Steve Bannon's 'War Room' is the Tip of the Spear of Political News and Commentary

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Here at Ruby Ray Media, we recognize that Bannon's got the bead on the MAGA movement, restoring the constitutional republic, as well as anyone. His ability to articulate the historical, constitutional and biblical perspective on the American experience that is needed in this hour, is at the leading edge of American thought and opinion. Beyond that, he's a man of action, almost directing this movement in its daily efforts to bring justice to a systemically corrupted nation.

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Big Tech and the Chinese Communists are rabid in their efforts to take Steve's platform down. Steve's YouTube account was down for a week before his legal representation was able to make the YouTube honchos put it back up.

His twice-daily broadcast from the War Room is under withering and constant Denial Of Service attacks from their opponents.

His broadcast is simulcast to MILLIONS of Chinese IN China and around the world.


#MAGA The Spirit of the Founding Fathers

"You have certainly noticed Franz ❤ and I do not shy away from spiritual issues when they arise on the one hand; while on the other hand, we do zero recruiting, attempting to convert anyone to any spiritual group or faction.


Originally published August 11, 2018

We've known each other for almost 30 years, and have held a personal testimony of the fundamentals of what Q is shaking the earth revealing, for even longer. We have been directly fighting evil daily for all these years, using the knowledge discussed herein. Our faith and practice are not Sunday dalliances, they are tools tempered in continuous battle, with every form of evil, by the Infinite Grace of God.

We follow the same deeply spiritual path our Founding Fathers did. Yes, they were Freemasons, before it was infiltrated and perverted into satanism. Free Masonry originated in the liberation of the knowledge of how to build bridges, towers, buildings and cathedrals, by devotees of Christ's True Teachings. 

Hence 'free' masonry, not only the liberation of the mathematics and geometry, but the teaching of reading, writing, the healing arts etc outside the dominant, oppressive theocracy; this liberation also known as the Renaissance, ending the 1000 years of engineered genocide referred to as the 'Dark Ages.'

The knowledge of the foundations of civilization, was kept under lock and key while keeping us starving in the mud for 1000 years, by the same creeps who locked Christ's True Teachings in their basements and worked to eradicate them from the earth in satanic, genocidal orgies. Especially how to heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, raise the dead, perform miracles etc, which Jesus Commanded his followers to teach to every person on planet earth.

Just over 200 years ago and prior, our average lifespan was 27 years of age. Engineered. Agenda 21 began 2000 years ago.

The moment Christ was no longer physically present, the earliest 'Christian' church set about hunting the people who knew these Teachings down and slaughtering them. They murdered every disciple they could get their hands on except John, who survived unharmed, their repeated attempts to boil him in oil.

Which killing spree has continued relentlessly to this day. It was the first priority upon formation of the Catholic Church, which organized genocidal Crusades, institutionalizing the satanism wiping Christ's Teachings off the face of the earth. The Third Crusade, dispatched by Pope Innocent III to hunt down and slaughter the direct ancestors of Christ's surviving followers, who fled together en masse the murderous 'Christian' rampages against them in the Holy Land including his mother Mary, his siblings and his betrothed, Mary Magdalene, whose legacy and lineage the Knights Templar were indeed specifically founded to guard.

Beginning when our Lord physically walked among us, true Christian brothers and sisters have fought continuously, to preserve Christ's Teachings. You know the ones which have been discovered, by the chorus of curses against them, uttered to this day not only by every faction of Catholic and Protestant 'Christian' theocracy and their herdfollowing drones, but in our schools and in relentless alliance with the pedovore media as well."

Ruby Ray Media

#MAGA, The Spirit of the Founding Fathers


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    Peggy · 23 days ago
    Great Franz. I have learned to enjoy listening to Steve Bannon. He is a true patriot.
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