Are you ready for a Red October? Juan O Savin explains...

UPDATE SEP 29: JOS to Spaceshot76 - there is an exact date scheduled for Trump's "indictment/house arrest"

Juan: "I'm looking forward to the MAGADOR taking a leap in the air and killing that deepstate bullshit once and for all."

The Red October Q theme is almost five years old. Given how things are going, we're seeing this year as the one that will more fully live up to that idea than the last few. We've got a detailed new explanation of what is to come in October from Juan O Savin, in videos and notes.

If you're thinking that it's dangerous to taunt a bloody dying beast ... well, you'd be right. But for some, danger is a way of life.

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President Trump's 9/23/22 NC Rally Pulls Another Plug on the DC Swamp PLUS BONUS REPORT: MAGA INC Super PAC Formed

Number 45 gets more real with every SAVE AMERICA Rally

No more kid gloves. It's bare knuckles time as DJT brings his voice, love, and Patriot hope to the citizens of America. 

He uses plain language to explain how a complicated system of corruption has stolen our votes, murdered our unborn, propagandized our youth, trafficked people for lust and greed, and created death and chaos in towns and cities throughout our country. It's about time we perked up and listened more closely to his truth because it is OUR truth, and he is the only President in the history of this country willing to stand up and fight like hell to save it. 

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Julian Rum's Tribute to the T Meister

Every now and then a vid is produced that hits it square on the head of the nail. Published by JuliansRum on Truth Social on August 10, it does not - and cannot - get old. It hits all the notes.

Thanks, Julian's Rum, you GET IT!!!

Can I get an amen?

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Trump the Matador by Juan O Savin

In the great bull fight that serves as Juan O Savin's perfect metaphor for the take down of the globalist Osiris death cult that had America captured for so long, President Trump is the matador reaching deep for all the fine motor skills, artistry and intuition that the world's greatest performer must consistently summon to avoid injury or death in achieving repeated and stupendous victories.

The deepstate is the bull, the beast, still dangerous, but now quite weakened through the dramatic brutal stages of a grand and bloody struggle reaching its climax where the matador courageously and skillfully taunts the bull into one or two or three final adrenaline-fueled charges at the one who will drive in the vanquisher's sword for the kill.

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The President came to Ohio - Youngstown again! YUGE party, YUGE success! I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of history from DJT, let me tell you!

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Matt Gaetz slams the decrepit dimm-dumms in Congress and the FBI

Dimm-dumms are too stupid to keep morons like Hank Johnson from opening up their fly traps on camera and serving up one home run opportunity after another to patriots like Matt Gaetz. I can see that in the 2022-23 season, Team MAGA will just keep circling the bases with regularity like modern-day Babe Ruths, with all those dead balls served up by the weak-armed left-handers from Team Dufus.

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Juan O Savin prepares Ethan Lucas' viewers for the great drama ahead

Juan is determined to prepare patriots for what is coming, arming them with the intelligence that true patriots can use to be the leaders in their communities as America is taught a very important lesson regarding God's Law and His Truth.

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Live Free or Die is FOR REAL!

New Hampshire lived up to their State Motto, "Live Free or Die" yesterday, bigly! As radio man John Fredericks so aptly said in the War Room this morning, "Get out your calendars and circle Sept 13 2022, the date the people took over the Republican Party." Granite Staters couldn't have done it any better!

Oh, and for all our international readers who don't yet have access to Truth Social, I like to use any excuse at all to copy a bunch of President Trump's latest truths for your reading and viewing pleasure.

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MAGA NEWS FLASH Week #36: FBI Vote Fraud Collusion Proof, Worldwide Unity Grows, Biden Bashing, and as always, Trump Truths

With the Maga Good News coming in fast and furious, there is little time for sadness. The Ebb and the Flow of life continues. All life has a time of rest and a time of expression. I choose to be now as expressive as divinely possible. How about you? 

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Trump does it by the book

Many wonder how President Trump does it, outmaneuvering the whole global death cult some call the Deep State, others call the Administrative State. Some may even argue that he has not outmaneuvered them at all, since he "lost" the last election. Oh really?

Has Trump ever conceded that election? Have you ever known Trump to be wrong about anything? If you think you have, put it in the comments below, I will prove you wrong, guaranteed.

Why can't the bye-done clownshow follow up on Mr. Magoo's blatherings to "shut down gitmo"?  OK, you mongrels, do it! Shut down gitmo! Hard to do when you are in fact a military prisoner! LOL

About the jibbyjab, did he not repeatedly say in 2020 that therapeutics were preferable to jibbyjabs and that Operation Warp Speed was required to open up the country again? (And consequently, the rest of the world too.) Without it, the Great Reset was designed to absolutely drive the world into a neo-feudal dark age.

