Trump terrorizes the swamp: 'We will be back...'

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Charles Hurt Opinion in Washington Times:

"Washington will never be the same.

But former President Donald Trump? He leaves office today the very same man who swore the oath of office four years ago. He leaves the very same man who launched his campaign for the presidency over five years ago.

It is true he has been denied a second term. For now. But they also stole his first term from him."

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Trump terrorizes the swamp: 'We will be back...'

"In a town where everybody gets a honeymoon, Mr. Trump was not even allowed to work one single day without the constant onslaught of distraction.

"From his first moment in office, they threw everything they had at him. They made up lies. They launched fake inquiries. Dispatched the most powerful espionage apparatus on the planet against him. They turned the entire bureaucracy — including the military — against him.

"Even a global pandemic was unloosed against him in the middle of his reelection campaign.

"They undermined every democratic institution and strained every constitutional safeguard in an attempt to destroy him.

"Yet he emerged, still standing tall."

Charles Hunt - The Washington Times


Angel out of Trumps AF1 Window

The Greatest President

January 20th, 2017:

Do you remember where you were that day, what you were doing and what may have been so important you had to drop everything, turn on the radio or tv to listen to him speak??

Maybe you were actually there, because millions were.



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