Recognized COVID Cures Banned - Why?

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Larry Cook of writes,
"For people who are interested in actively taking responsibility for their health, there are two main ways to help prevent infections. One is the foundational component regarding what you eat and drink, how you sleep, exercise, the air you breathe, basic hygiene practices, and sunlight exposure. The second component addresses specific underlying imbalances to build up personal defenses and the use of additional immune-boosting natural medicines."

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Why Are These Effective Medical Solutions To COVID-19 Being Censored?

This article has been updated several times by Larry Cook (Admin) with new and / or additional COVID treatment information. Read the entire article for the latest on effective COVID treatments.

"I’m a licensed Naturopathic Doctor and I want to say that it goes without saying that it takes time to collect enough patient data before medical practitioners can pronounce successful interventions for a novel virus. During this time, many people have become quite fearful of contracting a virus that could result in their death or the death of a loved one. It would be very reassuring if effective methods of protection and successful treatment were widely known and available. Unfortunately, this information is being intentionally censored from the public, so I want to share with you what I have discovered.

"When the Covid-19 quarantine began, I was fortunate enough to participate in one of the most amazing medically collaborative efforts I have ever experienced. I was on calls and in virtual meetings with practitioners with a myriad of backgrounds and areas of expertise. Everyone was sharing information on what symptoms they were seeing and which interventions they were finding to be effective for both prevention and treatment. It was exhilarating to experience how different types of practitioners could collaborate and work toward the common goal of protecting our communities. Then, we were all told that we could not share any of this information publicly. This on-going censorship is becoming more obvious as conventional medical doctors continue their attempts at sharing reports of their successful treatments. Many of my colleagues have been scared into silence with threats of losing their medical license."

Aviva Wertkin - Covid-19 Refusers


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Regeneron: I call it a cure ~ President Trump

Sometimes we can have very short memories. But to be fair so much 'news' is whirling around at such a fast pace of late, that it's hard to keep up with it all! 
My memory was recently jogged about a covid cure. Yes a cure.
I came across a news release dated Dec 31, 2020 regarding a National Guard assisted covid vaccine site in West Virginia. Seems there was an odd mix-up where 42 people received a shot of an antibody treatment called Regeneron rather then the intended covid vaccine. Nothing else about it has been reported except that it happened, it is being addressed, and no ill effects have been reported by any of the 42 people.

Then I recalled something! This particular antibody treatment has been reported as a cure, that works, by POTUS himself. 

"In fact, this product was the same one that was administered to President Trump when he became infected," Marsh said. "While this injection is not harmful, it was substituted for the vaccine. But this occurrence provides our leadership team an important opportunity to review and improve the safety and process of vaccination for each West Virginian."



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