Sidney Powell on the DNCCP 'Amerika'

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The Ledger Report podcast interview by Graham Ledger with his guest Sidney Powell who he kiddingly introduced as "an all around trouble maker according to the mainstream media." Video published February 12.

Powell: "We don't have an American media any more, we have a Democratic propaganda machine - or I should say, a fascist 'Amerika' - 'k-a' - I can't even call it 'America' anymore..."

Tap or Click image to launch Rumble video in separate tab. Ms Powell begins soon after the 16 minute mark.

Sidney Powell with Graham Ledger 2 12 21

Ms Powell reported that she didn't think that the court proceedings regarding Dominion would take very long, that the discovery "will be devastating to Dominion."

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Meme Sidney Powell with Two Six Shooters

Sidney Powell Wants CCP Traitors and Whores - Now

Dec. 28, Monday evening, Sidney Powell's tweet: "Here's a challenge to all #DigitalSoldiers Find the FACTS of #Chinaconnections to the #globalist senators & congressmen"

This blog article will be a work in progress as replies to Sidney's tweet come in.



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