The Truth Tour Across America


Broadcaster Lewis Herms has put together a fascinating bunch of speakers signed up to speak at 22 cities across America in 31 days, called "The Truth Tour" ending with the tour's "MEGA EVENT" in Las Vegas on July 24. Claiming one's sovereignty is the main theme. Speakers will address this theme on all levels, from what you own materially, to the status you claim as a free man or woman, to what you are spiritually. Speakers include MK-ULTRA escapee, survivor and author, Cathy O'Brien who wrote "TranceFormation of America" and Judy Mikovits, one of the leaders in the scientific community exposing the pHARMus phreaks' genocide.

Truth Tour Promo Film

Lewis Herms has a vision of transitioning our world to GREATNESS by unifying:

  • Truthers
  • Medical Experts
  • Spiritualists
  • Data Geeks
  • MAGA Types
  • Self-Sustainment Experts
  • Local Patriots running for office
  • State Nationalists

…with one goal and that is to assist We The People in taking back our sovereignty.

Every one of these incredible speakers have agreed to give MEGA value to We The People (this is NOT a sales seminar although we are allowing presenters to have a table for products and services).

Currently committed to appear at one or more venues is Jason Q, Miki Klan, Michael Jaco, Cathy Obrien, Jack Lander, Laura Worley, Lance Shuttler, Candi & Kidd, Nick Alvear, Alpa Soni, Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ben Barlow, Wasim Syed, Brian Isley, Annetta Driskell, Billy Falcon, Alan Fountain and Ethan Lucas… Plus several MEGA special guests lining up as you read this.

The agenda will be as follows with the exception of Las Vegas which is a MEGA all-day affair:

Lewis Herms will MC the event.

  • Starts with a couple songs
  • Lewis Herms introduces the day and covers current events
  • 3-4 Speakers give MEGA value
  • Video Tribute to our fallen Truther Patriots and Family
  • 3-4 Speakers Give more MEGA value
  • Possible Surprise Guest at each event
  • Lewis Herms conducts quick Red Pill Session
  • Speakers form a Panel for Q & A from the attendees
  • Close with a song and time to mingle

Lock in your discounted price today as they will most likely increase closer to the event date. Click on your City below or click on the online only option.
(Click to view Cities)

We are opening this EPIC event to everyone for as little as $1 even though this tour will cost an extraordinary amount of money for travel, bookings, event venues, food, security, staff and a professional film crew (estimated at $110,000 currently). If you can afford a Q or Q plus level ticket or a donation it would be very helpful to our cause. We will be elated just to break even.


Truth Tour

The Truth Tour will visit 22 Cities in 31 Days.
All events start at 3pm promptly. VIP enter at 2:15 (Las Vegas starts at 9am... all day event.)


A Planet of Abundance by Georg Ritschl

Dear Readers,

In my last article (Truth Seeping Through the Cracks), I mentioned a lot of what we commonly believe is based on total falsehoods.

  • Man-made climate change or "global warming" because of CO2.
  • The myth of overpopulation.
  • The myth of "Peak Oil" and generally dwindling resources.

Let us look at the last one above because the scarcity of oil and gas is presently used as a major fear factor for clobbering the awakening world population back into obedience.

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