TRUMP POPULISM: He Backed the Enemy Down at Home, Next for His State and Nation

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Mark McCloskey suddenly found himself in the middle of the deepstate war on America when he and his wife Patricia had to arm themselves against a BLM mob that broke into their St. Louis, Missouri suburban property in the summer of 2020.

BOOM!! Look Who Just Threw Down The Gauntlet To Make Their State Great Again!

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Published May 19, 2021

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After Defending His Home from a BLM Mob, Mark McCloskey Is Running for Senate

Katie Pavlich
Posted: May 19, 2021 9:15 AM
"Last summer attorney Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia defended themselves against a violent Black Lives Matter mob that broke down their gate and threatened to kill them. St. Louis' far left prosecutor, Kim Gardner, charged them with a felony after allowing rioters go free. She was taken off of the case for misconduct. 

"Now, Mark McCloskey is running for U.S. Senate. 

" “America is at a crossroads. Do we want to preserve our traditions and our way of life, or do we want the cancel culture mobs to destroy everything we’ve built? After traveling across the great state of Missouri over the past 11 months, it’s clear Missourians want a fighter in the US Senate," McCloskey said about his campaign."

(Read the rest of Katie's Townhall article here)

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TRUMP POPULISM: Courage to State the Obvious with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

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The feared U.S. House Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene (also known as "MTG") is about as true-blue a Trump populist as you can find in this country, at any level of government, characterized by a complete lack of hesitancy to call it the way it is.


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