Think like Trump and you'll be a happy camper! Go by the book and you'll get God's favor.

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Trump-Q Proof #9,999

There are so many of these cross references between President Trump's tweets and truths with Q drops, so as to remove all doubt that they are on a common mission. The Plan.

Featured here is a comm showing that the Year of the Boomerang is really 2022.

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TRUMP B424! Can a Contingent Election Work?

Steve Bannon hit on an essential element in the "stolen election' debate. 

Theories about how the stolen election can be righted are abounding. And if the mechanisms to do such worked ideally, it could happen. But we live in a politically corrupt world, and the ideal situation may not occur as we think it should. 

Although we may not have perfection on our side, we have some of the keenest minds in the world working full-time, thinking of ways to get President Trump back into the White House (where he rightfully belongs) before 2024.

Listen to the first 4 minutes of this video as Bannon explains what CAN happen:

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President Trump turns his Truth Social feed into "the paper of record"

UPDATED with AUG 31 Truths by Trump

Many have thought that full disclosure of the globalist death cult - more commonly known as the deepstate - would have to happen in some mysterious Emergency Broadcast System where there is a widespread shutdown of media to get everybody's attention. We've entertained that idea, but we've also hoped for a more practical approach in which the media that people are familiar with, both online and in broadcast media, would be forced to tell the truth!

It looks like President Trump is prepping us for this, with his Truth Social feed! Check it out!

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The Federal Bureau of Interference

This clownshow is so entertaining, it really is!  We'll let the master communicator and troll explain.

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MY SON HUNTER Movie Reveals ALL! They can run, but they can't hide...anymore!

The trailer alone packs a gut punch to the Biden Dynasty. 

The movie will tear all insulation from their corrupt cocoon, and soon the elite fortress of lies will come tumbling down hard upon the Biden Crime Family. 

President Trump weighs in with this: 

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Guess who was REALLY inaugurated on Jan 20 2021

Derek Johnson lays out the irrefutable facts. Matches perfectly with what we know. You are indeed watching a movie.

President Trump got the 21-gun salute with Hail to the Chief. The actor posing as Joe Biden got the Minister Resident salute and a military grade funeral service.

(Minister Resident: a person who takes a temporary residence in a foreign territory. DC is its own city-state.)

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A police state? More like the keystone feds!

The conservative media is all a-buzz today on this auspicious 23rd of the month with the breaking news that "the Biden White House" is trying to establish a police state with the help of the mockingbird media. Attorney Mike Davis this morning in Bannon's War Room called it the "Obama White House," which actually gets us closer to the absurd truth, doesn't it?

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The Tina Peters Star Shines over Voter Fraud in the movie '[S]ELECTION CODE' featured in this article.

Since the evening of November 3, 2020, the concern that election fraud occurred in counties of each state throughout this country has been brought to the surface by proof. The fractured American justice system is also overrun with similar fraud, so it has not been proven in a court of law, but that does not deter 1000s of researchers from delving into the subject and finding the proof needed to declare a stolen election to the people of the world. 

Mike Lindell's voice is heard above the noise of the Swamp creatures cackling lies. 

It was at the Cyber Symposium of August 2021, Tina Peters, Clerk and Recorder for Mesa County, Colorado, first told what she discovered and now from the latest voter fraud reveal Mike recently presented called "The Moment of Truth Summit," Tina Peters plays a significant role in helping the world discover how voting machines are not secure and are being used to cheat all American citizens out of their vote counting. 


Listen as Mike Lindell explains why in this video clip from last August. 

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The Visionary Juan O Savin

UPDATED 8-22-22  Full transcript of Juan's talk below, including his great vision of what is ahead of us as the faithful ones.

A recent Las Vegas appearance on the Truth Tour by Juan O Savin has him describing a vision of the New Jerusalem that is for now just beyond our sight. It's ours to claim as we SEE ourselves getting through the eye of the needle of the transition we're in from THEIR old world order to OUR NATION as promised to Abraham and his seed by the Lord God, for OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Exodus 2:24
And God heard their groaning, and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob.

Romans 4:13
For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.

Galatians 3:29
And if ye be Christ's (Christs), then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

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More CRUSHING Trump-MAGA Victories Over the RINO-DNCCP Deepstate

We're watching America's profane enemy borg making it far too easy for MAGA, its blasphemous henchmen falling all over themselves to prove what evil lying cheating stealing murdering freaks they are and why we want them gone, like yesterday. It's a Chucky-clownshow writ large. America First makes rapid advances while the smoke of the America-hating leftards' dumpster fire rises forever.

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