Is this a rumor? "Arizona Senate lays out RICO indictments against Katie Hobbs..."

World-class news can be hidden. 

It can be so hidden it's called a rumor. 

I have done an inquiry on four search engines and found no lamestream media or fake news sources to back up the social media news that AZ Governor Katie Hobbs is being indicted on RICO charges. By the way, Donald J. Trump, under false pretenses, is being charged with the same. 

I have found nothing about it YET in alternative news sources as well. But that doesn't mean it's not true. Colluding mockingbird media is legendary for its ability to lie about and hide real' news. So, let's not call it all rumor just yet. Why not?  Because there is a solid foundation for this indictment proceeding to be true. 

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Bannon to Rupert Murdoch on stepping down: Don't let the door hit you!

While President Trump strategically remains the gentleman when questioned about Rupert Murdoch's resignation from CEO of Fox News' parent News Corp, Steve Bannon has been expressing less congeniality towards the globalist media mogul.

The President reminded people in a recent interview that he has strong support from key people at Fox News but that there's "an edge" in their management that he's not comfortable with.

News Corp has as a member of its Board of Directors, the former Republican House Speaker, a known Republican In Name Only (RINO) and Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) sufferer, Paul Ryan, who is no doubt partly responsible for that "edge" of anti MAGA at Fox.

In this morning's War Room, Bannon unloaded on Rupert Murdoch yet again, calling him out as a foreigner who doesn't like Trump and doesn't get America. 'Not a bright guy' said the honey badger having previously sat with him for dinner at the White House.

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President Trump intervention saves Texas AG

Our president Trump posted an hour ago as I write this that it was his intervention that saved Texas AG Ken Paxton's job.

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Michiganders acquitted: Fedsurrectionists bungled the fake Whitmer kidnapping

The False-flag Bureau of Insurrection (FBI) is being revealed every day for its fraudulence.

An Antrim County Michigan jury today, Sept 15 2023, revealed just the latest federal faceplant to the public by voting to acquit the last three of the falsely accused men set up by the creepy G-men.

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MTG going for the DC beast's jugular

I think it's all those weight snatches and ironman competitions MTG has won that have given her such a steely spine.

She's not satisfied with an impeachment of Joey Magoo, she wants this impeachment process to reveal the swamp like it's never been revealed before.

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Gregg Jarrett destroys fake Biden prosecutor

Top story today Sept 14 2023 is about a comical "indictment" of the First Crackhead. Emperor of the World Donald J. Trump weighed in.

We're well aware of the mockery of the Department of Justice (DOJ) whose criminal captors appear to be frothing at the mouth for one chance after another to ignore God's Woes to the Wicked, such as Isaiah 5:20, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!"

In other words, America's DOJ's behavior is visibly satanic (for a season until we all agree to boot the freaks and take it back.)

To be sure, this is alarming a hundred million Americans as part of the individual and collective journey into the proper awareness of God's promised golden age for America and out of the dark cycle of mankind's karma heaped high in our day, to be dealt with responsibly before we can enter in.

Gregg Jarrett's analysis presented here gives you a closer look at how pathetically wicked they are, in full view. This helps us to get great clarity in terms of our necessary witness before our Lord's Judgment.

Let us be up and doing. Always victory!

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President Trump says REMOVE JOE!

This year's Sept. 11 Patriot Day was highly charged with Great Awakening sparks flying.

Our president did not hold back either.

1. He insists on reminding us again that the military have all the facts about the 2020 election. "Rigged and Stollen"

2. He is cleverly moving the Joey Magoo tragicomedy to the next Act, calling on Republicans to exercise the 25th Amendment which provides for the removal of a useless man from the presidency.

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Trump at Rushmore

UPDATED 9/9/23 - President Trump's two hour speech delivered Friday evening 9/8/23 in Rapid City, SD.


Ignored by the mockingbird media but a don't-miss date for patriots, President Trump is scheduled to speak at a South Dakota State GOP event they're calling the Monumental Leaders Rally, Friday September 8 (tomorrow as I write this.)

