President Trump Offensive - Week 4 of New Year

In the final days of the fourth week of the new year, President Trump launched an offensive of public statements in short videos and other formats on a range of topics from education to the Deep State to the corrupt Biden administration to the proxy war on Russia in Ukraine.

We found that copying the Twitter links from the Trump War Room feed gave us the best results for this article, with some additional material. Enjoy!

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Richardson Post - The Fall of the House of Biden

We feature a recent article by Howell Woltz of The Richardson Post that adds up the facts in a common sense approach to the fake presidency of Let's Go Brandon, with the deepstate's desperate attempt to morph their evil administrative state into something else.

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What it takes to get your country back

The evil Dems are self-done really; they were so eager, weren't they, to show us what they are, almost like they thought we would take some kind of perverse liking to their screeching insanity? LOL.

What's more likely is that they didn't care, thinking they'd gotten away with their weirdness for so long, why not double down? Pride and its arrogance goeth before the fall.

As a nation, we are certainly on to their wicked fraud, gaslighting and vote stealing. (Stating that, of course, makes me an "election denier" in their fake-news idiocracy. All that does is make us dig deeper, doesn't it?) It's why we turned out for Trump in YUGE numbers. So, that Left problem WILL get sorted out and SOON!

What has really set back MAGA are the backstabbing RINOs; and that's the fight Trump and America are in right now. Nothing proves this better than the fight that South Dakota MAGA is in with their RINO establishment, in a similar fashion to what we observed in the U.S. House of Representatives effort to elect the House Speaker.

We're in that fight also here in Montana; and why we recently wrote to celebrate the inauguration of the new Montana Freedom Caucus established by a number of our legislators.

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It is soon curtains for the Sleepy Joe act

We've been covering Hunter Biden's Laptop from Hell for three years in a vacuum of FBI-run censorship and mockingbird media ("mockies") blackout. Suddenly the mockies make a big splash about "Joe Biden's" "confidential documents" stashed with the Corvette?

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Trump and company are on full offense now

I am glad to report from the 111th longitude on 1-11 that President Trump's video release today powerfully addressed the Twitter Files exposure of deepstate corruption in government and Big Corp by which every day Americans - as well as those with great exposure, including the most visible person on planet earth - were and are severely censored in their speech and reach.

This, non-coincidentally, follows a day when in the United States House of Representatives, newly elected Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke, also former Secretary of the Interior under President Trump, made his first speech from the House floor of the 118th Congress telling us of how his own personal experience in government bears out that "a deepstate exists...".

Oh! You'll also want to hear about the House's new "Church Committee" for taking the deepstate on!!

We have videos and transcripts. Enjoy!


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Candlelight Vigil for Support & Unity From USA Patriots & Around the Globe

Friday evening, I traveled up to North Georgia near Canton to be with fellow patriots to pray and bring comfort and support to those arrested during the January 6th gathering in Washington, DC. Those who sought to redress the election situation surrounding the results from November 2020. We were to meet earlier in the day in Atlanta to pose a few questions to the Atlanta City council, and we sat in silence in the halls with a few of our posters.

Then later in the evening, we were to meet at Bethel Church in North Georgia. However, we were apprehensive of the cold weather, so we decided to meet at a nearby home of one of the Look Ahead America representatives. 

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House Speaker Donald J Trump

UPDATED Jan. 7  Donald J Trump may as well be the Speaker of the House of Representatives after all the deals that have been made, all the messaging and all the behind-the-scenes wrangling to bring Trump Republicanism into practical and real prominence. 

Kevin McCarthy (or the guy playing him, see the comparison pic below) finally got over the finish line in the 15th round (see the significance of that below) then "McCarthy" in his acceptance speech dropped bombs on the establishment, including their Chinese Communist Party. 

The patriots are in charge! Lots to unpack in this article, we'll do our best!

Written Jan. 6
We're proposing it, along with General Michael Flynn, Kari Lake and Stephen K Bannon, who has made a very strong case for it on his television broadcast of The War Room. Last night, it was confirmed by Gen Flynn and Kari Lake that President Trump has agreed to serve as House Speaker if the votes for him are there.

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Miracle in the Capitol

UPDATE Jan 5: Trump announces  that it's time to wage war on drug cartels. He also expresses approval of the process the Freedom Caucus is putting the House through. Steve Bannon spends most of the 2nd half of his War Room morning show proposing President Trump for Speaker of the House for 100 days calling him the best negotiator for the American people.

7th round and 8th round of House Speaker votes, McCarthy still doesn't have the votes, nobody has budged. For the first time, President Trump is nominated and it's done by Matt Gaetz! MTG sitting beside Gaetz laughs and applauds! "Trump for Speaker" trends on Twitter! America's General, Mike Flynn sends his enthusiastic agreement with Mr. Gaetz!

9th round finds Gaetz joining Lauren Boebert and one other member of their caucus in nominating Kevin Hern from Oklahoma, recently voted as Chairman of the Republican Steering Committee.

Written Jan 4: There is a very bad status quo in America and California Congressman Kevin McCarthy represents it. We repeat: the status quo in America is very bad. It's kind of simple, really.

What might confuse some people is that President Trump still promotes Kevin McCarthy, even if it is "tepid." We think that whenever Trump gives the bad guys the mic, it's to expose - not only the individual - but the whole swamp the individual slithers around in.

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The Revolver News Trump Interview

On a day, January 3, 2023, where the House Speaker is up for grabs, where we ponder how an NFLer keeled over and died on Monday Night Football, Revolver News publishes its first interview with President mainly focused on the fraud that denies him the executive office for which he was elected. 

