invasion and the vaxx genocide are horrible but they seem to be necessary to prove to those who were too distracted to pay attention, how dumb you have to be to consent to a nation-wrecking by dimm-dumms, rinos and their mercantilist-monster-masters.

In short, an Apocalyptic Great-Awakening NDE is a good thing when you were headed straight to hell ushered there by the devil himself.




"This term of the Supreme Court has been a big one for based decisions and here's another big one.

"The Supreme Court sharply curtailed the power of the EPA to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions that cause climate change. In a 6-3 ruling written by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court sided with conservative states and fossil-fuel companies in adopting a narrow reading of the Clean Air Act.

"The Court found that Congress had not authorized the EPA to induce a shift toward cleaner energy sources.

"However, as the Chief Justice notes: "There is little reason to think Congress did so."

"Justice Kagan in her dissent acted as though it was the Court's responsibility to address climate change, rather than interpret the law and the Constitution.

"This has a lot of implications then for other efforts by the Biden Administration to impose its will, without Congressional authority."


Remain in Mexico

Deepstate/mockie faceplants and meltdowns

Published June 27, 2022
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Tired of winning yet?

on Rumble
Published June 30, 2022
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Wait for it...

You know what, let's go ahead and entertain the idea that Joe is right, that soaring high gas prices and economic depression are due to Russia's war in Ukraine, and not due to the Biden admin's failure. But NOBODY wants to address WHY Russia moved into Ukraine in the first place.

According to Russia, it's because JOE AND HUNTER BIDEN set up a massive black-site biological network in Ukraine. Nobody wants to admit that the reason Russia is in Ukraine, is largely due to Joe Biden and the ruling families of the DNC, allegedly creating biological weapons in Ukraine.

So even if gas prices are rising due to Russia, the whole reason we are in this mess in the first place, is because of Joe Biden and the Dems doing shady shit in Ukraine. No matter how you slice it, this is still Joe Biden's fault.

If they allowed actual journalists into the White House press corps or on television, Joe Biden wouldn't have lasted a week in office. I could generate articles of impeachment from asking Joe Biden ONE question.

"Hey Joe, gas prices might be rising due to conflict with Russia, but what do you think caused this conflict in Ukraine in the first place? Because Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Gabon, via the UN, all seem to think it's because you and your son created and facilitated a biological network in Ukraine. Russia also accused you of crimes against humanity and violating the BWC and Nuremberg Code. What is your response to these allegations?"

At the UN Security Council, countries representing 3.2 Billion people accused Joe Biden of creating biological weapons in Ukraine. And I'd say less than 1% of Americans know these allegations even exist.

Where are the journalists who are supposed to be holding the administration accountable? Trump gets two scoops of ice cream and they launch a full scale investigation, but Joe Biden gets accused of creating biological weapons and none of them bat an eye.

We need lift the veil and get these allegations into the mainstream. Either a mainstream American "journalist" needs to step up, or someone needs to hand over their press pass and let me show you how it's done.

-Clandestine on Telegram

Link to this post right here


"I’m going to go over my methods on HOW TO WAKE UP NORMIES, as well as what NOT to do." ~Clandestine

The Narrative is Shifting Quickly.

This is the time we have been waiting for, Patriots.

We are in the midst of the largest digital revolution ever. The fake news media psychological warfare has been waged for many years, with only one side aggressively engaged. The nefarious globalist offensive team was winning until WE, the Patriots throughout the world, united as one to defend our freedom.


And as the media narrative shifts from the corporate "brainwashing' airwaves to social media TRUTHER digital warriors (We Are The News NQW!), it is time to understand how to better help those left in a lurch, not knowing what or who to believe.

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