Smashed that porkulus bill to pieces!

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Trump lined out the ridiculous elements of Congress' unbelievably self serving bill demanding that they help the American people instead.

Special Message from President Trump

The President exposes some of the ridiculous pork in the omnibus bill then demands that the $600 personal assistance amount be raised to $2,000 and that the pork be sliced from the bill.

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MIKE LEE: Congress to vote on BEHEMOTH 5,600 page bill tonight that NONE of them will have a chance to read 

Editor: Let's say Trump vetoes the bill then McConnell's Senate vetoes the veto. Then it passes. Then because it's an Omnibus bill, Trump gets to reallocate according to need, i.e., more than $600 - a lot more - to Americans who need it. 

Is that right? Is that wrong? Or, did Trump just rope-a-dope Frazier to a World Championship belt?

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meme Nanshy I want my 8th mansion


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    DonaldG · 23 days ago
    Porkulus. Hope they arrest all the deepstate freaks who wrote it.
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