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UPDATED Oct 25: 1. Steve Bannon yesterday (Sat Oct 24) boils down the Biden Crime Family story to the Red Chinese. 2. Oct. 25 Tweets by Steve Bannon's War Room, Rudy Giuliani and Jack Posobiec

Steve Bannon called Rudy Giuliani "Elliott Ness for America" prompting the headline we chose for this article. Host of the daily broadcast, "War Room," Mr. Bannon was referring to the latest crime busting efforts of the intrepid former Mayor of New York City and personal attorney for President Trump, famous for taking down the nation's top mob families in the 90s, now engaged in exposing the nation's highest level criminal activity by the Democrat National Committee (DNC) and specifically, the Biden Crime Family.

They can no longer hide in the shadows [big tech, big media, [D] party being exposed for all to see].

UPDATED Oct 25 with the Saturday Oct 24 episode of "War Room" hosted by Steve Bannon, who headlines that it's the CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, that is at the bottom of the Biden story and is the central issue of the November 3 presidential election, something he's been reporting now for a long time.

UPDATED Oct 23 with a new episode 80 of Mayor Rudy's Common Sense: "How Joe Biden Got Millions In Foreign Bribes" which follows episode 79, also included here, title "Biden Documents Delivered to Delaware Police Department"

Rudy W. Giuliani

"Biden can't pronounce my Eye-tal-ean name. Despite that two mentions from #BumblingJoe means I'm getting in his half a brain."

11:12 PM ET · Oct 22, 2020 from Washington, DC · Twitter for iPhone 

Bernard B. Kerik@BernardKerikLeslie Stahl of @60Minutes is as corrupt as the Bidens! The vendor CONFIRMED Hunter Biden dropped it off, and that the FBI seized it. Emails on the computer have since been confirmed by recipients. These are the actual receipts.



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Oct 22 7:26 PM EDT UPDATE: Bobulinski Press Conference Video, states that Joe Biden's denial of involvement in Hunter's business, is "false" Earlier: Did Hussein (Obama) contact Matt Murray (Editor in Chief at The Wall Street Journal) ...

Ruby Ray Media - (October 9 Update) "It's about time that something happens"

TRUMP OCTOBER 6th TWEET: I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax. Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal



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