RUBY RAY NEWS FLASH: Always Victory in Current Events, May 31-June 6, 2021

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We at Ruby Ray Media work hard to bring you the best real news. And what could be more real and more important than the political victories we are having across the nation and the world?

As each week progresses, we notice more and more good political news to the push-back against the socialist-communist agenda of the CCP inspired political movements in our country and around the world.

To herald far and wide the weekly highlights of worldwide Patriot Victories, we are presenting the best, most positive, political news in this weekly format to be published on Mondays.

As CJ Truth says: "With all the news that is out there and the fake news media continuing to share propaganda and lies, we want to make sure you understand WE ARE WINNING ON MANY FRONTS."

Below you can find WINNING news from May 31 - June 6, 2021

This week's current victory highlights: (tap or click on text/images to launch source/video) 

1. Pennsylvania Demands Election Integrity. Expose The Fraud. Petition already going strong at "Audit the Vote PA". Pennsylvania demands election integrity.

PA Audit Bonus Video: In the less than 5-minute video clip below: "Mastriano encourages everyone to reach out to your State Senators & Reps and let them know you want an audit. It’s going to have to be a grassroots movement." 

2. Mike Lindell's legal team sued the Dominion and Smartmatic LAWYERS for using lawfare to come after their critics.

3.Judge rules California's ban on assault weapons unconstitutional.

4. Restore Liberty! Get involved and work locally to restore liberty in the United States. Sidney Powell helps us learn how. 

5. The governor of Oklahoma signed a bill renaming a 20-mile stretch of road “President Donald J. Trump Highway.”

6. India to Twitter: Comply with IT rules or face 'unintended consequences'.

7. One person can make all the difference just as this Mamma Bear is doing from Carmel, New York! A must read and video watch.
Mamma bear

8. Three Virginia Sheriffs have switched from Democrat to Republican due to Democrat politicians’ attacks on police officers at the state and national levels.

a. Hundreds of pages of Fauci’s e-mails were obtained through a FOIA request.
b. Fauci's upcoming book is scrubbed for pre-order.
c. Steve Scalise sent a letter to Democrats demanding they call Fauci to testify before Congress. 

10. General Charles A. Flynn, General Michael Flynn’s younger brother, has assumed command of U.S. Army Pacific.

11. Royal Caribbean reverses its policy requiring passengers on U.S. cruises to be vaccinated after Gov. DeSantis signed a law that fines companies $5,000 every time they ask a customer for proof of vaccination. 

12. President Trump was greeted with a very loud standing ovation and an ocean of happy faces at the North Carolina GOP State Convention on June 5, 2021.  He covered a plethora of topics and gave us a promise we know we can take to the bank; “We’re going to take back our country”. Catch the whole speech right here! 



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