Sidney Powell: Former Georgia Republican Senator's Staffer Murdered

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Sidney Powell on March 11 gave what to casual observers would be an explosive interview to Doug Billings on his Right Side broadcast saying that Senator Kelly Loeffler's staffer that died in a "car accident" during her campaign late last year was "vaporized" by explosives. No wonder the GA Senator wouldn't vote on January 6 for sending electors back!

Sidney Powell speaks with great confidence and authority on the 2020 election fraud. Those who dismiss her statements are making a big mistake.

"There is not going to be a 2024 election that we can trust if we don't fix this right now. And there are no circumstances under which I can envision allowing the United States of America, the most important and best country in the world, to be run by these fraudulent creators of what frankly was a coup - I call it "Coup 5.0" because they tried every other kind of coup they could try, for the entire length of the Trump presidency. A country built on the Rule of Law cannot possibly allow fraudulent people and people elected by fraud to run this country. So we've got to get the evidence out and then the courts are going to have to buck up and deal with this unprecedented situation that, frankly, they have a large role in creating because of their failure to address it before January 6. I am so disappointed in our Supreme Court I cannot see straight; and frankly the District Courts too. And what's really scary is how powerful the evil that is behind all this is."


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Sidney Powell Wants CCP Traitors and Whores - Now

Here’s a challenge to all #DigitalSoldiers
Find the FACTS of #China connections to the #globalist senators & congressmen
Proven facts only
Business deals#lobbyist payments
Big projects in districts
Payments to universities
What all does #China own here?
Who does it own here?

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ #Kraken (@SidneyPowell1) December 29, 2020

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