Consequences for lukewarmness are seen in that Speaker battle, we think McCarthy simply wishy-washy'd himself out of that position when he was given so much opportunity to side with the People instead of the lobbyists. Trump's strength on principles shows up as such a great contrast to that spineless jellyfish.

We have the 46 minutes of video-audio interview; and a written summary.

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SCOTUS Conference Jan 6, 2023

SCOTUS File #22-380 is scheduled for Conference, the Brunson case that grows more famous every day! A shot across the bow of the deepstate, the SCOTUS scheduled it for January 6, the second anniversary of the false flag event staged by the dimms, the rinos, their criminal security state and the lying, gaslighting freaks that run them all.

What if, in a simple ruling, the district of criminals is depop'd and our nation learns how to be a free country again? SCOTUS got the ball rolling with the Roe v Wade ruling and kept it rolling recently, shooting the freaks down on Title 42. They've got it in them, folks!

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KARIZONA Update #5: Nothing Will Stop What Kari Lake is Doing. NOTHING!

What will happen now? 

Although patriots were not collectively holding their breath waiting for a favorable ruling from a judge who shared a few positive statements of fairness at the beginning of the Lake vs. Hobbs trial, what we weren't expecting was that the AZ sham election case would be kicked this quickly down the road. But here we are. 

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Donald Trump Jr says our fake elections are the nation's top issue

I think his dad agrees, judging by the Truths the president's been dropping over the holidays. Something's brewing and it ain't grandma's tea. Is Don Jr. hinting at the Brunson case with SCOTUS? We shall see!

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Christmas Greetings from Our Commander In Chief and from America's General

We can't think of better leaders than President Trump and General Flynn for our Second American Revolution, this one fought with fifth generation warfare (basically, information and psychological warfare  - think of it as the proverbial 5D chess you've heard so much about) but with the same Spirit of George Washington animating the contest.

Remembering that 246 years ago at Christmas, George Washington led a depleted army to their first battle victory in the Revolutionary War after 7 battle defeats at the hands of King George's paid soldiers, we might see the same apparent long odds in our revolution today, against an enemy that appears as supremely dominant as Britain did in 1776. There were many doubters then as there are today but God has another thing in mind, doesn't He? 

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President Trump - Now do the corrupt Biden operation

Following another witch hunt criminal dig at President Trump, he issued a public statement today charging our government with the responsibility to do a proper investigation of the Biden crime family. We have the three minute video here plus a transcript for a quick read!

The witch hunt is more than seven years running now. The criminals of the district aren't giving up easily but we know here at RRM that their days are truly numbered, determinative on how quickly Americans wake up. And, they are waking up fast!

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American Patriots must back up the Brunson Brothers says the RubyVale team

Candace, Skip and yours truly engaged in a spirited conversation in a recent livestream, in order to drum up the spirit of Frank Capra's Mr. Smith Goes To Washington starring Jimmy Stewart, redux'd today with The Brunson Brothers Go To Washington

We're saying, all you have to do right now as an American Patriot fighting for your liberty is write a couple of letters!

BONUS: Juan O Savin describes an aspect of the Phoenician bloodline cult that is behind America's traitors - the Saturnists and their Saturnalia that took down Rome and who seek to take down America.

The freaks come in so many forms and disguises, don't they? Truly, they are the creepy chameleons of our world. Bottom line, they sweet-talk you into being wicked. Don't do it. Your consent, "ignorant" or not, is where their power lies.

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Elon is a hero says President Trump

Chanel Rion of One America News (OAN) recently interviewed President Trump. Chanel asked him his opinion of Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter and his dropping of the Twitter Files revealing the deepstate in government and corporate America. President Trump presents quite a warm commendation of Elon Musk.

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Twitter Files 6, 7 and 8

As the Twitter Files drops mount, so do the public indictments of the deepstate, their criminal ties and behavior and their minions that can be found saturating our social fabric all the way down to the public schools and libraries our children attend, threatening our safety and security and that of our posterity into the foreseeable future.

TWITTER FILES PART 6 by Matt Taibbi. Twitter, the FBI subsidiary

TWITTER FILES PART 7 by Michael Shellenberger. Elon: Gov Paid Twitter to Censor

TWITTER FILES PART 8 by Lee Fang. How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon's Covert Online PsyOp Campaign

We have included in this article access to ALL Twitter Files drops, from the beginning.

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Merry Christmas America! President Trump to RECLAIM Free Speech with Digital Trading Card NFTs thrown in for good trolling fun

Once again our Commander In Chief has trumped the enemy with ... wait for it ... digital collectible trading cards as non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Melania started her NFTs years ago. Now Donald J. Trump announces his, offering baseball-card like digital trading cards. There all kinds of comms loaded into these! We have the collection for you to examine!

But wait! President Trump also made a major presidential announcement ending censorship in America. (We have the president's speech to view and read.)

Once again, we can see the teamwork at play with Q+ Trump, Elon and Ye.

Doesn't sound like Trump was ever NOT in charge, does it?

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Trump: America Needs a Superhero

On December 14 on social media, a 14 second video was distributed of President Trump saying, "America needs a superhero!" with graphics announcing a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT on December 15.

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Brunson Brothers Go To Washington

Truly one of the greatest American films of all time is Mr. Smith Goes to Washington with Jimmy Stewart. There is no way that anyone with a pulse can watch that movie and stay dry-eyed.

We may be living it, each one of us, today. We'll say no more and ask you to watch our 6-minute video featuring some of Jimmy Stewart's best moments on celluloid. This experience also offers you a very quick and easy way to be Mr. Smith too!

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