As usual RSBN will be there to cover it live. President Trump's speech is scheduled to begin at 5:00 PM ET.

Key Executive Orders issued by President Trump during his first four years, also extended annually uncharacteristically by "Joe Biden," are potentially expiring this month although they can be extended again.

(We just received notice that EO 13848 for Election Interference was extended by "Joe Biden" today. Do you not wonder why the gang that stole a presidency in plain view for a Magoo that nobody wanted, has continued to sign extensions on that EO? Who do you think is REALLY in control?)

Hence we find ourselves at yet another key inflection point in President Trump's execution of the plan to rid America and the world of the invasive psychopathic parasites pretending to be humans who thought they should forever rule us real humans.

All this gives us cause to revisit President Trump's historic appearance and speech given July 4 2020 at Mount Rushmore. The stage that night was graced with 14 UNFRINGED U.S. flags, signifying our move out of the counterfeit USA Inc and back to the original constitutional republic of these united States of America.

Joe Rambo @BrainStorm_Joe and patriot colleagues have purposed themselves to study that speech from 2020 for key comms the president left with us three years ago, to be understood in the new light that is shed on these things today.

Interestingly, we launched our website on July 4 2020.

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Presidents that saved America: Washington, Lincoln and Trump

Stephen K Bannon gave an inspired monologue in his War Room broadcast this morning, August 25 in the Year of our Lord 2023, in which he put President Trump's nation-saving efforts today in context of America's historical brushes with fate when two other presidents saved the nation in its most precarious times: George Washington at the time of the Founding and Abraham Lincoln during the nation's only civil war.

One cannot argue that Americans are at a crossroad of good and evil today, putting the tests of the soul front and center. It is a spiritual war that in military terms is called Fifth Generation Warfare employing psychological operations. 

Psychology, the study of the soul. American souls are duking it out with the devil to make and keep America Great.

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President D. J. Trump arrives in Atlanta Ga 08/24/23

President Donald J. Trump arrived in Atlanta on August 24, 2023. I was able to attend a rally on Rice Street near Fulton County jail and caught up with a few patriot friends. 

The weather, as usual, was in the high 90s, a hot and humid day for many newscast reporters dressed in suits, and lady reporters trying to keep cool and fresh on camera. Also, many patriots in support of our President Donald Trump were courageously braving the heat and erratic traffic rerouting patterns, and trudging a long distance on foot (parking was confusing and tow trucks were in full force); they were ready to endure the day.

The security detail did not give any hint as to the time or route that the motorcade was to take.  It seems like a good diversionary tactic to keep a large crowd from forming so as not to give the news blurbs a hint of how much support is really in this city for a man so vilified by the media.

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Juan O Savin with Ninos Corner TV on PSYOP work by Jan Halper

Yesterday, August 23, 2023, the famous intel insider Juan O Savin called into Nino's Corner TV to talk about the progress of The Plan to Save the World.

He commented on the reveals made by Department of Defense contractor Jan Halper about the DOD's psyops designed to enlighten mankind as it struggles to be free of a very long train of abuse by the death cult that thought they should rule over us forever.

Adding context to current events is Juan's specialty. He knows the death cult very well; and he's happy about how things are going.

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Pres Trump writes, "Election was RIGGED & STOLLEN" (STOL[L]EN?)

UPDATED 8-24-23 with a new Truth Social post from the president that he corrected from "STOLLEN to STOLEN" putting further emphasis on this comm.

Why is President Trump frequently posting and reposting messages containing the misspelled "STOLLEN"?

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TRUMP INDICTMENTS: How is Trump orchestrating the BIG Reveal?

The First Trump Indictment was quite a spectacle. 

Then there was #2, #3, and #4.

Who in their right mind wants to be labeled a Trump hater by indicting one of the most beloved men on earth?

Here are three of them...

