STOP THE ABUSE! Frightening Uptick in Depression, Suicide and Other Mental Health Problems in Children Across the Country

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"The night before 11-year-old Ella was admitted to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in early May, her father Sean thought his daughter’s mood seemed 'wonderful'.”

'"Ella had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and their nightly strolls, which helped her relax before bed, were a chance to reflect on the day and talk to her parents about how she was feeling.

'“She was bubbly. She was talking about her animals — she recently got a fish she loves, and we have cats and a dog,” Sean said. “So it was a really pleasant, positive seeming, really encouraging walk.”

"But the following day, Ella was caught trying to stick a sharp object into an electrical socket at school. When confronted by a nurse and counselor, the 11-year-old responded, “I just want to die,” her father said. The CT Mirror is withholding Ella and Sean’s last names at the family’s request to protect the child’s privacy."

The quote above comes from a publication called "The Hour"; "Children with psychiatric needs are overwhelming hospital emergency departments in CT".

This child ended up in the hospital being observed for six days in a room with no windows, which only exacerbated her depression. "Ella" is one of many more children in Connecticut, as well as other states across the U.S., that have seen a huge uptick in mental health issues since the beginning of the pandemic along with the resultant, masking, social distancing and isolation. Only a complete idiot could ignore these issues or claim that they were not a result of these so-called mandates.

An article from another publication cites similar issues in Massachusets. (see Mass. Psychiatrists Concerned About Increase In Suicidal Thoughts, Attempts Among Adolescents)

"The effects of the pandemic on mental health in the U.S. are profound.

"But clinicians who work with children say they're particularly concerned about one trend over the last several months: a spike in adolescents who have suicidal thoughts or have tried to take their lives.

"Boston Children's Hospital reports that between July and October of last year it saw a 47% increase, over the same period the year before, in kids needing to be hospitalized for suicidal ideation or attempts.

"The uptick from last year has continued. For example, Children's Hospital said on the day this story was published, March 25, it had more than 50 children through age 17 either admitted or waiting for an inpatient bed for reasons related to suicide."

In a heartbreaking story covered by NBC, a 10-year-old child committed suicide. Of course mainstream media liars are claiming this started before the pandemic. (Suicidal thoughts are increasing in young kids, experts say. It began before the pandemic) Of course, we know better. We need only peruse the internet for a boatload of stories related to children committing suicide, thinking about suicide, or experiencing depression.

'“I want to kill myself,” the kids, some as young as 8, announce inside elementary school counselor Olivia Carter’s office, where affirmations such as “Think good thoughts” and “Our school is not complete without you!” adorn the walls.

"When Carter started working at Jefferson Elementary in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in 2016, there was a school suicide protocol in place to ensure that students who expressed a desire to hurt themselves got the help they needed. Her first year, she only had to use it once or twice.

"Now, she says, about one student a month at her pre-K through fifth grade school tells her that they want to die."

We can be sure there are other reasons that children want to, or do, committ suicide or experience depression. But one thing that is clearly obvious is that this problem has increased exponentially over the past year or so. It behooves us as parents, grandparents, teachers or concerned citizens to put a stop to the madness. In spite of this, what we typically find throughout the country are schools which still require children to mask up all day, even in states like New Jersey where masking and social distancing mandates have been lifted. 

Thankfully, many schools throughout the country are done for the summer, but the few that close later in the year are still requiring masks for their students.

When will parents stop allowing these government funded henchmen or women, to stop abusing their children? How long will parents stand by and watch their children suffer? And what's next?


Defending Your Children In School


 Last year at the beginning of the so called COVID 19 pandemic, parents, students and even teachers likely had no idea how things would change so dramatically over the following months. One thing the planners probably didn't count on was the number of parents who suddenly find that they were in disagreement with a large part of what is actually happening in the educational system in this country. More and more parents have become keenly aware of what is clearly not just a political bias in the schools but also educational material and curriculums which are by and large a form of indoctrination. This indoctrination isn't only happening in colleges and universities across the nation but is now infiltrating our K-12, need I say, government funded, schools.


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