What Are Your Words Creating?


From birth to adulthood, words impact our lives profoundly. Words have the power to tear down or build up. Words are the building block of the imagination. And for better or worse, words become the foundation of our thought-forms. Have you ever wondered how some words developed and why they are used the way they are? 

Perhaps it's time to take a closer look at our words and ponder the implications. 

🔥 That's why they call it SPELLing

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Published Jun 8, 2022
Length 2:33

"So what do I mean by the Secret Spells of the English language?"

"Well, let me share with you what I call our Premier Life Sentence. And it goes something like this: 

We awake each morning and go off during the weekdays to earn a living at various jobs and undertakings until we come to the weekend. And this seems perfectly acceptable to most people. However, more people die between six and nine on a Monday morning than any other time of the week. 

"So I do what I call a translation (or trance-lation) of the English language, and I spell that ' T R A N C E, 'with the idea that words cast spells. So when you translate that life sentence, you remember that:

  • "a wake" is a funeral party for the dead. 
  • "Mourning" is the state you're in when you attend a wake. 
  • And you would have to be in a "weak daze" to earn the living since urns are for the ashes of the dead. 
  • We call our jobs "undertakings." Job itself is a Hebrew word for persecuted. 
  • And what we get at the end of this perverse bargain with life is the "weak end" of the deal, as we become progressively weakened ourselves. 
  • And so our most prevalent greeting to each other is Hello, the reverse of which is Oh, hell. 


"Dear Friends, The last 2 1/2 years have been a great wake-up call for many. One bizarre excess of deep state overreach after the other has made even the staunchest defenders of "everything normal, nothing to see here" doubt their perception of reality. Even though the Deep State (or the cabal or whatever term you prefer) has created an almost perfect system of projecting a totally false reality on all levels, the truth has a way of bleeding through the veil of the matrix."


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