  1. Alvin Bragg, NY DA for the Stormy Daniels Case
  2. Jack Smith, Washington DC DA for both The Documents Case and The Election J6 Case.
  3. Fani T. Willis, Georgia DA for the Georgia Case.
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FALL OF THE CABAL: The End of the World as We Know it

Early in 2020, shortly after covidiocy was injected into society by the world's evil elite we call the 'cabal' (call them NWO, Deep State, WEF, or any other name that you may have heard, they all are a part of the subject matter at hand), Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter, creators of the Fall of the Cabal series, became well known to millions with their first series of 10 video's exposing the cabal conspiracy and their plans to control the world and all therein. 

Their videos were banned immediately. 

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So here we are! "I NEED ONE MORE INDICTMENT TO ENSURE MY ELECTION!" Donald J. Trump 8/3/23

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The more screeching the deep state cabal does trying to prove Trump guilty of some made-up crime, the more ridiculous they look and the more good people of America, and the world, understand just how desperate they have become. 

Their efforts do nothing more than allow Trump to take control of the situation. That begs the question, why do the dangerous, corrupt powers of evil who want to destroy humanity's freedoms continue acting out in such stupidity? If they can SEE how destructive these actions are to themselves and their agenda, why introduce another indictment? Why all the continued Trump Derangement Syndrome drama? 

Only two answers are available: it is caused by desperation, AND Trump controls what we see unfolding in the current political arena. I think it's both. 

What say you?

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More on Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes

President Trump and General Flynn both drew our attention to Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes this past week and an interview she recently gave to British television in which she dropped the kind of truth bombs about the 2020 election fraud that you simply don't see on that kind of media. We featured it (see RELATED below.)

Taking Trump's and Flynn's cues, social media patriots got busy digging up and posting some revealing information about the feisty lady and we have that information here.

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The ONLY data that really matters

Derek Johnson expounded again recently on the incontrovertible evidence that America's constitution is temporarily suspended in a continuity of government devolution under a military occupancy defined by the United States Law of War Manual.

All this while at least 90% of people don't even know, which is for their safety.

Why do I say it's the only data that matters? Because the rest is for show to wake "the sleepies," it's a live production way beyond anything Holly Weird could do.

Obviously, a show where people are abused, robbed, raped and murdered, is more than just a show, isn't it? It has to be real for karmic reasons. People having strayed from God in various states of idolatry have set these things in motion - or allowed them - in their own lives and communities; and there must be accountability.

Often even the innocent are victimized because those that are entrusted with their safety fail to take accountability.

This war for your mind is real. Your ignorance can result in your death or the death of loved ones, even the death of many you don't even know; and that's regardless of how safe everything appears on the surface or how death is normalized like "cancer" is normalized, as the enemy we have empowered works unceasingly and aggressively to lull us to sleep with all manner of weaponized psychological distractions and delusions - biological and chemical weapons as well - a full spectrum dominance of the people by the death cult that the people themselves have partied with for far too long.

It's Fifth Generation Warfare. The enemy within that we have consented to, is the real danger here. Indeed, we are our own worst enemies!

It really is time now to fess up! God loves you so and only wants for you to agree to come out of [their] matrix and step into the REAL GLORIOUS YOU!

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DJT: "Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic"

Donald J Trump posted in a repost: "Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes is fantastic"

Then Michael T Flynn backed him up! 

This was a big red pill on British TV. Were they ready for it?

We here at RRM are WAY past ready!

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#TrumpIndictment #3

How does that go again? "Three strikes and yer out!"

A Statement by Donald J. Trump revealed that he'd received a letter from the DNCCP's color-of-office/color-of-law prosecutor Deranged Jack Smith on Sunday night saying President Trump is a TARGET of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation, giving him 4 days to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment.

The hand-wringing has already begun. People have been severely abused biochemically and have had their capacity to think for themselves largely curtailed if not eliminated. Yet, there is a significantly growing thinking minority to make certain that the tables will be turned on the traitors of America. We are a broken record on this. In fact, the tables HAVE been turned, years ago! See yesterday's article in the Related section below!

Trump the great MAGAdor is waving that red cape with all the gusto he can muster, goading that bull-headed beast to charge again and again and again, to be finally slain in full view.

The slaying of the beast is something that WE ALL MUST DO TOGETHER, by raising ourselves above the beast consciousness, its lies, gaslighting and black magic curses.

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